Online Tabelle Registration News Februar 2021 – komplett

Reg News Europe    
AegeanSX-DVUA320-232375306/02 EMA-ATH after repaint into all white
Aer LingusEI-DEBA320-214220625/02 sold to Allegiant Air as N291NV, ex DUB storage
Air BelgiumOO-AIRA330-243F170818/02 DOH-BRU-DUB on del. for paint (ex A7-AFJ)
OO-CMAA330-243F168815/02 DOH-BRU-DUB on del. for paint (ex A7-AFI)
Air CaraibesF-OFDFA330-22325330/01 FDF-ORY last svc / to BOD 06/02 & stored
F-HPUJA330-323E172705/02 FDF-ORY last svc / to BOD 10/02 & stored
F-ORLYA330-32375813/02 FDF-ORY last svc / to FNI 15/02 & stored
Air EuropaEC-LQPA330-24352602/02 MAD-DGX as UX2 return to lessor
EC-NBXB787-965247/84425/02 ASU-MAD last svc / to CQM 01/03 & stored
Air ExploreOM-IEXB737-8BK33016/158804/02 QLA-BTS & back i/s 14/02 in basic Badr c/s
Air FranceF-GUGOA318-111295125/02 OSR-CDG after repaint into latest c/s, i/s 27/02
F-GRXKA319-111271624/02 MAD-CDG last svc / to OSR 25/02 for repaint
F-GKXGA320-214189417/02 OSR-ORY after repaint into latest c/s, i/s 20/02
F-HEPCA320-214426708/02 OSR-CDG in f/c after repaint, ex Joon c/s
F-GSPEB777-228ER29006/18912/01 FDF-ORY last svc / to CDG 12/01 & stored
F-GSPPB777-228ER30615/32718/02 PTP-ORY last svc / to SNN 19/02
F-GSPVB777-228ER28684/38511/02 CDG-LDE as AF370S for cont. storage
Air MoldovaER-AXLA319-112284908/02 seized at DUB by lessor
Air NostrumEC-NFRATR72-600114513/02 LEI-VLC as ANE001 for cont. storage
EC-NFUATR72-600126129/01 LEI-VLC as ANE001 for cont. storage
9H-LOJCRJ10001901819/02 VLC-CDT as MDO131 for cont. storage
AnadoluJetTC-SZZB737-80060176/693609/02 SAW-ESB put in svc after del. (ex OE-ILJ)
Andorra AirlinesEC-MSMATR72-212A91119/02 arr. LEU on del., lsd fr CanaryFly
ASL AirlinesOE-IWAB737-8AS33623/212303/02 PIK-OVB-CAN for freighter conv. prior del.
OE-IWBB737-8AS33595/192623/02 PIK-OVB-CAN for freighter conv. prior del.
AustrianOE-LDBA319-112217429/01 VIE-LCA back in svc after storage
OE-LPBB777-2Z9ER28699/16321/02 MLE-VIE last svc / to XMN 21/02 for maint.
OE-LPCB777-2Z9ER29313/38602/02 VIE-XMN after long storage / to VIE 23/02
Avion ExpressLY-NVWA320-232217313/02 VNO-QLA as NVD9005 for cont. storage
LY-VEBA320-214157122/02 VNO-COM as NVD9003 for cont. storage
LY-VENA320-233162623/02 KUN-ADD on lease to/op for UN
LY-VEWA320-214100523/02 ADD-HRG-LDE after lease to/op for UN
LY-VEAA321-231223422/01 MMX-PRN last svc / to QLA 29/01 (sold as 9H-AME)
Avion Expr. Malta 9H-AMEA321-231223416/02 rgd. / stored QLA basic TCX c/s (ex LY-VEA)
Blue AirYR-BMBB737-85R29037/17708/01 STR-OTP last svc / to KEF-BGR-TUS 23/02
YR-BMSB737-8Q830702/195311/02 seen BBU a/w & titles/logo (ex OE-IID)
YR-MXAB737-8 MAX43309/776224/02 MWH-BFI after long storage prior del.
British AirwaysG-EUNAA318-112400717/02 MAD-ENS after long storage for scrapping
G-DBCCA319-131219415/02 NCL-LHR last svc / to GLA 16/02 & stored
G-DBCGA319-131269416/02 LGW-MAD as BA9270 for cont. storage
G-EUPGA319-131122216/02 GLA-LHR last svc / to LGW 17/02 & stored
G-EUPJA319-131123215/02 BER-LHR last svc / to MAD 17/02 & stored
G-EUPKA319-131123621/02 MAD-LGW as BA9279 for cont. storage
G-EUPRA319-131132913/02 CDG-LHR last svc / to LGW 15/02 & stored
G-EUPWA319-131144015/02 CDG-LHR last svc / to LGW 19/02 & stored
G-EUUSA320-232330125/02 PMI-GLA as BA9278 for cont. storage
G-EUYDA320-232372606/02 GLA-LHR after storage / to MAD 20/02 for cont. std
G-EUYLA320-232472521/02 JER-LHR last svc / to LGW 24/02 & stored
G-EUYMA320-232479122/02 GLA-LHR last svc / to LGW 27/02 & stored
G-EUYNA320-232497505/02 EDI-LHR last svc / to LGW 08/02 & stored
G-EUYUA320-232602819/02 JER-LHR last svc / to LGW 22/02 & stored
G-TTNIA320-251N876713/02 GVA-LHR last svc / to GLA 18/02 & stored
G-TTNJA320-251N877222/02 GLA-LHR last svc / to GLA 26/02 & stored
G-NEOPA321-251NX846915/02 BCN-LHR last svc / to GLA 16/02 & stored
G-YMMCB777-236ER30304/26810/02 ISB-LHR last svc / to LGW 12/02 & based, i/s 12/02
G-ZBLDB787-1060640/104009/02 CHS-VCV for deep storage prior del.
G-XLEFA380-84115123/02 MAD-LHR as BA9179 after storage for maint.
Brussels AirlinesOO-SFZA330-22324903/02 BRU-ENS as SN9901 after long storage for scrapping
Bulgaria AirLZ-BOOB737-34126852/227306/02 SOF-AMS back in svc after long storage
CanaryFlyEC-MSMATR72-212A91113/12 LPA-ACE last svc / lsd to Andorra AL 19/02
Challenge ALOO-ACFB747-4EVF35169/139108/02 TLV-SNN as FRH501P for paint / to LGG 19/02 n/c
CityJetEI-FPNCRJ9001543330/11 MAN-CPH last svc (SAS c/s) & stored
EI-FPUCRJ9001543902/02 ARN-CPH last svc & stored (SAS c/s)
EI-FPVCRJ9001544008/02 VNO-CPH last svc & stored (SAS c/s)
EI-FPXCR9001544414/02 PLQ-CPH last svc (SAS c/s) / to DUB 16/02 BCY41P;19/02 DUB-WOE for repaint
EI-GEACRJ9001522419/12 BFS-DUB last svc / to MST 05/01 / to DUB 12/02
EI-GEDCRJ9001524001/12 CPH-DUB after storage / to MST 12/02
CondorD-ATCBA321-211643202/12 AUH-DUS after maint./to HAM 31/01 for cont. storage
D-ABUAB767-330ER26991/45523/01 TNG-DUS last svc / to LEJ 21/02 on lease to DHL
D-ABUFB767-330ER26985/53717/02 VRA-FRA last svc / to LEJ 21/02 on lease to DHL
D-ABUHB767-330ER26986/55304/12 ICN-DUS last svc / to LEJ 17/02 on lease to DHL
D-ABUIB767-330ER26988/56220/02 PUJ-FRA last svc / to LEJ 21/02 on lease to DHL
CSAOK-NFUATR72-212A78928/01 AMS-PRG last svc & stored
OK-NFVATR72-212A78501/02 AMS-PRG last svc & stored
EasyjetG-EZAFA319-111271503/02 LTN-QLA, for United as N6309U
G-EZBKA319-111304102/02 MAD-EMA for repaint into all white / to QLA 13/02
G-EZEYA319-111235311/02 STN-LDE as EZY9007 for cont. storage
G-EZIXA319-111260513/02 STN-QLA, for United N3304U
G-EZMKA319-111237018/02 STN-LDE as EZY9001 in basic c/s for cont. storage
G-EZWGA320-214531805/02 EMA-QLA after repaint into a/w
EasyjetHB-JYIA319-111474407/01 ERF-GVA as EZS9071 for cont. storage
SwitzerlandHB-JYKA319-111470530/01 OPO-GVA last svc / to ERF 31/01 & stored
HB-JXBA320-214511116/01 TFS-BSL last svc / to GVA 19/01 & stored
HB-JXCA320-214514606/01 PRN-GVA last svc / to ERF 07/02 & stored
HB-JXDA320-214515004/01 AGP-GVA last svc / to ERF 03/02 & stored
HB-JXIA320-214472131/01 GVA-ERF as EZS9070 for cont. storage
HB-JYEA320-214400615/12 OPO-GVA last svc / to LTN 16/12
HB-JZYA320-214419609/01 TFS-GVA last svc & stored
EdelweissHB-JJNA320-214418703/01 IBZ-ZRH last svc / to LJU 04/01
EurowingsD-ABKNB737-86J37756/337109/02 HAM-HAJ as TUI822P after storage / to DUS 24/02
D-ABMQB737-86J37780/450007/02 ACE-DUS in f/c op for TUI / to HAJ 13/02
D-AXGFA330-20361626/02 DUS-FRA after long storage
EurowingsOE-LYUA319-132553526/02 STR-DUS after storage & back in svc 28/02
EuropeOE-LYVA319-132504331/01 STR-DUS after storage & back in svc 01/02
OE-LYXA319-132428529/01 STR-DUS back in svc after storage
OE-LYZA319-132422714/01 CGN-MLA as EW6972 for cont. storage
OE-IQDA320-214705622/12 CGN-DUS as EW6959 for cont. storage
European Av’nG-ECLAA340-64293304/02 rgd. / stored BOH (ex 9H-EAD/EC-NFP)
G-ECLBA340-64275304/02 rgd. / stored BOH (ex G-VFIT)
EvelopEC-MTYA330-22380201/02 MAD-CQM as EVE003D for cont. storage
EC-NBPA330-343E138226/02 MAD-PGF as EVE002D for cont. storage
FinnairOH-LVBA319-1121107Feb 21 / being broken up at HEL
OH-LTSA330-302117807/02 PVG-HEL last svc / to LDE 15/02 & stored
Fleet Air HungaryZS-XCHATR72-201F10824/02 DJE-BUD on del., ex Solenta / to get HA-reg
GullivairLZ-AWZA330-22387426/02 TEV-SOF on del. (ex 9H-HFA)
HiFlyCS-TRJA321-231100415/02 BYJ-LIS-KRT after storage (ex TC-OAL)
9H-HFAA330-22387426/02 sold to Gullivair as LZ-AWZ, ex TEV storage
CS-TQZA340-313X20206/12 SYD-BNE last svc for Australian AF / to AMM 08/12
HOPF-GUBFEMB145MP66916/02 LFBF-CFE after repaint into all white
F-GUBGEMB145MP89003/02 LFBF-CFE after repaint into all white / to LFBF 25/02
F-GRZGCRJ7001003702/02 LIL-KEF-YYR-MKE-TUS, sold to SkyWest
IberiaEC-LEIA319-111374404/02 MAD-OSR as IB36 / to MAD 13/02
EC-MFPA319-11199806/01 LIN-MAD last svc / to DGX 19/02 for scrapping
Iberia ExpressEC-ILQA320-214173623/02 MAD-KEF-BGR-ROW after long storage
EC-LUCA320-214105912/02 MAD-NOC as IBS901P for scrapping
IcelandairTF-ICNB737-8 MAX44356/737514/02 ILD-KEF as FI6053 after long storage
TF-ICOB737-8 MAX44358/741014/02 ILD-KEF as FI6055 after long storage
TF-FIKB757-25626254/90530/01 CPH-KEF last svc / to ILD 13/02 & stored
TF-FISB757-25626245/61713/02 YLW-KEF as FI6080 after long storage
Italian AFMM62280ATR72-212P97011/02 TRN-LICZ „41-02“ on del., ex CSX62280
Jet 2G-GDFGB737-36Q28658/286526/02 RMU-LBA as EXS030F after storage
G-GDFOB737-3U328740/300326/02 DUB-LBA as EXS031F after storage
KLMPH-BGNB737-7K238125/358431/12 VIE-AMS last svc / to NWI 15/02 / to AMS 22/02 a/w
PH-BGOB737-7K238126/359001/02 CDG-AMS last svc & stored
PH-BCAB737-8K237820/348008/02 MAD-AMS last svc / to GRQ 10/02 & stored
PH-BCLB737-8K263624/754206/02 KBP-AMS last svc / to GRQ 09/02 & stored
PH-BXBB737-8K229132/26108/02 MXP-AMS last svc / to GRQ 10/02 & stored
PH-BXGB737-8K230357/60510/02 CDG-AMS last svc / to GRQ 10/02 & stored
PH-BXMB737-8K230355/71406/02 MXP-VCG last svc / to GRQ 09/02 & stored
PH-BXVB737-8K230370/220505/02 WAW-AMS last svc / to GRQ 09/02 & stored
PH-BXYB737-8K230372/250306/02 MAD-AMS last svc / to GRQ 09/02 & stored
N9672MB787-1042500/107421/02 seen CHS in white primer & KLM tail c/s prior del.
PH-BVWB777-300ER66889/168628/01 PDX-PAE after paint prior del. (ex N5513X)
KLM City HopperPH-NXAEMB195E22004524/02 d/d SJK-REC-TFS-AMS as KL9968 (ex PR-EDK)
PH-NXBEMB195E22004727/02 d/d SJK-REC-TFS-AMS as KL9968 (ex PR-EAF)
Lauda EuropeOE-LMMA320-214271214/02 seen OSR now a/w, ex full c/s (now NTU)
OE-LMOA320-214359712/02 PDV-OSR in f/c prior del. (ex VT-WAG)
9H-LMBA320-232285908/01 VIE-STN last svc / to BUD 01/02 & stored
9H-LMHA320-214501507/02 LIS-VIE last svc & stored
9H-LOAA320-214314701/02 SVQ-PMI last svc / to STN 04/02 & stored
9H-LOMA320-232298430/01 KBP-VIE last svc / to STN 01/02 & stored
9H-LONA320-214304811/02 LIS-VIE last svc / to AMM 18/02 & stored
9H-LOTA320-232252202/02 KBP-VIE last svc / to STN 13/02 & stored
LufthansaD-AIJDA320-271N1028116/02 BER-FRA & put in svc 19/02 FRA-PMI
D-AIPPA320-21111024/02 TEV-FRA-OST as LH9921 after long storage
D-AIUAA320-214593515/02 MUC-HAM back in svc after storage
D-AIUSA320-214702408/02 MUC-HAM back in svc after storage
D-AIUWA320-214725105/02 BER-FRA as LH9921 for cont. storage
D-AIWCA320-214866710/02 BER-FRA as LH9921 for cont. storage
D-AIZWA320-214569415/02 MUC-HAM back in svc after storage
D-AIDEA321-231460711/02 BER-FRA as LH9921 for cont. storage
D-AIDOA321-231499417/02 SNN-FRA as LH9921 for cont. storage
D-AISXA321-231407322/02 MUC-HAM back in svc after storage since 28/11
D-AIFEA340-313X43423/01 BLR-FRA last svc / to MUC 24/01 for storage
D-AIFFA340-313X44709/02 DUB-FRA after repaint into latest c/s, ex Star Alliance
D-AIGNA340-313X21313/02 NBO-FRA last svc / to MUC 14/02 & stored
D-AIGUA340-313X32112/02 PEK-FRA last svc / to AMM 12/02 for maint.
D-AIGVA340-313X32513/02 CUN-FRA last svc / to MUC 14/02 & stored
D-AIGYA340-313X33502/02 FRA-MUC last svc & stored
D-AIGZA340-313X34711/02 DEL-FRA last svc / to MNL 12/02 for maint.
D-AIXAA350-9417425/02 TLS-MUC as LH9921 after repaint into n/c
D-AIXCA350-9418724/02 EWR-MUC last svc / to TLS 25/02 repaint into n/c
D-ABVTB747-43028287/111008/02 LDE-FRA / to LAX-MHV 09/02 for scrapping
D-ABYFB747-83037830/145620/02 tesflown FRA after long storage / to PEK 20/02
D-ABYIB747-83037833/147523/02 FRA-XMN as LH9924 after storage (ex HAM storage)
D-ABYJB747-83037834/147726/02 XMN-FRA as LH9923 after maint. & storage
D-ABYSB747-83037843/151202/02 FRA-HAM as LH9922 for cont. storage
D-AIMIA380-8417222/02 FRA-LDE as LH9920 for cont. storage
Maleth-Aero9H-BREB737-3Y0F24255/162507/02 BOH-KEF-YMX-TLC ret. to lessor
9H-BFSA330-20347706/02 NAP-TLS-LYS-OST-LGW with Flight Service titles
NeosEI-RZAB737-8 MAX62869/749102/02 testflown BFI after long storage
EI-XINB787-938774/60416/02 SNN-VRN as NOS01 on del. (ex LN-LNT)
NorwegianEI-FVMB737-8JP42277/632014/02 BUD-MCT-CAN after storage, sold as D-AAGB
EI-FVTB737-8JP42280/640210/02 ARN-BUD ret. to lessor after long storage
LN-NIDB737-8JP40544/447405/02 BGO-MPL ret. to lessor after long storage
SE-RRDB737-8JP39002/323119/02 BGO-BUD ret. to lessor / to SNN 26/02
SE-RRYB737-8JP42274/624704/02 TRD-DUB ret. to lessor (ex EI-FVI)
G-CKWCB787-938893/68012/02 OSL-SBD as NRS9BY ret. to lessor
LN-LNJB787-937308/41808/02 ARN-OSL as NAX9E after storage / to VCV 27/02
LN-LNLB787-937931/48818/02 CPH-VCV as NAX9E ret. to lessor
SE-RXMB787-963345/85316/02 SVG-SNN as NSW1YA ret. to lessor
SE-RXZB787-938895/64711/02 OSL-SBD as NSW1YA ret. to lessor (to OE-ITP)
Onur AirTC-OCIA330-24362526/12 ISL-AMM as OHY9004 for cont. storage
TC-OCJA330-24363229/12 ISL-AMM as OHY9003 for cont. storage
TC-OCKA330-24340415/02 seen std ISL engineless still with Saudia titles/logo
TC-OCMA330-24349115/02 AYT-ISL as OHY9002 for cont. storage
TC-OCSA330-34390801/01 JFK-IST last svc & stored (last Onur Air flight so far)
PegasusTC-NCRA320-251N1014917/02 d/d TLS-SAW as PGT93 (ex F-WWBK)
TC-NCTA320-251N1026911/02 d/d TLS-SAW as PGT95 (ex F-WWBO), i/s 18/02
TC-CPIB737-82R40014/429811/02 BTS-BCM as PC81 for cont. storage / to SNN 26/02
TC-CPJB737-82R40881/451303/01 BER-SAW / to BCM 04/02
TC-CPSB737-8GJ37366/362801/02 DLM-SAW last svc / to SNN 11/02 ret. to lessor
Polish AF111B737-800BBJ64927/715215/02 BOD-AJR (ex F-WTBK)
Poste Air CargoEI-GUAB737-490F28888/299002/02 SNN-FCO on del. (ex N288AU)
EI-GUBB737-490F28889/300005/02 SNN-FCO on del. (ex N889AU)
Privilege StyleEC-MUAB777-212ER28524/35020/01 SNU-WAW-VIE last svc / to BGR-GYR 02/02 & std
Royal Air ForceZP805B737-800A(P-8)65754/825701/02 d/d BFI-FSS (ex N534DS)
SASES-ACNCRJ9001523710/02 lsd fr Xfly all white, last svc 12/02 ARN-TLL
OY-KBTA319-131323224/02 ARN-CDT as SK9125 for cont. storage
LN-RRMB737-78328314/45831/01 BGO-OSL last svc / to BGR-MZJ 01/02
LN-RGCB737-86N41257/432118/02 NWI-MUC all white, sold 23/02 as N476TN
OY-KAMA320-232291129/01 TLL-MAD as SK9222 for cont. storage
OY-KAUA320-232322717/02 ARN-CDT as SK9125 for cont. storage
SAS IrelandEI-SIDA320-251N803111/01 LHR-ARN last svc & stored
EI-SIEA320-251N805826/01 OSL-ARN last svc & stored
EI-SIGA320-251N833331/01 DUB-ARN last svc & stored
EI-SIHA320-251N855131/01 LHR-ARN last svc & stored
EI-SIIA320-251N856630/01 PMI-ARN last svc & stored
Securite CivileC-GJQEDash 8-402Q460911/02 d/d YXX-YYQ-KEF-FNI / to get F-reg
Smart LynxYL-LDBA321-211234226/02 KUN-VNO as ART9321 after long storage
SmartwingsOK-SWEB737-8 MAX64937/697625/02 PRG-AGP back in svc after long storage
Sorens AeroT7-HHHA320-251NACJ877425/02 BSL-VNO after cabin outfit (ex D-AVVI)
Sprint AirSP-SPFATR72-202F71705/02 WAW-IEV in svc after del. (ex F-WKVD)
Sun ClassOY-TCEA321-211634220/02 EMA-CPH after repaint into f/c
OY-TCHA321-211643627/02 GOT-EMA for repaint into f/c
OY-TCIA321-211646827/02 EMA-CPH after repaint into f/c
OY-VKGA330-34334909/02 sold as N349UK after long storage
OY-VKIA330-34335715/02 CPH-CHR as DK4998 / to CPH 27/02 now f/c
SundairD-ASMFA319-111211906/01 LPA-BER last svc / to KSF 13/01 / to DUS 05/02
D-ASSKA319-111228314/11 FUE-BRE last svc / to KSF 22/01 / to DUS 05/02
D-ASEEA320-214495325/01 BEY-BER last svc / to AUH 08/02 ret. to lessor
D-ASEFA320-214497408/02 DRS-AUH as SDR88YF ret. to lessor
SwissHB-IJIA320-21457728/01 ZRH-BRE as LX5202 for cont. storage
HB-JLPA320-214461821/12 ZRH-MLA & MLA-GVA 09/01 for cont. storage
HB-JLTA320-214551816/01 ZRH-GVA last svc & stored
HB-IOCA321-11152028/01 BRE-ZRH as LX5203 for cont. storage
HB-IOKA321-11198708/02 ZRH-SNN-CDT in basic c/s, ret. to lessor
HB-IONA321-212556728/01 LJU-MLA as LX5280 for cont. storage
HB-JPAA321-271NX941720/01 ZRH-GVA last svc & stored
HB-JPBA321-271NX1011524/01 ZRH-GVA last svc & stored
HB-JHFA330-343E108923/01 JNB-ZRH back in svc after storage
HB-JHNA330-343E140309/01 JNB-ZRH back in svc after storage
TAP Air PortugalCS-TTGA319-11190627/01 LIS-FAO for cont. storage / to ORY-GBA 22/02 wfu
CS-TTJA319-11197924/01 VXE-LIS last svc / to FAO 30/01 & stored
CS-TTLA319-111110001/02 LIS-OPO last svc / to LIS 04/02 / to FAO 06/02
CS-TTMA319-111110601/02 BCN-LIS last svc & stored
CS-TTNA319-111112005/02 FAO-LIS last svc / to FAO 12/02 & stored
CS-TTOA319-111112701/02 OPO-LIS last svc / to FAO 06/02 & stored
CS-TTPA319-111116504/02 FNC-OPO last svc / to LIS 07/02
CS-TTSA319-111176525/01 LUX-LIS last svc / to FAO 03/02 & stored
CS-TMWA320-214166730/01 OPO-LIS last svc / to FAO 04/02 & stored
CS-TNJA320-214118102/01 LIS-FAO last svc & stored
CS-TNKA320-214120611/01 FNC-LIS last svc / to FAO 11/01 / to FNC 10/02
CS-TNLA320-214123111/01 BCN-LIS last svc / to FNC 11/01 / to LIS 10/02 std
CS-TNMA320-214179918/01 BCN-LIS last svc / to FNC 26/01 / to LIS 21/02 std
CS-TNNA320-214181627/01 LIS-FNC & parked, back i/s 22/02 FNC-LIS (1 flight)
CS-TNQA320-214376930/01 LIS-OPO last svc & stored
CS-TNRA320-214388327/01 FNC-LIS last svc / to FAO 31/01 & stored
CS-TNSA320-214402101/02 OPO-LIS last svc / to FAO 04/02 & stored
CS-TNTA320-214409504/02 LIS-FNC last svc / to LIS 05/02 & stored
CS-TNUA320-214410624/01 DUB-LIS last svc / to FAO 31/01 & stored
CS-TNVA320-214414531/01 OPO-LIS last svc / to FAO 01/02 & stored
CS-TNWA320-214279219/01 ORY-OPO last svc & stored
CS-TNXA320-214282231/01 ZRH-LIS last svc & stored
CS-TNYA320-214474201/02 FAO-LIS last svc / to FAO 22/02 & stored
Terra AviaER-BARB747-243F22545/54505/02 CGK-FRU on del. (ex 4L-GNL)
Titan AirwaysG-DHJHA321-211F123811/02 BFS-STN last svc / lsd to Amerijet 11/02
G-NIKOA321-211F125003/02 seen XSP in f/c after conv. (will be G-POWZ)
G-XATWA321-253N1015015/11 STN-BOD, testflown 05/02
TransaviaPH-XRBB737-7K228256/129829/01 SVQ-AMS last svc / to PRG 04/02
PH-HXGB737-8K241355/634015/02 ALC-AMS last svc / to PRG 16/02
PH-HXJB737-8K262159/636303/02 FAO-AMS last svc / to PRG 05/02
Transavia FranceF-HTVTB737-86J37767/406526/02 seen SNN in f/c prior del. (ex VP-CMW)
F-HTVYB737-8JP39021/437111/02 DUB-ORY on del. (ex SE-RPB) / to LFBF 12/02
SE-RPAB738-8JP42286/608817/02 seen DUB in f/c after repaint, ex Norwegian
SE-RRUB737-8JP39020/434317/02 seen DUB in f/c after repaint, ex Norwegian
TUI BelgiumOO-MAXB737-8 MAX44588/673515/02 flown BRU after long std, i/s 17/02 BRU-AGP-ALC
OO-TMBB737-8 MAX44591/690824/02 testflown BRU after long storage, i/s 28/02
OO-TMYB737-8 MAX44592/692910/02 testflown BRU after long storage, i/s 21/02
TUI GermanyD-ATUEB737-8K534686/190312/02 TLL-NWI all white after storage / to HAJ 19/02
D-ATUIB737-8K530287/355405/02 BER-LPA-HAM last svc / to LTN 08/02 (for TUI UK)
D-ATYCB737-8K537259/367515/02 HAJ-LTN for transfer tu TUI UK (ex SE-RFU)
D-AMAXB737-8 MAX44601/743502/02 testflown BFI afdter long storage
TUI UKG-TUKNB737-8K530287/355410/02 rgd. / parked LTN (ex D-ATUI)
G-TUKOB737-8K537259/367517/02 rgd. / parked LTN (ex D-ATYC)
G-TUMHB737-8 MAX 44602/743909/02 testflown BFI after long storage prior del.
G-TUMJB737-8 MAX44604/752510/02 testflown BFI after std & d/d 26/02 BFI-LGW BY941P
G-TUMKB737-8 MAX44605/754110/02 SKF-BFI after long storage prior del.
G-TUMOB737-8 MAX44608/787920/02 testflown BFI after std & d/d 01/03 BFI-LGW BY942P
Turkish AirlinesTC-JUKA320-232260217/02 SAW-AMM as TK6832 in basic c/s
TUS Air9H-AEKA320-214229106/02 MLA-LCA all white on del., to get 5B-reg
Ukraine Int’lUR-UBBB737-8HX29686/325927/02 RZE-KBP-IEV on del. (ex UR-PSD)
Virgin AtlanticG-VUFOA330-343E135208/02 CQM-MAN as VIR820P after long storage
VoloteaEI-EWIB717-2BL55170/512008/02 VCE-KEF-YYR-YWG-VCV ret. to lessor
EI-FBMB717-2BL55192/515215/02 VCE-KEF-YYR-YWG-VCV ret. to lessor
EI-FCBB717-2BL55191/515101/03 VCE-KEF-YYR-YWG-VCV ret. to lessor
EI-FGIB717-2BL55167/511722/02 VCE-KEF-YYR-YWG-VCV ret. to lessor
EC-NNYA320-214378601/02 seen parked OSR in f/c still as VQ-BAY
EC-NNZA320-214261626/02 SAT-BGR-GLA-PMI on del. still as N621VA
VuelingEC-KDGA320-214309522/01 FCO-BCN last svc / to MAD 25/01 & stored
EC-MBYA320-214467422/01 IBZ-BCN last svc / to MAD 23/01 / to CDT 10/02
EC-MERA320-232651007/01 BIO-BCN last svc / to CDT 04/02 & stored
EC-MQLA321-231762124/01 CDT-MAD / to CDT 10/02 for cont. storage
Wamos AirEC-MAJA330-24399216/02 CQM-MAD as PLM007P after storage
EC-MTUA330-22346913/02 SZX-HHN last svc / to MAD 14/02 / to CQM 18/02
EC-NBNA330-24381814/02 MAD-LPA-PBM back in svc after storage
West AtlanticSE-DUYCRJ200702304/02 HAJ-OSL as SWN900 after long storage, i/s 08/02
WizzairHA-LWHA320-232462117/01 LTN-BUD last svc / to SNN 22/02 ret. to lessor
HA-LWIA320-232462829/01 LTN-BUD last svc / to SNN 01/03 ret. to lessor
Zet AviaUR-CTUIljushin 76TD103341860008/02 rgd. (ex RA-76386)
Zimex AviationHB-AFLATR72-202F22208/02 EMA-FRA after paint into f/c
Reg News Russia
AeroflotRA-89047SSJ100-95B9508403/02 SVO-ULY for repainht into Rossiya c/s
RA-89105SSJ100-95B9514513/02 KUF-SVO last svc / to ULY 15/02 for repaint
RA-89110SSJ100-95B9516114/02 STW-SVO last svc / to ULY 15/02 for repaint
RA-89127SSJ100-95B9519028/01 ASF-SVO last svc / to ULY 03/02 for repaint
VQ-BBCA320-214383509/02 MSR-OSR after long storage, for sale
VQ-BIUA320-214468411/02 FCO-SVO last svc / to OSR 13/02
VQ-BHUB737-8LJ41229/731408/02 ARH-SVO last svc / to BTS 09/02, for Pobeda
VQ-BHXB737-8LJ41242/728718/02 MMK-SVO last svc / to BTS 20/02, for Pobeda
VQ-BFNB777-300ER65310165225/02 d/d PAE-HKG as SU7734 (ex N5512A)
Aurora AirlinesRA-67259Dash 8-20145915/02 YYV-YQU-YXY-FAI-DYR on del. still as C-GRGQ
AviastarVQ-BCBB757-223F27056/68026/02 GYR-BGR-VKO on del. (ex N605AA)
I FlyEI-GVHA330-24345625/01 rgd. / parked DUS prior del. (ex OE-ILX, 4X-ALJ)
IzhaviaVP-BUUB737-85R39069/511219/02 WOE-DME on del. (ex 2-BTTA)
PobedaVQ-BHUB737-8LJ41229/731417/02 BTS-SVO on del. in f/c after repaint, ex Aeroflot
VQ-BHXB737-8LJ41242/728728/02 BTS-SVO on del. in f/c after repaint, ex Aeroflot
Red WingsVP-BWXA320-232239315/01 NUX-DME last svc / to KUN 23/02 & stored
VP-BWSA321-231148709/02 DME-CHR as WZ9001 ret. to lessor
RossiyaRA-89046SSJ100-95B9508226/01 ULY-SVO in f/c after repaint on del., ex Aeroflot
RA-89047SSJ100-95B9508416/02 ULY-SVO in f/c after repaint on del., ex Aeroflot
RA-89116SSJ100-95B9516526/01 ULY-SVO in f/c after repaint on del., ex Aeroflot
RA-89127SSJ100-95B9519016/02 ULY-SVO in f/c after repaint on del., ex Aeroflot
S7 AirlinesVP-BENB737-8ASF33545/125218/02 OSR-DME on del. (ex N556CC)
Smart AviaVP-BAMB737-8GJ39424/405410/02 AMM-ARH on del. (ex VT-SZA)
Reg News North America
10 Tanker Air C.N612AXDC10-3048290/43501/02 AMA-ABQ after repaint into new c/s
Air CanadaC-GNAMA220-3715510507/02 d/d YMX-YYZ as AC2334, in svc 10/02
C-GNBNA220-3715511218/02 seen YMX in retro Trans Canada c/s prior del.
C-GAQZA319-11474007/02 YHZ-YYZ last svc / to MCI 08/02 & stored
C-GBHMA319-11476907/02 PHX-YYC last svc / to MCI 08/02 & stored
C-FZUBA320-214194009/02 YOW-YYZ last svc / to MCI 09/02 & stored
C-GKODA320-214186431/01 YYC-YUL last svc / to MCI 01/02 & stored
C-FSDQB737-8 MAX61209/677620/02 MZJ-YUL-YRQ after long storage
C-FSDWB737-8 MAX61212/680513/02 MZJ-YUL-YRQ after long storage
C-FSEQB737-8 MAX61211/681404/02 MZJ-TUS-YUL after long storage / to YRQ 05/02
C-FSESB737-8 MAX61213/6821back in svc 02/02 YUL-YYZ (compl. Info)
C-FSIPB737-8 MAX61215/684105/02 YRQ-YYZ & back in svc 06/02 YYZ-YHZ
C-FSNQB737-8 MAX61222/6940back in svc 01/02 YYZ-YHZ (compl. Info)
C-GEHYB737-8 MAX61228/7404back in svc 01/02 YUL-YYZ (compl. Info)
C-GEIVB737-8 MAX61229/741401/02 YYZ-YEG back in svc after testbed use since 20/11
C-GEJLB737-8 MAX61230/742319/01 YYZ-YUL after long storage & back in svc 21/01
C-FGKPA321-211388416/02 YVR-YYZ last svc / to YRQ 17/02 & stored
C-FJNXA321-211169231/01 YVR-YYZ last svc / to MCI 01/02 & stored
C-GITYA321-211161121/02 ORD-YYZ last svc / to MCI 22/02 & stored
C-GIUEA321-211163217/02 YVR-YYZ last svc / to MCI 18/02 & stored
C-GIUFA321-211163810/02 YOW-YYZ last svc / to YRQ 10/02 & stored
C-GJWDA321-211174831/01 RSW-YYZ last svc / to MCI 02/02 & stored
C-GJWNA321-211178321/02 ORD-YUL last svc / to MCI 22/02 & stored
C-GJWOA321-211181102/02 YYC-YVR last svc / to MCI 03/02 & stored
C-GFAFA330-34327702/01 CUN-YUL last svc / to YMX 03/01 / to VCV 22/02
C-GFAHA330-34327916/02 YUL-YYZ last svc / to VCV 17/02 & stored
C-GFAJA330-34328406/02 YUL-VCV as AC2315 for cont. storage
C-GFURA330-34334407/02 FLL-YUL last svc / to YMX 09/02 & stored
C-GHKWA330-34340829/12 YUl-RFD as AC2331 for cont. storage
C-GHLMA330-34341922/12 YVR-YYZ last svc / to RFD 12/01 & stored
C-GKUGA330-343E114910/02 QPG-NRT-YVR-VCV for storage (ex 9V-STQ)
C-GOFWA330-343E148519/02 SIN-NRT-YMX as AC2319 on del. (ex 9V-SSA)
C-FGDZB787-937173/40511/02 VCV-YYZ after repaint into latest c/s
C-FVLUB787-938360/65922/01 MIA-YYZ last svc / to SAT 24/01 & stored
Air CanadaC-FFJACRJ200798531/01 YQM-YUL last svc / to YHZ 01/02 & stored
ExpressC-GMJACRJ200800303/02 YYG-YUL last svc / to YHZ 07/02 & stored
C-GZJACRJ200801817/02 YYZ-YHZ for cont. storage
C-FBJZCRJ9001503723/01 YWG-YVR last svc & stored
C-FDJZCRJ9001504128/01 YXY-YVR last svc & stored
C-FJJZCRJ9001504331/01 YXY-YVR last svc & stored
C-FJQZCRJ9001549810/02 d/d YMX-YOW-YUL
C-FTJZCRJ9001504707/02 YXY-YVR last svc & stored
Air Canada RougeC-FMLZB767-316ER27597/60214/02 SNN-YYZ after long storage / to MZJ 127/02
Air TransatC-GEZDA321-211409925/01 POP-YUL last svc & stored
C-GEZOA321-211450009/12 PAP-YUL last svc & stored
C-GEZXA321-211723708/12 YUL-YYZ as TS92 for cont. storage
C-GGTSA330-24325009/12 YUL-YHM as TS94 for cont. storage
C-GJDAA330-24324817/01 PAP-YUL last svc & stored
C-GTSNA330-24336906/01 YYZ-MEM as TS43 for cont. storage
C-GTSRA330-24396610/12 YQB-YHM as TS93 for cont. storage
C-GTSZA330-24397127/11 GUA-YUL last svc / to GIG 30/11 & stored
C-GUBCA330-24351822/11 YYZ-GIG as TS43 for cont. storage
C-GUFRA330-24325109/01 CDG-YUL last svc & stored
C-GCTSA330-34217712/02 YUL-MZJ after long storage ret. to lessor
C-GKTSA330-34211103/02 YUL-MZJ after long storage ret. to lessor
C-GTSDA330-34340710/01 PAP-YUL last svc & stored
C-GTSOA330-34313224/02 YUl-MZJ as TS92 for cont. storage
Air Transport Int.N388AAB767-323ERF27448/56312/02 ILN-ROW prior del. / to be N227AZ
N491AZB767-323ERF29429/70028/02 ILN-CVG-JFK-SEA in svc in Coming 2 America c/s
Alaska AirlinesN918AKB737-9 MAX44081/783620/02 d/d BFI-SEA as AS9809
N919AKB737-9 MAX44082/796121/01 RNT-BFI prior del.
Allegiant AirN288NVA320-214453722/02 rgd. / parked SJO prior del. (ex RP-C3262)
N291NVA320-214220625/02 rgd. / parked DUB (ex EI-DEB)
N293NVA320-214491308/02 GSO-FTW for paint (ex N618AC)
Amazon PrimeN491AZB767-323ERF29429/70028/02 ILN-CVG in special Coming 2 America c/s, lsd fr ATI
N503AZB767-338ERF25274/39522/02 TLV-AMM-BGR-VCV on del. (ex C-FOGJ)
AmericanN112USA320-214113425/02 TUL-CLT as AA9785 after storage
N324RAB737-8 MAX44459/651520/02 TUL-MIA after long storage & back in svc 22/02
N306RCB737-8 MAX44465/663911/02 TUL-MIA as AA9786 after long storage, i/s 15/02
N303REB737-8 MAX44447/678910/02 TUL-GSO after long storage / to MIA 24/02, i/s 24/02
N315RJB737-8 MAX44449/689723/02 TUL-MCO as AA9784 after long storage, i/s 25/02
N323RMB737-8 MAX44453/699111/02 TUL-MIA as AA9787 after long storage, i/s 13/02
N328RRB737-8 MAX44457/709325/02 TUL-MIA as AA9786 after long storage, i/s 27/02
N338RSB737-8 MAX44458/710813/02 TUL-MIA as AA9786 after long storage, i/s 13/02
N350RVB737-8 MAX44462/725001/03 TUL-MIA as AA9781 after long storage, i/s 01/03
N343RYB737-8 MAX44467/735513/02 testflown TUL after long storage / to DFW 24/02
N338STB737-8 MAX44484/789702/02 d/d BFI-TUL as AA9825
N341SVB737-8 MAX44487/795117/01 RNT-BFI after storage (ex N3134C)
N874ANB787-865994/104519/02 VCV-PAE after storage prior del.
N754ANB777-223ER30262/34502/02 ROW-DFW after long storage
N756AMB777-223ER30264/35815/01 BFM-MIA after storage & back in svc 17/01
N757ANB777-223ER32636/36323/12 TUL-DFW after storage & back in svc 31/12
N758ANB777-223ER32637/37107/01 DFW-MIA last svc / to TUL 07/01 & stored
N759ANB777-223ER32638/37613/01 BOG-MIA last svc / to BFM 15/01 & stored
N773ANB777-223ER29583/19927/01 TUL-DFW after storage & back in svc 28/01
N784ANB777-223ER29588/27223/01 TUL-JFK after storage & back in svc 24/01
N790ANB777-223ER30251/28705/02 ROW-TUL as AA9778 for cont. storage
N792ANB777-223ER30253/29212/02 ROW-TUL as AA9781 for cont. storage
AmerijetG-DHJHA321-211F123811/02 STN-KEF-YHZ-MIA, in svc 14/02, lsd fr Titan AW
N659GTB767-281F23140/10624/02 MIA-CVG on del., lsd fr Atlas Air, in svc 25/02 (DHL)
Asia PacificN922TSB757-260F24845/30013/02 MCI-HNL on del. (ex N754CS)
Atlas AirN659GTB767-281F23140/10612/02 CVG-MIA last svc, leased to Amerijet 24/02
Avelo AirlinesN803XTB737-8F234407/187308/02 rgd. / parked IND in full c/s (ex M-ABNT/TC-JGI)
Breeze AirwaysN90NAEMB190AR7002/02 SJO-FLL-ISP on del. / to be N108BZ
N98NAEMB190AR5507/02 seen SJO in f/c / to N102BZ 23/02 (ex C-FHKP)
PR-AUCEMB195AR66208/02 GUS-MCN in f/c after paint prior del. with N-reg
CommutAirN14158EMB145XR79120/02 YQB-ALB on del. (United Express c/s)
N11192EMB145XR93622/02 MCN-ALB on del. (United Express c/s)
N16541EMB145LR54225/02 MCN-IAH on del. (United Express c/s)
Delta AirlinesN139DUA220-1715005805/02 d/d YMX-MSP as DL9936 (ex C-FOYA)
N307DUA220-3715509601/02 d/d BFM-MSP as DL9936 (ex C-GPYG)
N935ATB717-23155069/501904/02 ILN-DFW-SBD as DL9936 for cont. storage
N937ATB717-23155091/507510/02 ILN-MCI-SBD as DL9958 for cont. storage
N315NBA319-114123001/02 SNA-MSP last svc / to SBD 02/02 & stored
N384DAB737-83230347/41228/01 MWH-SLC after long storage / to QRO 02/02
N388DAB737-83230375/46906/02 PVR-ATL last svc / to SBD 08/02 & stored
N826DNB737-932ER31937/503625/01 MWH-ATL as DL9936 after long storage
N112DNA321-2111008523/02 d/d XFW-KEF-YUL-SAL as DL9937 (ex D-AZAC)
N115DNA321-2111013212/02 d/d BFM-MSP (ex F-WZMP)
N673DLB757-23225978/43011/02 VCV-LAX after long storage & back in svc 13/02
N681DAB757-23226957/51607/02 CUN-ATL last svc / to VCV 08/02 & stored
N704XB757-2Q828163/74114/02 SLC-LAX last svc / to SBD 15/02 & stored
N587NWB757-35132986/102324/02 SBD-QRO as DL9937 after long storage
N176DZB767-332ER29697/74517/02 VCV-ATL as DL9961 after long storage
N178DZB767-332ER30596/79531/01 SLC-JFK last svc / to MCI 03/02
N182DNB767-332ER25987/46111/02 UIO-ATL last svc / to MCI 12/02
N189DNB767-332ER28990/64620/02 BHM-JFK as DL9960 after long storage
N191DNB767-332ER28448/65411/02 JFK-LAX last svc / to VCV 11/02 & stored
N192DNB767-332ER28449/66412/02 JFK-LAX last svc / to VCV 12/02 & stored
N195DNB767-332ER28452/67616/02 TPA-ATL last svc / to MCI 17/02
N844MHB767-432ER29717/87118/12 BHM-ATL after long storage & back in svc 22/12
N856NWA330-22363116/02 MZJ-ATL as DL9936 after long storage
N857NWA330-22363316/02 MZJ-DTW as DL9937 after long storage
Dynamic AviationN735ZB737-5Y025289/228803/02 SHD-IAB (ex VP-BRI)
Endeavor AirN685BRCRJ200771201/02 IGM-SLN as EDV5553 after long storage
N930XJCRJ9001519225/01 MSP-CKB last svc / to SLN 05/02 & stored
EnvoyN213NNEMB175LR50505/01 AVW-BNA on del., ex Compass (American Eagle c/s)
N214NNEMB175LR50829/01 AVW-BNA on del., ex Compass (American Eagle c/s)
N215NNEMB175LR51125/02 AVW-ABI on del., ex Compass (American Eagle c/s)
N217NNEMB175LR51502/02 AVW-ABI on del., ex Compass (American Eagle c/s)
EZ AirN417XJSaab 340B41725/02 BGR-CHS-MCO in f/c prior del., ex Silver Airways
FEDEXN191FEB767-300ERF63122/123207/02 PAE-PDX for paint prior del. / ret to PAE 19/02 f/c
FrontierN949FRA319-112285709/02 ROW-DEN as FFT9349 after long storage
Gojet ALN548GJCRJ5501027328/02 rgd., ex N169GJ (United Express c/s(
Int’l Air ResponseN168CAB757-2Z0F27259/60924/02 rgd. / stored ROW since 20/12/12 (ex B-2837)
Jet BlueN536JBA320-232178421/12 MZJ-MCO & MCO-MZJ 01/02 for cont. storage
N2059JA321-271NX924526/02 d/d XFW-JFK as JBU6991 (ex D-A
N2060JA321-271NX939825/02 d/d XFW-JFK as JBU6993 (ex D-AZAX)
N2105JA321-271NX1010126/02 d/d XFW-JFK as JBU6993 (ex D-A
Mesa AirlinesN508MJCRJ7001008709/02 PWM-IAD last svc / to OKC-TUS 11/02 (UA c/s)
N519LRCRJ7001026010/02 DTW-IAD last svc / to OKC-TUS 11/02 (UA c/s)
N522LRCRJ7001026207/02 DTW-IAD last svc / to OKC-TUS 23/02 (UA c/s)
N919FJCRJ9001501931/12 BFL-PHX last svc / to TUS 04/02 & stored (AA c/s)
N920FJCRJ9001502030/01 MAF-DFW last svc / to TUS 31/01 & stored (AA c/s)
PAL AirlinesC-FPQIDash 8-402Q407511/02 rgd. / parked YYT (ex OE-LGH)
Pascan AviationC-GRDUSaab 340B41517/02 rgd. / parked BGR (ex N415XJ)
Republic ALN225JQEMB175LR21010/02 MCN-IND on del. (Delta Conn. c/s, ex Compass AL)
N226JQEMB175LR21325/02 MCN-IND on del. (Delta Conn. c/s, ex Compass AL)
Silver AirwaysN417XJSaab 340B41704/01 ELH-FLL last svc / to MCO 07/01 / to BGR 18/01
SkyWestN213PSCRJ200787908/12 DAY-TUS after storage & rgd. 16/02, ex PSA
N487CACRJ200772931/01 last svc for Delta / back in svc 21/02 for United
N496CACRJ200779124/12 RAP-MSP last svc / to TUS 24/12 (Delta Conn. c/s)
N602XJCRJ200804525/02 IGM-SLN as EDV5553 after storage
N854ASCRJ200738207/02 SYR-OGS last svc / to OKC-TUS 09/02 (UA c/s)
N8965ECRJ200796524/02 IGM-SLN as EDV5553 after storage
N8968ECRJ200796826/02 IGM-SLN as EDV5553 after storage
N611SKCRJ7001003530/01 PHX-TUS last svc & stored (American Eagle c/s)
N658CACRJ7001014822/01 BNA-MSP last svc / to ROW 26/01 / to TUS 06/02
N681SKCRJ7001003602/02 rgd. / stored TUS (ex F-GRZF)
N682SKCRJ7001003704/02 arr. TUS on del. still as F-GRZG
N840SKCRJ9001549926/02 d/d YMX-BNA in Delta Connection c/s (ex C-GTID)
SouthwestN553WNB737-7BX30745/102711/02 PAE-GYR as WN8700 ret. to lessor (ex VH-VBR)
N916WNB737-7H436623/255813/01 PHX-DAL last svc / to PAE 15/01 / to SBD 24/02
N7834AB737-75233789/152410/01 MDW-SEA last svc / to PAE 10/01 / to MZJ 18/02
N8702LB737-8 MAX36989/566807/02 VCV-PHX as WN8700 after long std / to LAS 23/02
N8705QB737-8 MAX42558/585214/02 VCV-PAE as WN8701 after long std / to PHX 22/02
N8709QB737-8 MAX42563/615423/02 VCV-PAE as WN8701 after long storage
N8711QB737-8 MAX36979/627221/02 VCV-PAE as WN8700 after long storage
N8713MB737-8 MAX36984/647221/02 VCV-PAE as WN8701 after long std / to PHX 01/03
N8718QB737-8 MAX42546/688114/02 VCV-PHX as WN8750 after long std / to LAS 16/02
N8720LB737-8 MAX42547/702528/02 VCV-HOU as WN8700 after long storage
N8727MB737-8 MAX42576/715328/02 VCV-PHX as WN8701 after long storage
N8728QB737-8 MAX42577/730010/01 VCV-HOU as WN8701 after long storage
N8730QB737-8 MAX37032/730810/01 VCV-HOU as WN8702 after long storage
N8732SB737-8 MAX42551/732831/01 VCV-HOU as WN8701 after long std / to BWI 22/02
N8731JB737-8 MAX42550/732131/01 VCV-HOU as WN8700 after long std / to BWI 22/02
N8741LB737-8 MAX61869/774706/02 d/d BFI-PHX as WN8702 after storage / to DEN 08/02
N8750QB737-8 MAX61872/797512/02 RNT-BFI after storage prior del.
N8800LB737-8 MAX42633/766117/02 d/d BFI-PHX as WN8700 after storage / to DEN 19/02
N8801QB737-8 MAX65436/767924/02 d/d BFI-PHX as WN8700 after storage
N8802QB737-8 MAX65437/770128/01 MWH-BFI after long storage prior del.
N8803LB737-8 MAX42634/770903/02 MWH-BFI after std & d/d 27/02 BFI-PHX as WN8700
N8804LB737-8 MAX42637/773115/02 MWH-BFI after long storage prior del.
N8805LB737-8 MAX42641/774017/02 MWH-BFI after long storage prior del.
N8806QB737-8 MAX 65471/776724/02 MWH-BFI after long storage prior del.
N8809LB737-8 MAX65439/782425/02 VCV-RNT 25/02 after storage prior del.
N8817LB737-8 MAX42537/790223/02 d/d BFI-PHX as WN8700
N8818QB737-8 MAX36722/794309/02 d/d BFI-PHX as WN8700 / to DEN 12/02
SpiritN686NKA321-231814114/02 BNA-FLL last svc / to BQN 16/02 & stored
Summit AirC-FRJYAvro RJ100E327401/02 YYQ-YFB-KEF-EGTC (ex VH-JTE)
SunwingC-FTXEB737-8 MAX43301/748303/02 d/d BFI-YVR as WG9136
C-FTXFB737-8 MAX43303/757103/02 d/d BFI-YVR as WG9135
UnitedN2301UA319-111249518/02 QLA-KEF-CLE-GYR on del. a/w (ex G-EZIM)
N3303UA319-111257826/02 QLA-KEF-CLE-GYR on del. a/w (ex G-EZIW)
N7717DB737-76N32664/180709/02 PAE-ROW on del., to be N13765 (ex N276AT)
N67501B737-9 MAX43430/683405/01 GYR-MCO after long storage / to IAH 27/01
N37502B737-9 MAX43431/685227/12 GYR-MCO after long storage / to IAH 17/01
N27503B737-9 MAX43434/687215/12 GYR-MCO after long storage / to IAH 08/01
N37504B737-9 MAX43435/689921/02 GYR-IAH as UA2702 after long storage
N47505B737-9 MAX43433/691708/02 GYR-MCO as UA2715 after long storage
N37506B737-9 MAX43432/693517/02 testflown GYR after long storage
N27509B737-9 MAX43443/725323/02 testflown GYR after long storage
N37510B737-9 MAX43445/731618/01 GYR-MCO after long storage / to IAH 06/02
N27511B737-9 MAX64493/733814/02 GYR-LAX as UA2710 after long storage
N47512B737-9 MAX43449/736127/01 GYR-MCO after long storage / to IAH 20/02
N37513B737-9 MAX64494/739419/02 GYR-MCO as UA2712 after long storage
N27515B737-9 MAX43452/746311/02 IAH-FLL put in svc (SEA-LAX 17/12, to IAH 07/02)
N37516B737-9 MAX43454/749811/02 IAH-ORD put in svc (SEA-LAX 10/01, to IAH 08/02)
N47517 B737-9 MAX43456/752311/02 DEN-MCO put in svc (SEA-DEN 08/01)
N27519B737-9 MAX43459/758511/02 IAH-MCO put in svc (SEA-IAH 14/12)
N27520B737-9 MAX64498/761211/02 IAH-LAX put in svc (SEA-IAH 06/01)
N37521B737-9 MAX64497/763611/02 IAH-ORD put in svc (SEA-LAX 24/12, to IAH 07/02)
N37523B737-9 MAX43461/767311/02 DEN-IAH put in svc (SEA-DEN 29/12)
N47524B737-9 MAX64501/768611/02 IAH-MCO put in svc (SEA-IAH 21/12)
N27526B737-9 MAX64499/771109/02 d/d BFI-SEA as UA2702 / to IAH 18/02
N37527B737-9 MAX43463/774411/02 IAH-PHX put in svc (SEA-IAH 15/01)
N37528B737-9 MAX64502/775208/02 d/d BFI-SEA as UA2714 / to IAH 12/02
N17529B737-9 MAX64503/780310/02 d/d BFI-SEA as UA2703 / to IAH 21/02
N37530B737-9 MAX43465/781811/02 DEN-RSW put in svc (SEA-DEN 13/01)
N674UAB767-322ER29242/78215/02 HKG-NRT-HNL-ORD after maint. / to GYR 20/02
N791UAB777-222ER26933/9318/02 EWR-SFO last svc / to VCV 19/02 & stored
United ParcelN375UPB767-300ERF66810/123122/02 d/d PAE-SAT as UPS9571
N264UPMD-11F48800/64103/02 rgd. / stored SAT (ex D-ALCI)
N626UPB747-8F65781/17/02 PDX-PAE after paint prior del.
US Air Force18-46056B767-2C (KC46)41881/120506/02 d/d BFI-GSB (ex N5514J)
WestjetC-GWCQB737-6CT35111/200416/02 YFI-YYC last svc / to MZJ 23/02 & stored
C-GEWJB737-6CT35571/204528/02 YUL-YYC last svc / to MZJ 01/03 & stored
C-FNAXB737-8 MAX60511/649904/02 YYC-YYZ back in svc after long storage
C-FNWDB737-8 MAX60517/698029/01 MZJ-YYZ after long storage, in svc 14/02
C-GWLKB737-8 MAX62877/775812/02 d/d BFI-YYC as WS8964 after storage
Reg News Central & South America
AeromexicoXA-IMHB737-9 MAX43711/772420/02 MWH-BFI after long storage prior del.
Air ClassCX-CLCB727-264F22983/180626/02 CWB-ASU on del. in basic Rio c/s (ex PR-IOB)
Argentina AFT-92B737-76N33420/145913/02 DGX-BGR-MEX on del. still as 2-ACSM
Avianca EcuadorHC-CSAA319-115351819/02 MEC-UIO last svc / to IAH-DHN 22/02
HC-CSFA320-214410007/02 UIO-MDE as GLG9892 after long storage
Cayman AirwaysVP-CIYB737-8 MAX43308/778510/02 MWH-BFI after long storage
Comlux ArubaP4-787B787-835306/11508/02 GYR-AUA in basic Aero Mexico c/s (ex N961AM);14/02 PDP-EZE-COR-EZE seen in svc
COPA PanamaHP-1561CMPEMB190AR8910/02 PTY-SJO ret. to lessor, for Alliance Airlines
HP-1376CMPB737-7V330497/57402/02 PTY-MIA-ROW return to lessor after long storage
HP-1525CMPB737-7V333706/151811/02 PTY-MIA-ROW return to lessor after long storage
HP-1832CMPB737-8V340789/455218/02 GUA-PTY last svc / to MIA-ROW 25/02 & stored
HP-9902CMPB737-9 MAX44162/719609/02 PTY-GYE back in svc after long storage
HP-9910CMPB737-9 MAX44168/770202/02 d/d BFI-SJO as CM9910 / to PTY 15/02
HP-9911CMPB737-9 MAX44212/777219/02 d/d BFI-SJO as CM9911
HP-9913CMPB737-9 MAX44214/788426/02 RNT-BFI after storage prior del.
FlyBondiLV-HKNB737-83830734/247711/02 SAT-GYE-EZE after long storage (ex OE-IDC)
Inter CaribbeanVQ-TNSEMB145LR106324/01 SDQ-PLS last svc / to TEB 08/02 sold as V5-?
ItapemirimPS-SFCA320-232215619/02 CQM-KEF on del. still as OE-IKJ
PS-SPJA320-232258920/02 MAD-SID-NAT-SJK on del. (ex EC-LQK)
LATAMPR-MBOA320-214315607/01 CWB-GRU last svc / to BAQ-MIA-GYR 19/02
PR-MBTA320-233201415/12 FOR-GIG last svc / to BAQ-MIA-GYR 19/02
PR-MHIA320-214303501/02 QSC-BSB, back in svc 02/02 (ex A4O-OVA)
PR-XTJA350-94126506/02 QSC-GRU on re-del. (ex A7-AQA)
LATAM Argentina LV-BSJA320-233133227/02 EZE-CCP after long storage
Peru AFTK.10-11KC-130 Hercules487105/02 ZAZ-LPA-NAT on del., ex Spanish AF/to get new reg
TK.10-12KC-130 Hercules487405/02 ZAZ-LPA-NAT on del., ex Spanish AF/to get new reg
Red Air HI-1041MD-8153301/208202/02 SDQ-PTY put in svc after del. (ex YV-492T)
Surinam AirwaysPZ-TCUB777-212ER32336/08/02 PBM-AMS last svc / to be returned to lessor
VolarisXA-VRTA320-271N1033423/02 d/d TLS-KEF-YQX-MEX as VOI9101 (ex F-WWIB)
Reg News Africa
AfrijetTR-ABJATR72-600128511/02 testflown LBV (ex 2-RLBQ)
Air Cote d’IvoireTU-TSBA319-111222827/02 CKY-ROB-ABJ last svc / to LDE 28/02 & stored
TU-TSXA320-251N1019718/02 d/d TLS-ABJ as HF9605 (ex F-WWIG)
Air Libya5A-FLMAvro RJ100E325515/02 EGTC-MLA-HBE on del. (ex M-ABNF)
Air NamibiaV5-ANFEMB135ER24308/02 OND-ERS last svc & stored
V5-ANGEMB135ER33516/11 OND-ERS last svc & stored
V5-ANHEMB135ER34710/02 NDU-ERS very last svc of Air Namibia
Air Senegal6V-AMDA321-211192127/02 MPL-DSS on del. (ex F-WTAH(G-TCDW)
Allied Air Cargo5N-TONB737-8HXF36846/236829/01 DHN-FDF-SID-LOS on del. (ex N846AG)
Azman Air5N-AAMA340-64276518/02 AUH-KANN on re-del (ex 2-EALJ)
CAA9S-ASJA330-24350525/02 re-rgd. at FIH, ex 9S-PSJ
Canadian AWTN-AJTMD-8349707/148701/03 BZV-ASW-IEV (ex ZS-TRI)
CIAF LeasingSU-ALAA330-24332623/01 CAI-AMM as CIL3300 for cont. storage
SU-ALBA330-24332821/02 CAI-AMM as CIL3300 for cont. storage
Max Air5N-ADBB737-36Q30333/311701/02 GML-ASW-KAN on del. (ex YL-BBJ)
5N-DABB737-36Q30335/312917/02 GML-ASW-KAN on del. (ex YL-BBY)
NG Eagle5N-MJEB737-7BD34761/240113/02 ADD-LOS on del., ex Arik Air
5N-MJGB737-7BD33944/257613/02 ADD-LOS on del., ex Arik Air
Silverstone A/S5Y-JNRFokker 502028814/02 CUR-FPO-YHZ-YYR-RKV-MMX-HER in Insel Air c/s
Solenta AviationZS-XCHATR72-201F10823/02 JNB-GBE on way to BUD as sold to Fleet Air
Uganda Airlines5X-CRNA330-841197902/02 d/d TLS-EBB as UR406 (ex F-WWCI)
VIA AirTL-VIAAntonov 26B1220512/02 KTW-TUN-BGF on re-del. (ex EK-26005)
Westair AviationV5-?EMB145LI106308/02 PLS-TEB-YYR-KEF-ZRH-HME still as VQ-TNS on del
Reg News Asia
Aero KHL8384A320-214313504/02 CJJ-CJU put in svc in new c/s after long storage
Air Asia9M-RAUA320-216697228/01 SIN-KUL on del. (ex JA02DJ)
Air Asia JapanJA01DJA320-216670230/01 NGO-OKA-KUL as DJ9001
JA02DJA320-216697208/12 NGO-OKA-SIN after storage, sold as 9M-RAU
JA03DJA320-216874627/01 NGO-OKA-KUL as DJ9001
Air Asia X9M-XXBA330-343E97406/02 KUL-HKG back in svc after long storage
9M-XXIA330-343E141101/02 KUL-HGH back in svc after long storage
9M-XXPA330-343E148113/12 KUL-ICN back in svc after long storage;15/02 KUL-SYD-WTB as XAX220 for storage
9M-XXYA330-343E160001/02 KUL-FNI as XAX690 after long storage
Air ChinaB-650RARJ21-70015428/02 d/d PVG-PEK (ex B-001W)
B-30FAA320-271N943027/02 d/d TLS-SVX-PEK CA80 (ex D-AUBE, to TLS 18/02)
B-322HA350-94146527/02 d/d TLS-PEK as CA84 (ex F-WZNL)
Air IncheonHL8338B737-86JF30501/61919/02 rgd. (arr. ICN 07/02 on del), ex N738SM
Air MacauB-MBRA321-271N949903/02 d/d XFW-DXB-MFM as F-WXAM (ex D-AVYF)
All Nippon ANAJA18ANB737-78133885/258231/01 KOJ-HND last svc / to ANC-VCV 09/02 & std
JA148AA321-272N1020725/02 d/d XFW-OVB-HND as NH9400 (ex D-AYAH)
JA149AA321-272N1033517/02 d/d XFW-OVB-HND as NH9398 (ex D-AYAK)
JA606AB767-381ER32975/88308/02 HIJ-HND last svc / to ANC-ILN 09/02
JA927AB787-961528/108309/02 PDX-PAE after paint prior del. (ex N873BA)
JA734AB777-381ER32649/55614/02 LAX-HND last svc / to ANC-MHV 25/02 & wfu
JA757AB777-38127040/44229/01 CTS-HND last svc / to ANC-MHV 10/02 & wfu
Air PremiaHL8388B787-966409/106023/02 CHS-VCV for deep storage prior del.
AsianaHL8356A321-251NX1020623/02 d/d XFW-ALA-ICN as AAR835D (ex D-AZAR)
Bamboo AWB-3216EMB190LR59805/02 seen CAN in f/c prior del.
VN-A222A321-251NX953906/02 d/d XFW-AZI-HAN as BAV95 (ex D-AZAB)
Biman Banglad.S2-AKEDash 8-402Q462520/02 d/d YZD-YYZ-YYR-KEF-RTM-HER still as C-GPPW
S2-AKFDash 8-402Q462701/03 d/d YZD-YYZ-YYR-KEF-RTM-HER still as C-GRPD
Cathay PacificB-KPHB777-367ER35301/72023/02 XMN-HKG as CX3409 all white after storage
Cebu PacificRP-C7257ATR72-212A85707/02 ILO-AMQ-ASP for cont. storage
RP-C7284ATR72-600142909/02 ASP-GES-MNL after long storage
RP-C3262A320-214453710/02 CAN-MNL-GUM-ONT-SJO ret. to lessor / to N288NV
RP-C3266A320-214487009/02 ASP-MNL after long storage
RP-C3341A330-343E142009/02 ASP-MNL after long storage
China EasternB-30DLA320-251N937009/02 d/d TSN-PVG as CES9001 (ex B-000K), i/s 14/02
B-30ETA320-251N953625/02 d/d TSN-PVG as CES299 (ex B-000P), i/s 26/02
B-30FDA320-251N946407/02 d/d TSN-PVG as CES9002 (ex B-000W), i/s 14/02
China SouthernB-322FA320-271N1030926/02 d/d TSN-CAN (ex B-007J)
B-20EWB787-963989/105011/02 CHS-VCV for deep storage prior del.
EmiratesA6-EBJB777-36NER32787/54214/12 ORD-DXB last svc / to be ret. to lessor
A6-EBNB777-36NER32791/56002/02 ORD-DXB last svc / to be ret. to lessor
A6-ECNB777-36NER37705/76103/12 MXP-DXB last svc / sold 22/02 as VP-CVB
A6-ECPB777-36NER37707/76804/01 BOS-DXB last svc / to be ret. to lessor
EtihadA6-EYFA330-24371710/02 TEV-AUH as EY9125 for cont. storage
A6-EYRA330-24397521/12 testflown AUH / sold 11/02/21 as OE-ISR
A6-EYSA330-24399101/03 AUH-TEV as EY9139 for cont. storage
A6-AFEA330-343E122608/02 AUH-TEV as EY9124 for cont. storage
A6-BMJB787-1060770/106402/02 CHS-VCV for deep storage prior del.
FlyArmeniaEK-FAAB737-33R28873/297519/02 TLL-VAR-SHJ on del. (ex LY-EWE), note corr. c/n
FlyadealHZ-FABA320-214786710/02 dmgd. Abha on ground by missile attack
FlyDubaiA6-FMKB737-8 MAX60981/738610/02 testflown BFI after long storage prior del.
A6-FMLB737-8 MAX60982/745901/02 testflown BFI after long storage prior del.
A6-FMMB737-8 MAX60985/762801/02 VCV-BFI after long storage prior del.
A6-FMPB737-8 MAX60660/04/02 RNT-BFI after storage prior del.
Fly Jet KZUP-EM019EMB135BJ111305/02 OBF-TBS-NQZ on del. (ex M-RCCG)
FlyNASHZ-NS34A320-251N1035005/02 d/d TLS-RUH as KNE4007 (ex F-WWIV)
Georgian Airways4L-TGHEMB190AR8502/02 CDG-TBS last svc / to BZG 04/02 & stored
Geo Sky4L-GEOB747-236F23711/67217/02 CGK-EVN now with full titles after maint.
Gulf AirA9C-NBA321-253NX1016904/02 d/d XFW-BAH as GF9000 in retro c/s (ex D-AZAM)
IndigoVT-IESA320-232509016/02 GAU-DEL last svc / to AUH 20/02
VT-IEWA320-232515505/02 BLR-DEL last svc / to AUH 08/02
VT-IEXA320-232519006/02 UDR-DEL last svc / to AUH 14/02
VT-IEYA320-232523013/02 BHO-DEL last svc / to AMM 17/02
VT-IGSA320-232432824/02 AMM-MPL as IGO9005 after long storage
VT-IGUA320-232448806/02 HSR-BLR-DOH-IST-LFBF / to IST-DEL-CGK 11/02
VT-IGXA320-232451826/02 sold as OE-ITL / stored KUL
VT-INZA320-232394307/02 DEL-DOH-ISL ret. to lessor
VT-ILDA321-251NX1032318/02 d/d TLS-DEL as IGO9001 (ex D-AYAS)
VT-ILNA321-251NX1015125/02 d/d TLS-DEL as IGO9001 (ex D-AVYH)
Jeju AirHL8239B737-82R29344/84908/02 GMP-CTS-ANC-MZJ ret. to lessor
HL8301B737-8BK29646/228117/02 GMP-TNN after long storage ret. to lessor
Jin AirHL7556B737-86N28615/48220/01 TAE-GMP last svc / to CTS-ANC-MZJ 16/02
HL7564B737-86N28638/76516/02 GMP-CTS-ANC-BYH all white ret. to lessor
Korean AirHL8390B787-937388/12/02 PAE-PDX for paint prior del.
HL7643B747-860410/153820/01 ICN-PUS after storage / to ICN 23/02 / to HAM 01/03
Malindo9M-LCRB737-8GP39833/527801/02 KUL-SZB after long storage, sold to Lion Air PK-LTF
North-WesternB-2868B757-25C32941/99330/01 FOC-CTU for freighter conv. prior del.
B-2869B757-25C32942/100908/02 FOC-CTU for freighter conv. prior del.
PhilippinesRP-C3503A350-94122806/01 BKK-MNL last svc & stored
RP-C3506A350-94124323/12 LAX-MNL last svc & stored
RP-C3507A350-94128016/02 GES-MNL last svc / to CRK 17/02 & stored
RP-C7778B777-3F6ER61730/144301/12 LCK-MNL last svc & stored
Royal Air CharterRP-C9388A319-132346317/02 CGK-CRK-MNL after storage
SCATUP-B3720B737-8 MAX61737/683719/02 ALA-UKK back in svc after lonfg storage
S7 AirlinesVP-BENB737-8ASF33545/125204/02 PVG-ICN-NQZ-OSR on del. (ex N556CC)
Shenzhen ALB-321QA320-271N1013825/02 d/d TSN-SZX as CSZ909 (ex B-000V)
Silk Air9V-MBFB737-8 MAX44250/740326/02 ASP-SIN as MI8890 after long storage
Singapore AL9V-MGAB737-8SA44217/476526/02 testflown SIN in f/c after long storage, ex Silk Air
9V-SKLA380-8415822/02 SIN-ASP as SQ8896 for cont. storage
9V-SKQA380-8417922/02 ASP-SYD as SQ8896 after storage / to SIN 24/02
SpiceJetVT-SZBB737-8GJ39427/422521/12 BLR-DEL last svc / to AMM 08/02 on ret. to lessor
Spring AirlinesB-321HA321-253NX1021727/02 d/d TSN-PVG (ex B-005U, D-AYAR, arr. TSN 04/02)
B-322PA321-253NX1026721/02 d/d TSN-PVG, note corr. date (ex B-005T, D-AZAT)
Thai Air AsiaHS-ABCA320-216333815/01 HKT-DMK last svc & stored
HS-ABEA320-216348908/12 CNX-DMK last svc & stored
HS-ABFA320-216350520/11 CAN-DMK as FC9804 for cont. storage
HS-ABGA320-216357620/11 DMK-CAN as FD9803 for cont. storage
HS-ABHA320-216367919/01 seen CAN all white, sold 05/02 as OE-ILY
HS-ABKA320-216408826/01 HKT-DMK last svc & stored
HS-ABMA320-216427819/12 KBV-CNX last svc & stored
HS-ABQA320-216438604/01 TST-DMK last svc & stored
HS-BBJA320-216586615/01 KOP-DMK last svc & stored
HS-BBPA320-216640506/01 SNO-DMK last svc & stored
HS-BBSA320-216409829/12 KBV-DMK last svc & stored
HS-BBYA320-251N741711/01 UTH-DMK last svc & stored
HS-BBZA320-251N750811/01 KKC-DMK last svc & stored
HS-CBBA320-251N759110/01 KOP-DMK last svc & stored
HS-CBCA320-251N783709/01 HKT-DMK last svc & stored
HS-CBEA320-251N792103/01 UTH-DMK last svc & stored
HS-CBGA320-251N801621/11 ROI-DMK last svc & stored
HS-CBHA320-251N805210/01 HKT-DMK last svc & stored
Thai Air Asia XHS-XTFA330-343E164606/01 DMK-PVG back in svc after long storage
HS-XTKA330-343E105828/12 DMK-CRK as TAX002 for cont. storage
HS-XTLA330-343E106518/01 DMK-SIN as TAX001 for cont. storage
Thai AirwaysHS-TTBB777-300ER66588/168703/02 PDX-PAE after paint prior del. (ex N5513H)
HS-TGHB747-4D7F24458/76908/02 UTP-CGK after long storage, for sale
TurkmenistanEZ-A780B777-200LR66893/26/02 PDX-PAE in f/c after paint prior del.
UzbekistanUK-002A320-214CJ855512/02 BSL-TAS on del. after cabin outfit (ex D-AUBH)
VietJetVN-A523A321-271NX936406/02 d/d XFW-DXB-SGN as VJC9364 (ex D-AVZY)
VN-A534A321-271NX1008406/02 d/d XFW-DXB-SGN as VJC84 (ex D-AYAD)
Vision AirAP-BMTB737-3B3QC24387/169302/02 op for Leopards Courier (hybrid c/s) on lease
VistaraVT-TTDA320-232631114/02 AMM-DEL after long storage / to TBS-TLL 26/02
N10187B787-966528/102708/02 PAE-VCV for deep storage prior del. (will be VT-TSH)
Reg News Australia / New Zealand & Pacific
Air Tahiti NuiF-OMUAB787-939297/75013/02 PPT-LAX last svc / to GYR 23/02
F-OTOAB787-962711/88913/02 LAX-PPT last svc & stored
F-OVAAB787-962710/84728/01 CDG-YVR-PPT last svc & stored
Alliance AirlinesVH-?EMB190AR9822/02 SJO-SDM-HNL-MAJ-BNE on del. still as N998QQ
Fiji AirwaysDQ-FAEB737-8 MAX64309/766824/02 MWH-BFI after long storage prior del.
JetstarVH-VKAB787-826/02 AVV-ASP as JQ7998 for onward storage
VH-VKBB787-811/02 AVV-ASP as JQ7998 for onward storage
VH-VKEB787-808/02 AVV-ASP as JQ7998 for onward storage
VH-VKFB787-804/02 AVV-ASP as JQ7998 for onward storage
VH-VKKB787-823/02 AVV-ASP as JQ7998 for onward storage
Reg News Others / Not Confirmed (listed in reg order)
?2-KLEYEMB190AR8731/01 RMQ-TSA all white / to CRK 09/02 (ex B-16821)
?2-RTNAB737-86N32692/227502/02 CTU-PVG / to ICN-NQZ-OSR 04/02 (ex B-5325)
?2-VSLRA320-233553125/02 SIN-KHI-CAI-KUN after long storage (ex 9V-SLR)
?2-VSLSA320-233579409/02 SIN-KHI-CAI-FNI after long storage (ex 9V-SLS)
?9H-SXIA330-343E174509/02 FNI-AUH after storage (ex ZS-SXI)
?9H-SXKA330-343E175709/02 FNI-AUH after storage (ex ZS-SXK)
?C-GKSQDash 8-31561408/02 LOS-?-GOA-MST after storage (ex 5N-TBC)
Avmax GroupC-GUNQDash 8-20142812/02 rgd. / stored YYC, Aurora Airlines NTU
?D-AAGBB737-8JP42277/632001/03 seen CAN still in full Norwegian c/s (ex EI-FVM)
?EI-GUCA320-214192006/01 rgd. / stored LFBF all white (ex VT-IDS)
?EI-GUDA319-111251205/02 rgd. / parked QLA / to WOE 18/02 (ex G-EZIO)
?EI-GUHA320-232421602/02 SNN-CLE-GYR (ex VT-IGK)
?EI-GVIA320-232417427/01 rgd. / parked BUD / to CHR 04/02 (ex HA-LPZ)
?EI-GTZA321-231363603/02 seen WOE in full Privilege Style c/s (ex 4R-ABR)
ATRF-WKVJATR72-600159123/02 TLS-LFBF in full BRA c/s (ex F-WWEB/SE-MKP ntu)
?F-WTBWA330-20387117/02 TLV-NAP (ex Airbus demo a/c F-WWCB)
?G-CLXCDash 8-402Q401417/02 ZAG-EXT (ex OE-LGA)
?G-ECOIDash 8-402Q422411/02 YYB-YQA for repaint after storage
?G-ECOJDash 8-402Q422912/02 NRN-MST after long storage
?G-KKEVDash 8-402Q420120/02 MST-KEF-YYQ-YYC-YXX after long storage
?LZ-DAHATR72-600131219/02 WOE-SOF a/w after storage (ex HZ-MHH)
?LZ-DAIATR72-600135217/02 WOE-SOF a/w after storage (ex HZ-ABS)
?LZ-DAJATR72-600137117/02 WOE-SOF a/w after storage (ex HZ-HGA)
?LZ-DAZB737-8K535145/284904/02 BRU-OSR in TUI c/s for repaint (ex G-FDZR)
?M-AAMKB737-8 (BBJ)63431/781910/02 testflown BFI after long storage / to GED 23/02
?N20MQA320-233201427/02 rgd. / stored GYR since 20/02 (ex PR-MBT)
?N23FFB737-4Y024904/198804/02 rgd. / parked LRD prior freighter conv.
?N54AUB737-3Q8F28054/301614/02 SJO-MIA-OPF all white (ex EI-FGX)
?N85NTB737-804F32903/112719/02 MIA-DHN for paint (ex 2-CCPP)
?N132NKEMB190AR13222/02 TUS-SJO after storage, for Breeze AW (ex C-FNAI)
?N135WFB737-4Q3F26605/275226/02 MPL-CAI-BOM-SZB on del. to Kargo Xpress
?N260ALB737-3Q826303/253528/02 GYR-PHX-ANC-PKC-TSN for scrapping
?N262PSCRJ200796227/02 TUS-YYZ in basic American c/s after storage
?N286TMB737-33R28869/288723/02 rgd. / at TPA for freighter conv. (ex ZS-TIV)
?N299BRB737-8AS29917/29808/02 rgd. / at XMN under freighter conv. (ex TC-SBS)
Air Lease Co.N312ALB757-26DF24472/23503/02 SZB-ICN-ANC-MZJ for storage (ex 9M-RYA)
?N315MQA320-214315627/02 rgd. / stored GYR since 20/02 (ex PR-MBO)
?N342ANB767-323ER33081/89603/02 ROW-LRD-MEX for freighter conv. after storage
?N343ANB767-323ER33082/89924/02 ROW-ANC after long storage for freighter conv.
?N344ANB767-323ERF33083/90019/02 QPG-ANC-OPF after freighter conv.
?N348ANB767-323ERF33087/91010/02 seen SNN in full DHL c/s / to BGR 25/02 (A9C-DHS)
?N349UKA330-34334909/02 rgd. / stored CPH (ex OY-VKG)
?N369BVA330-24336911/02 rgd. / stored HDO (ex C-GTSN)
?N385AMB767-323ERF27059/53601/03 TLV-SNN-CVG-ILN after freighter conv. (N229AZ)
?N394ANB767-323ERF29431/70317/02 TLV-CVG-ILN after freighter conv. (to be N321CM)
?N398ANB767-323ER29605/74811/02 ROW-ILN after long storage / to SNN-TLV 16/02
?N476TNB737-86N41257/432123/02 rgd. / stored MUC all white (ex LN-RGC)
?N478MQB737-85F30478/99723/02 rgd. / stored BYH (ex LV-CTB)
?N557CCB777-31HER32789/50822/02 SBD-TLV for freighter conv. (note corr. Info)
?N569TMB737-36N28569/299619/02 TPA-MCC-HNLBIK-SZB after storage
Quality AviationN595QACasa 23514327/02 YYT-TER-SVQ-MLA-ADJ (ex N883XC)
?N707HPB737-88330468/66808/02 MZJ-ANC-NRT-TSN after storage (ex LN-RPR)
?N738SMB737-86JF30501/61905/02 DHN-IXD-YEG-ANC-UUS-ICN (ex 2-ABAC)
?N747AXB767-232F22224/7622/02 rgd. / stored ILN (ex SE-RLA)
?N767MWB767-27722694/3222/02 TPA-MZJ for onward storage
?N768ASB737-490F27082/235608/01 TPA-BQK after storage / to TUS 05/02
?N805KWB777-31H29395/32619/02 rgd. / stored GYR (ex N939AR)
?N832HKEMB145LR77117/02 IGM-MKE-BGR after long storage
?N899MFB767-333ER25588/69610/02 rgd. / stored MZJ (ex C-FMXC)
?N900UDB767-333ER25585/59722/02 rgd. / stored MZJ (ex C-FMWU)
?N916QQEMB190AR1611/02 rgd. / parked SJO, for Alliance Airlines
?N1914UA320-232222323/02 rgd. / stored GYR, United AL NTU (ex EC-LQM)
?N4911UA320-232191411/02 GYR-TUP for scrapping (United AL NTU)
?OE-IDHA320-232536217/02 rgd. / stored HKG a/w (ex B-HSH)
?OE-IEDA330-343E144726/02 FNI-SNN-VCV all white for cont. storage (ex 9V-STW)
?OE-IEKA330-343E159710/02 SIN-GUM-MZJ after storage (ex 9V-SSE)
?OE-IGVA320-232345712/02 KUL-GUM-HNL-TUS (ex VT-INS)
?OE-ILYA320-216367905/02 rgd. / stored CAN (ex HS-ABH)
?OE-INRA19-11217/02 rgd. / stored HDO (ex TU-TST)
?OE-IOMA320-232354712/02 rgd. / stored KUL (ex F-OZNC)
?OE-IOZB737-8BK33019/150205/02 ICN-CTS-ANC-HDO (ex HL8035)
?OE-ISRA330-24397511/02 rgd. / stored AUH / to CQM 22/02 (ex A6-EYR)
?OE-ITLA320-232451826/02 rgd. / stored KUL (ex VT-IGX)
?OE-ITPB787-938895/64716/02 rgd. / stored SBD (ex SE-RXZ)
?P4-787B787-835306/11508/02 GYR-AUA in basic Aero Mexico c/s (ex N961AM)
?TF-GOEEMB190LR54702/02 rgd. / stored NWI (ex P4-KCH)
?VH-VNHA320-232373411/02 WTB-ASP for cont. storage, ex Tigerair
?VP-CCOA330-24394805/02 NQY-FNI (ex G-TCXB)
?VP-CDOA320-214297513/02 seen SJO still in Aruba Airlines c/s, ex P4-AAH
?VP-CEUA330-20282502/02 FCO-TEV in basic Alitalia c/s (ex I-EJGA)
?VP-CMNA32008/02 AMM-AUH (ex TC-ODD?)
?VP-CMOA32008/02 AMM-AUH; (ex TC-ODE?)
?VP-COGA320-232361803/02 GBA-VAR after storage
?VP-CVBB777-36NER37705/76122/02 DXB-MZJ for cont. storage (ex A6-ECN)
?VQ-BOSB737-8GQ35792/235105/02 SEZ-LXR-WOE / to STN 19/02 (ex N737GQ)
?VQ-BZIB777-36NER32785/54001/02 DXB-BGR-VCV after storage (ex A6-EBI)
?VQ-BZJB777-36NER32787/54201/03 DXB-VCV after storage (ex A6-EBJ)