Registration News Russia September 2021

Deliveries, Sold, WFU, special c/s etc. in order of Region / operator / MTOW and Reg

Reg News Russland    
AeroflotRA-89062SSJ100-95B9509122/08 STW-SVO last svc / to ULY 24/08 for repaint
RA-89124SSJ100-95B9518602/08 KZN-SVO last svc / to ULY 03/08 for repaint
VP-BSNA320-251N1052523/08 d/d TLS-SVO as SU7697 (ex F-WWBS), i/s 26/08
Azur AirVQ-BTKB7773ZGER35302/74517/08 seen SAW in special Lujo Hotel c/s prior del. (ex VH-VOZ)
IrAeroVP-BKDA319-111244212/08 SAW-DME on del. (ex EI-GFN)
NordwindVP-BUHA330-302E135109/08 WOE-SVO in hybrid c/s on del. (ex 2-VJWR), i/s 11/08
VP-BUIA330-303E136018/08 TEV-SVO in hybrid c/s on del. (ex F-HXLF), i/s 21/08
North-West Air Co.RA-73027A321-251NX951226/08 TLL-DME after del. (ex F-WXAG)
RA-73028A321-251NX952422/08 TLL-DME after del. (ex F-WXAH)
RossiyaRA-89099SSJ100-95B9513703/08 ULY-SVO on del., ex Aeroflot
RA-89124SSJ100-95B9518616/08 ULY-SVO on del., ex Aeroflot
VQ-BASA319-111186310/08 LED-SIP back in svc after 2 months storage
Royal FlightVP-BLBB757-23130319/38329/06 UFA-AYT last svc / to SAW 31/07 / to SVO 04/08 / to KEF-BGR-BYH 10/08
S7 AirlinesVQ-BDVA321-271NX1049403/08 d/d XFW-DME as SBI8992 (ex D-AVYF)
UT AirVQ-BDYB737-8BK29685/245714/08 KUN-UFA on del. (ex 2-VSYM)