Registration News Russia

Deliveries, Sold, WFU, special c/s etc. in order of Region / operator / MTOW and Reg


AeroflotRA-89056SSJ100-95B9509427/02 PEZ-SVO last svc / to ULY 28/02 for repaint
RA-89107SSJ100-95B9514716/03 AAQ-SVO last svc / to ULY 18/03 for repaint
RA-89108SSJ100-95B9514828/02 MRC-SVO last svc / to ULY 01/03 for repaint
VP-BMEA320-214369911/03 TNA-OVB-OSR after long storage ret. to lessor
VP-BMFA320-214371111/03 TNA-OVB-OSR after long storage ret. to lessor
VQ-BHVB737-8LJ41237/727705/03 SVX-SVO last svc / to BTS 06/03 for repaint
VQ-BHWB737-8LJ41241/720921/03 TOF-SVO last svc / to BTS 22/03 for repaint
AuroraVP-BWVA319-112310815/03 MRV-LDE as HZ1707 for cont. storage
Azur AirRA-73029B757-2K226330/717on order 4/21 in C78 seat configuration (ex N263AR)
I FlyEI-GVHA330-24345614/03 DUS-TLL (ex OE-ILX)
Ikar AirlinesVP-BJFB777-21B32703/47224/03 AYT-SVO with titles, basic Nordwind c/s
NordwindVP-BUAA330-24397917/03 ISL-AYT as NWS9102 after storage
VP-BUCA330-24363503/03 ISL-SVO on del. (ex F-WTAG), i/s 14/03 SVO-AER
PobedaVQ-BHVB737-8LJ41237/727714/03 BTS-SVO in f/c on del, to REN 16/03 (ex Aeroflot)
Red WingsVP-BVOA321-231170727/02 AER-DME last svc / to TLL 01/03
RossiyaRA-89056SSJ100-95B9509414/03 ULY-SVO in f/c on del. after repaint, ex Aeroflot
RA-89108SSJ100-95B9514814/03 ULY-SVO in f/c on del. after repaint, ex Aeroflot
S7 AirlinesVP-BDHB737-8Q830667/144818/03 DME-SNN after long storage ret. to lessor
VP-BEMB737-8ASF29939/126206/03 PVG-ICN-NQZ-OSR in f/c prior del.; 23/03 OSR-DME on del. (ex N235GE)
UT AirVQ-BDDB737-8EH37598/313605/03 ISL-VKO on del. (ex PR-GGV)