Registration News Canada / USA

Deliveries, Sold, WFU, special c/s etc. in order of Region / operator / MTOW and Reg

Air CanadaC-GNBEA220-3715511131/03 d/d YMX-YUL as AC2334, i/s 01/04 YUL-YYC
C-GNBNA220-3715511214/03 ff in full retro Trans Canada c/s
C-GTZHA220-3715510914/03 d/d YMX-YYZ as AC2335, i/s 15/03 YYZ-YYC
C-FZULA319-11472130/03 MCI-GWO as AC2345 for cont. storage
C-FSCYB737-8 MAX61208/669502/03 MZJ-TUS-YUL-YRQ after long storage
C-FSDQB737-8 MAX61209/677605/03 YRQ-YUL & back in svc 06/03 YUL-YYZ
C-FPCAB767-375ER24306/25807/03 MZJ-YYZ after std / to TLV 10/03 for freighter conv.
C-GHKCA330-343E98619/03 SIN-NRT-YMX as AC2313 on del. (ex 9V-STC)
C-GKUHA330-343E115629/03 YVR-YUL last svc / to MZJ 30/03 & stored
Air Canada RougeC-GHPEB767-33AER33423/89718/03 MZJ-YYZ-SNN after storage / to TLV 26/03
Air Transport Int’lN317AZB767-323ERF25445/44729/03 VQQ-ROW for paint prior del. (ex N376AN)
N479AZB767-323ERF25450/49511/03 ROW-ILN on del., op for Amazon Prime (ex N381AN)
N499AZB767-323ERF29432/70913/03 leased to Amazon Prime Air & put i/s (ex N395AN)
N503AZB767-338ERF25274/39613/03 VCV-ILN on del., op for Amazon Prime (ex C-FOGJ)
Alaska AirlinesN622VAA320-214267408/03 GSO-VCV for repaint. For Allegiant Air
N487ASB737-990ER44108/559722/03 SEA-VCV for repaint into OneWorld c/s/to SEA 31/03
N913AKB737-9 MAX44079/759801/03 SEA-SAN put in svc (1st 9 MAX active for AS)
N915AKB737-9 MAX44080/768222/03 d/d BFI-SEA as AS9800
N918AKB737-9 MAX44083/783618/03 SEA-SAN put in svc (2nd 9 MAX active for AS)
N919AKB737-9 MAX44082/796108/03 d/d BFI-SEA as AS9809 / to LAS 17/03 for training
Allegiant AirN204NVA320-214516623/03 rgd. / parked OSR prior del. (ex 2-AVLD/JA804P)
N291NVA320-214220609/03 DUB-BGR-MLB on del. (ex EI-DEB)
N293NVA320-214491304/03 FTW-SFB as AAY9300 on del. (ex
N622VAA320-214267408/03 GSO-VCV for paint / to MLB 23/03 on del., ex Alaska
AmericanN335RTB737-8 MAX44461/717506/03 TUL-MIA after long storage, back in svc 09/03
N336RUB737-8 MAX44460/719003/03 TUL-MIA after long storage, back in svc 03/03
N341RWB737-8 MAX44464/728217/03 TUL-MIA after long storage, back in svc 17/03
N302SAB737-8 MAX44468/739328/03 TUL-MIA after long storage, back in svc 28/03
N341SVB737-8 MAX44487/795119/03 d/d BFI-TUL as AA9825 / to MIA 28/03
N924ANB737-82329525/43404/03 TUL-DFW after long storage & back in svc 04/03
N942ANB737-82330084/62909/02 TUL-GSO as AA9786 for cont. storage
N974ANB737-82330098/97715/03 ROW-TUL as AA9786 after long storage
N429ANA321-253NX1040309/03 d/d BFM-TUL as AA9823 (ex F-WZMU), i/s 31/03
N430ANA321-253NX1038730/03 d/d BFM-TUL as AA9822 (ex F-WZMB)
N805ANB787-840623/29031/01 CUN-DFW last svc / to SAT 01/02 & stored
Atlas AirN664GTB767-31BER26259/53431/03 rgd. / stored MZJ (ex D-ABUL)
Avelo AirlinesN801XTB737-86N35220/240621/03 TLH-FLL last svc / to SBD 26/03 as XP9801
Breeze AirwaysN975NAEMB190AR7520/03 SJO-BRO prior del., to be N110BZ
N192BZEMB195AR66222/03 rgd. / parked MCN (ex PR-AUC)
CommutAirN21129EMB145XR70306/03 YQB-ALB on del., ex Trans States (United c/s)
N14188EMB145XR92919/03 MCN-IAH on del., ex Express AL (United c/s)
N14203EMB145XR96418/03 IGM-IAH on del., ex Express AL (United c/s)
N11535EMB145LR51809/03 MCN-IAH on del., ex Express AL (United c/s)
Conair AviationC-FFQGDash 8-402Q420108/03 rgd. / parked YXX (ex G-KKEV)
DeltaN125DUA220-1715004401/03 SBD-SLC afer storage & back in svc 02/03
N141DUA220-1715006109/03 d/d YMX-MSP as DL9936 (ex C-
N301DUA220-3715506918/03 d/d BFM-MSP as DL9937 (ex C-GPWC)
N603ATB717-22A55127/507405/03 ILN-MCI-SBD as DL9961 for cont. storage
N968ATB717-2BD55029/509119/03 ILN-DFW-SBD as DL9936 for cont. storage
N326USA320-21128224/02 SBD-DTW after long storage & back in svc 03/03
N329NWA320-21130625/02 SBD-BOS after long storage & back in svc 02/03
N966DLMD-8853115/179522/03 BYH-DHN after long storage for freighter conv.
N969DLMD-8853172/181029/03 BYH-DHN after long storage for freighter conv.
N972DLMD-8853215/182429/03 BYH-DHN after long storage for freighter conv.
N978DLMD-8853259/184903/03 BYH-DHN after long storage for freighter conv.
N396DAB737-83230378/63203/03 VCV-DTW after long storage & back in svc 06/03
N3733ZB737-83230539/68522/02 VCV-BOS after long storage & back in svc 03/03
N882DNB737-932ER31993/17/03 VCV-QRO as DL9938 after long storage for maint.
N108DNA321-2111000318/03 d/d XFW-KEF-YYZ-SAL as DL9936 (ex D-AVZQ)
N545USB757-25126492/71101/03 SBD-ATL after long storage & back in svc 03/03
N553NWB757-25126500/78224/02 VCV-ATL after long storage & back in svc 27/02
N669DNB757-23225142/37723/03 VCV-LAX as DL9936 after long storage
N713TWB757-2Q828173/76413/03 SLC-LAX last svc / to SBD 13/03 & stored
N172DNB767-332ER24775/31225/02 ILN-ATL after long storage & back in svc 01/03
N179DNB767-332ER25144/35017/03 SBD-ATL after long storage & back in svc 29/03
N182DNB767-332ER25987/46102/03 MCI-ATL after maint. & back in svc 07/03
Elite AirwaysN7164CRJ100716419/03 YPQ-BUF-MLB on del. (ex XA-UFD)
EnvoyN822AEEMB140LR58128/02 MFE-DFW last svc / to MZJ 01/03 & stored
N854AEEMB140LR74328/02 TYR-DFW last svc / to MZJ 01/03 & stored
N218NNEMB175LR51902/03 AVW-ELP on del., ex Compass AL (AA Eagle c/s)
Everts Air CargoN962CEMD-83F53471/213927/02 UNC-ANC last svc / to TUS 28/02
Executive A/SN986AKMD-8749412/142408/03 rgd. / stored KTME since 12/02/16
FEDEXN191FEB767-300F63122/123224/03 d/d PAE-IND as FX9030
N275FEB767-300F66245/123330/03 d/d PAE-MEM as FX9032
FrontierN910FRA319-112178129/03 ROW-MZJ as FFT9301 for cont. storage
N373FRA320-251N1045117/03 d/d BFM-TPA as FFT9301 (ex F-WZMK), i/s 24/03
N379FRA320-251N1051024/03 d/d BFM-TPA as FFT9301 (ex F-WZMM), i/s 28/03
HoneywellN757HWB757-22522194/501/03 GYR-PHX after repaint into new c/s (red tail)
JetBlueN930JLA321-231605924/03 TPA-AMA for paint (ex G-TCVC)
MesaN955LRCRJ9001537614/02 SLP-DFW last svc / to ELP-TUS 03/03 (AA c/s)
Northern A/CN54AUB737-3Q8F28054/301620/03 OPF-GEG on del. (ex EI-FGX)
N321CMB767-323ERF29431/70326/03 SBD-MIA on del. all white, i/s 27/03 (ex N394AN)
Pascan AviationC-GRDUSaab 340B41506/03 BGR-YUL-YHU on del. (ex N415XJ)
Republic AirlinesN228JQEMB175LR21812/03 MCN-MSY-IND, Delta Conn. c/s (ex N621CZ)
N229JQEMB175LR21921/03 MCN-IAD on del., Delta Conn. c/s (ex N622CZ)
N237JQEMB175LR23809/03 BNA-IND on del., Delta Conn. c/s (ex N630CZ)
N449YXEMB175LR873d/d 18/03 SJK-MAO-FLL (ex PR-EAD/ N295NN ntu)
N450YXEMB175LR874d/d 19/03 SJK-MAO-FLL-SDF (ex PR-EAH)
Silver AirwaysN705SVATR72-600103820/03 seen LFBF in f/c prior del. (ex 2-EATA/ES-ATA)
SkyWestN872DCCRJ8701032205/03 rgd. / stored SBN (ex Dow Chemical)
N912SWCRJ200759527/02 RDM-SFO last svc / to TUS 02/03 & std (UA c/s)
N918SWCRJ200764528/02 RNO-LAX last svc / to TUS 28/02 & std (UA c/s)
SouthwestN551WNB737-76Q30280/102516/03 LAS-SEA last svc / to PAE 16/03 ret. to lessor
N7719AB737-76N32666/183312/02 ONT-OAK last svc / to PAE 12/02, sold to United
N8714QB737-8 MAX36934/648114/03 VCV-PAE as WN8701 after long storage
N8750QB737-8 MAX61872/797503/03 d/d BFI-PHX as WN8700 / to LAS 05/03 for training
N8802QB737-8 MAX65437/770104/03 d/d BFI-PHX as WN8700 after storage
N8804LB737-8 MAX42637/773115/02 MWH-BFI after storage& d/d 25/03 BFI-PHX WN8700
N8805LB737-8 MAX42641/774011/03 d/d BFI-PHX as WN8700 after storage
N8806QB737-8 MAX 65471/776712/03 d/d BFI-PHX as WN8700 after storage
N8807LB737-8 MAX65438/778006/03 MWH-BFI after storage& d/d 31/03 BFI-PHX WN8700
N8808QB737-8 MAX65440/782105/03 SKF-BFI after storage & d/d 23/03 BFI-PHX WN8701
N8809LB737-8 MAX65439/782425/02 VCV-RNT after storage& d/d 24/03 BFI-PHX WN8700
N8810LB737-8 MAX42647/783211/03 SKF-BFI after long storage prior del.
N8811LB737-8 MAX42661/784216/03 SKF-BFI after long storage prior del.
N8812QB737-8 MAX42662/786927/03 SKF-BFI after long storage prior del.
N8814KB737-8 MAX42664/788030/03 VCV-BFI after long storage prior del.
N8815LB737-8 MAX65473/788925/03 SKF-BFI after long storage prior del.
SpiritN502NKA319-132243324/03 MZJ-DTW as NK9902 after long storage
N503NKA319-132247023/03 MZJ-MCO after long storage, back in svc 29/03
N527NKA319-132297801/03 MZJ-DTW after long storage, back in svc 07/03
N528NKA319-132298328/02 MZJ-DTW after long storage, back in svc 10/03
N529NKA319-132300709/03 MZJ-MLB after long storage, testflown 26/03
N530NKA319-132301725/02 MZJ-DTW after long storage, back in svc 10/03
N531NKA319-132302605/03 MZJ-MCO after long storage, back in svc 10/03
N532NKA319-132316516/03MZJ-DFW after long storage, back in svc 21/03
N936NKA320-271N1031612/03 d/d BFM-DTW as NK9036 (ex F-WZMJ)
N937NKA320-271N1033026/03 d/d BFM-DTW as NK9037 (ex F-WZML)
UnitedN849UAA319-131164926/02 PHX-SFO last svc / to ROW 27/02
N437UAA320-23265517/03 PDX-SFO last svc / to GYR 21/03
N482UAA320-232158405/03 SAN-DEN last svc / to GYR 06/03
N7718BB737-76N32665/182713/03 PAE-GYR as UA2708 on del., ex Southwest
N7719AB737-76N32666/183313/03 PAE-GYR as UA2709 on del., ex Southwest
N24706B737-72428767/4727/03 IAH-VCV for repaint into latest c/s
N24715B737-72428786/12527/03 VCV-IAH after repaint into latest c/s
N21723B737-72428790/25317/03 VCV-IAH after repaint into latest c/s
N37507B737-9 MAX43437/717315/03 GYR-IAH after long storage, in svc 26/03 IAH-SFO
N37508B737-9 MAX43439/720129/03 GYR-LAX as UA2708 after long storage
N37514B737-9 MAX43450/742822/03 GYR-IAH after long storage & back in svc 01/04
N29985B787-966144/104827/03 d/d CHS-SFO as UA2707
N28987B787-966146/105830/03 d/d CHS-ORD as UA2710
N204UAB777-222ER28713/19128/01 HNL-SFO last svc / to NRT-XMN 30/01 for maint.
N210UAB777-22230216/26431/12 HNL-SFO last svc / to HNL-NRT-HKG 08/01
N211UAB777-22230217/28220/02 HNL-SFO last svc / to ROW 26/03 & stored
N212UAB777-22230218/29321/02 DEN-IAH last svc & stored
N213UAB777-22230219/29521/02 IAH-DEN last svc & stored
N214UAB777-22230220/29621/02 SFO-HNL last svc & stored
N215UAB777-22230221/29720/02 SFO-HNL last svc & stored
N222UAB777-222ER30553/35221/02 HNL-SFO last svc & stored
N223UAB777-223ER30224/35719/02 MCO-EWR last svc / to ROW 19/03 & stored
N769UAB777-222ER26921/1220/02 SFO-ORD last svc / to SFO 20/02 & stored
N772UAB777-222ER26930/520/02 DEN-DEN emergency landed after engine exploded
N773UAB777-222ER26929/421/02 HNL-SFO last svc & stored
N774UAB777-222ER26936/209/02 DEN-ORD last svc / to SFO 12/02 & stored
N776UAB777-222ER26937/2716/02 HNL-LAX last svc / NRT-HKG 21/02
N778UAB777-222ER26940/3421/02 SFO-ORD last svc & stored
N780UAB777-222ER26944/3605/02 LAX-HNL as UA2721 for cont. storage
N781UAB777-222ER26945/4021/02 DEN-HNL last svc & stored
N786UAB777-222ER26938/5221/02 OGG-SFO last svc / to ROW 29/03 & stored
N791UAB777-222ER26933/9318/02 EWR-SFO last svc / to VCV 19/02 & stored
N792UAB777-222ER26934/9620/02 SJU-EWR last svc & stored
N793UAB777-222ER26946/9721/02 IAH-EWR last svc / to ROW 19/03 & stored
N795UAB777-222ER26927/10821/02 SFO-EWR last svc & stored
N796UAB777-222ER26931/11219/02 AMS-ORD last svc & stored
N798UAB777-222ER26928/12321/02 SFO-OGG last svc / to HNL 18/03 & stored
United ParcelN626UPB747-8F65781/156309/03 d/d PAE-SDF as UPS9502, i/s 13/03 SDF-ONT
US Navy165965B737-8FV (P-8)66098/833418/03 d/d BFI-NIP (ex N601DS)
WestjetC-GWCTB737-6CT35112/201620/01 YYJ-YYC last svc & stored
C-GWJUB737-6CT34289/195626/01 YMM-YYC last svc & stored
C-GWSJB737-6CT34621/186218/03 YYZ-MZJ as WS8957 for cont. storage
C-GXWJB737-6CT35570/203203/03 YWG-YYC last svc / to MZJ 05/03 & stored
C-FBWJB737-7CT32767/162901/02 YYC-YVR last svc & stored
C-FIBWB737-7CT37956/364911/02 YVR-YYZ last svc & stored
C-FKIWB737-7CT37955/361611/01 YYZ-YYC last svc & stored
C-FTWJB737-7CT30713/222028/03 YLW-YYC after long storage / to GYR 30/03
C-FWCNB737-7CT33698/134630/01 YYZ-YHZ last svc & stored
C-FWSFB737-7CT32758/143129/01 YYZ-YHZ last svc & stored
C-FWSXB737-7CT32761/149304/02 YYC-YHZ last svc & stored
C-GMWJB737-7CT35985/213522/02 YFI-YYC last svc & stored
C-GUWJB737-7CT36422/249712/02 testflown RFD 12/02 during long storage
C-GWBFB737-7CT32757/137017/01 YYZ-YEG last svc & stored
C-GWCMB737-7CT32756/141326/02 YYC-YVR last svc & stored
C-GWJOB737-7CT33969/152703/02 YYZ-YEG last svc & stored
C-GWJTB737-7CT40388/352904/01 YFI-YEG last svc & stored
C-GWSNB737-7CT37089/309018/02 YYC-YVR last svc & stored
C-GWSPB737-7CT36693/310824/02 YFI-YEG last svc & stored
C-GWSUB737-7CT36689/286026/03 YYC-MZJ as WJA8968 for cont. storage