Registration News Central and South America 

Deliveries, Sold, WFU, special c/s etc. in order of Region / operator / MTOW and Reg

Aero MexicoXA-MAGB737-8 MAX43704/680322/12 testflown & back in svc 01/01 MEX-CUN after storage
XA-MAKB737-8 MAX43705/685915/12 testflown & back in svc 18/12 MEX-CUN after storage
XA-MALB737-8 MAX43706/697515/12 testflown & back in svc 23/12 MEX-CUN after storage
XA-MAOB737-8 MAX43707/702720/12 testflown & back in svc 23/12 MEX-CUN after storage
XA-MAQB737-8 MAX43710/718616/12 testflown & back in svc 19/12 MEX-CUN after storage
XA-MATB737-8 MAX43708/739024/12 testflown & back in svc 28/12 MEX-CUN after storage
XA-MAUB737-8 MAX43709/753922/09 RNT-MWH for cont. storage
Aero Mexico Con. XA-ALOEMB170STD11209/12 MEX-IAH-MCN return to lessor after storage
AzulPR-AZCEMB190AR24209/12 CNF-BVB-FLL-SBD for scrapping after storage
PS-AEGEMB195E22003423/12 d/d SJK-POA-MVD-CNF
PS-AEHEMB195E22003523/12 d/d SJK-POA-MVD-CNF
PR-YYKA320-251N732301/12 GIG-VCP on del. (still as VQ-BXC), i/s 20/12
Brazilian AFFAB2856EMB KC-390719/12 d/d SBGP-SBAN
Caribbean AW9Y-TTEATR72-60099711/11 TAB-POS last svc & stored
9Y-BGIB737-8Q828232/54702/10 POS-BGI back in svc after storage
9Y-JMCB737-8Q828252/119513/10 POS-GEO back in svc after storage
9Y-JMDB737-8Q830720/223503/11 BGI-POS last svc / to MIA-IND 15/12 ret. to lessor
9Y-MBJB737-85P33980/224514/10 POS-YYZ back in svc after storage
9Y-SXMB737-8HO37935/371623/09 JFK-POS last svc / to MIA-IND 02/12 ret. to lessor
ConViasaYV-3507A340-313X19931/12 IKA-CCS f/c on del. (ex YV-643T)
COPA PanamaHP-9901CMPB737-9 MAX44161/709618/12 testflown PTY after long storage
HP-9905CMPB737-9 MAX44165/730621/12 testflown PTY after long storage
HP-9906CMPB737-9 MAX44166/738417/12 testflown PTY after long storage
HP-9907CMPB737-9 MAX44170/744803/12 testflown BFI after long storage
HP-9908CMPB737-9 MAX44167/747322/12 d/d BFI-SJO as CM9908 after long storage
HP-9909CMPB737-9 MAX44172/754318/12 RNT-BFI after long storage prior del.
HP-9910CMPB737-9 MAX44168/770219/12 MWH-BFI after long storage prior del.
Fly All WaysOM-KEXB737-8BK33018/148830/11 seen BTS in f/c prior lease from Air Explore but NTU
Fly BondiLV-HFRB737-86J28071/13311/12 MEX-GYE-EZE re-del. after storage
GOLPR-XMAB737-8 MAX43986/697826/11 testflown CNF / to CGH 07/12 / back in svc 10/12
PR-XMBB737-8 MAX43987/707901/12 testflown CNF / to CGH 04/12 / back in svc 09/12
PR-XMCB737-8 MAX43989/717803/12 testflown CNF / to GIG 09/12 / back in svc 09/12
PR-XMDB737-8 MAX43988/720507/12 testflown CNF / to GIG 13/12 / back in svc 14/12
PR-XMEB737-8 MAX60708/719809/12 testflown CNF / back in svc 14/12 CNF-GRU
PR-XMFB737-8 MAX43990/724514/12 testflown CNF / back in svc 16/12 CNF-GRU
PR-XMGB737-8 MAX43991/735018/12 testflown CNF / back in svc 19/12 CNF-GRU
PR-XMMB737-8 MAX60232/772503/12 BFI-RNT & RNT-BFI 30/12 after storage prior del.
Gran ColombiaHK-5304B737-43027005/235918/12 LTX-CLO still as N629AC on del.
InterjetXA-GCDSSJ100-RJ959505227/11 MTY-MEX last svc & stored
XA-JBASSJ100-RJ959508510/12 CUN-MEX last svc & stored
XA-MRMSSJ100-RJ959508613/10 MID-MEX last svc & stored
XA-PPYSSJ100-RJ959506612/10 GDL-MEX last svc & stored
XA-VASSSJ100-RJ959506507/12 CUN-MEX last svc & stored
XA-VERSSJ100-RJ959508110/12 CUN-MEX Interjet very last svc & stored
LATAMPR-MYBA319-112372713/11 QSC-CGH / to GRU 07/12 / to BAQ-MCI 10/12
PR-MBXA320-232159102/11 BSB-CGH last svc / 08/12 BAQ-TUS-MZJ ret.
PR-MBYA320-232189114/10 CWB-GRU last svc / 02/12 BAQ-TUS-MZJ ret.
PT-MXEA321-231381602/11 CNF-GRU last svc / to QSC 03/11
PT-MXLA321-231594723/09 GRU-BSB for cont. storage
PT-MXOA321-231612103/12 BSB-GRU last svc / to QSC 04/12
CC-CMLB767-3Q828206/69402/12 SCL-MIA / to GYR 17/12 for freighter conv.
ParanairZP-CRTCRJ200720024/12 EZE-ASU still in FlyEst c/s on del. (ex LV-HQU)
Skybus JetOB-2059-PDC8-73CF45990/37523/11 IGM-MIA after storage & back in svc 25/11 MIA-UVF
TUM AeroCargaXA-MCMB737-4Q8F25101/234826/12 seen SLW after del. (ex N764AS)
VIVA AerobusXA-VACA320-232343704/12 GYR-MTY still as N637AC on del.
VIVA ColombiaHK-5360A320-251N1034208/12 d/d TLS-TFS-FOR-MDE as VVC5360 (ex F-WWDH)
HK-5361A320-251N1031313/12 d/d TLS-TFS-FOR-MDE as VVC5361 (ex F-WWBH)
VolarisXA-VRRA320-271N1020821/12 d/d TLS-KEF-YQX-MEX as VOI9113 (ex F-WWIC)
XA-VRSA320-271N1014805/12 d/d TLS-KEF-YQX-MEX as VOI9111 (ex F-WWID)