Registration News Asia March 2022

Deliveries, Sold, WFU, special c/s etc. in order of Region / operator / MTOW and RegAugust

Reg News Asien    
Air AstanaP4-KHAEMB190E220012re-rgd. EI-KHA & put i/s 18/03 ALA-UKK
P4-KHCEMB190E22001412/03 SCO-ALA last svc / re-rgd. EI-KHC, i/s 17/03
Air ChinaB-327RA321-251NX1066631/03 d/d XFW-NQZ-CTU as CCA084 (ex D-AZWN)
B-327UA321-251NX1046831/03 d/d XFW-NQZ-PEK as CCA080 (ex D-AZWJ)
B-327VA350-94152812/03 d/d TSN-PEK (ex B-005W/F-WZNT), i/s 25/03
F-WZGRA350-94150423/03 TLS-TSN for paint & outfitting prior del.
Air Georgia4L-GKLA330-343E115701/04 TBS-EVN put in svc after del. (ex OE-IEZ)
Air TravelB-305LA319-115861617/03 KMG-CSX last svc / sold to Loong Air
ANA All NipponJA926AB787-961527/15/03 PAE-VCV for deep storage prior del.
ArkiaOK-TVMB737-8FN37077/316330/03 ATH-TLV last svc / transferred to Israir
Asian Express AirlinesEY-561B737-30123937/158713/03 DYU-THR (ex UR-COG) / sold
Batik AirPK-BKFA320-232295302/04 SIN-CGK on del. (ex JY-AYX)
Black Stone AirlinesPK-MBSB737-3Q8F28200/285417/03 seen TRK in f/c in svc (compl.)
Cathay PacificB-KPJB777-367ER36157/75404/04 HKG-XMN after long storage
B-KQAB777-367ER37898/100830/01 DEL-HKG last svc / to XMN 02/02 / to HKG 09/03 a/w
B-KQLB777-367ER41431/116401/04 XMN-HKG after long storage, i/s 04/04 HKG-SGN
Cebu PacificRP-C4127A321-271NX1094301/04 d/d XFW-MCT-MNL (ex D-AZXQ)
Central AirlinesB-221VB737-8Z9F30420/110024/03 testflown TNA prior del. (ex N342BB)
China AirlinesB-18612B737-80930173/30/03 KHH-TPE for cont. storage
B-18651B737-8Q841786/30/03 TSA-KHH for cont. storage
B-18652B737-8Q841787/29/03 KHH-PVG back in svc after long storage
B-18653B737-8Q841788/13/03 RGN-TPE last svc / RMQ 15/03 / TSA 29/03
B-18656B737-8MA40946/02/03 TSA-TPE for cont. storage
B-18657B737-8FH39943/23/03 TPE-KHH for cont. storage
B-18658B737-8SH61724/02/04 KHH-PVG back in svc after 2 months storage
B-18659B737-8SH41335/22/03 TPE-RMQ for cont. storage
B-18660B737-8SH41349/17/03 TPE-TSA for cont. storage
B-18661B737-8AL62688/23/02 ROR-TPE last svc / KHH 09/03 / TPE 23/03
B-18663B737-8AL61772/17/02 XMN-KHH last svc / to RMQ 01/03 & stored
B-18665B737-8AL62689/29/03 RMQ-TPE for cont. storage
B-18667B737-8AL61777/29/03 TSA-RMQ for cont. storage
China Airlines CargoB-18775B777-200F66901/171030/03 d/d PAE-TPE as CI1710
China EasternB-1791B737-89P41474/545321/03 w/o nr. Wuzhou (vertical crash fr 29000ft) 132 killed
B-324XA350-94148927/02 PVG-YVR put in svc after del. (compl.)
China ExpressB-328SA320-271N1067027/03 CKG-CGD put in svc after del. (compl.)
China SouthernB-20E7B777-300ER65420/164122/03 PAE-VCV for deep storage as N741BA, now NTU?
EmiratesA6-EEFA380-86111320/01 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 18/02 DXB-VIE
A6-EEGA380-86111624/02 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 22/03 DXB-VIE
A6-EELA380-86113309/02 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 03/03 DXB-MUC
A6-EEPA380-86113817/02 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 08/03 DXB-LGW; 24/03 DXB-DWC for works?
A6-EOFA380-86117129/03 DXB-MRU put in svc after long storage (compl.)
A6-EOHA380-86117420/01 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 18/02 DXB-VIE
A6-EUXA380-84224101/03 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 18/02 DXB-VIE
A6-EUYA380-84224220/03 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 18/02 DXB-VIE
EtihadA6-XWBA350-104129031/03 AUH-CDG in svc after del. & long storage
A6-XWCA350-104133001/04 AUH-IST in svc after del. & long storage
A6-XWEA350-104134221/02 testflown AUH during long storage
EVA AirB-17017ATR72-600135111/02 KNH-TSA last svc / to TPE 11/02 sold to UNI Airways
Firefly9M-MLGB737-8FZ31779/18/03 seen KUL in f/c, not yet del.
9M-MLHB737-8FZ31723/343522/03 KUL-JHB in svc f/c after transfer, ex Malaysia AL
Fits Air4R-EXSA320-232455214/03 CQM-BAH-CMB on del. (ex OE-ILZ/VT-IGZ)
FlyadealHZ-FATA320-251N1075513/03 JED-RUH put in svc after del. (compl.)
FlyArystanP4-KBGA320-232602911/03 KGF-ALA last svc / re-rgd. EI-KBG, i/s 17/03
Fly DubaiA6-FMOB737-8 MAX60973/788622/03 AMM-DXB & put in svc 24/03 DXB-KRT (compl.)
A6-FMWB737-8 MAX60975/816213/03 AMM-DXB & put in svc 14/03 DXB-DOH (compl.)
A6-FMXB737-8 MAX60998/817518/03 d/d BFI-SNN-DXB as FDB9741
A6-FMYB737-8 MAX60999/818807/04 d/d BFI-SNN-DXB as FDB9741
FlyNASHZ-NS46A320-251N1076003/03 JED-RUH put in svc after del. (compl.)
HZ-NS47A320-251N1077725/03 d/d TLS-RUH (ex F-WWDL), i/s 03/04 RUH-JED
Garuda IndonesiaPK-GFPB737-8U338821/368402/04 CGK-PKU back in svc after 9 months storage
PK-GPXA330-343E165401/04 CGK-KNO back in svc after 9 months storage
PK-GIDB777-3U3ER29146/114120/03 CGK-GUM-VCV as GIA9901 for cont. storage
PK-GIJB777-3U3ER4007223/03 CGK-MED back in svc after 2 months storage
Greater Bay AirlinesB-KJBB737-8JP42279/638215/03 rgd. (ex OE-IER/EI-FVR)
IndigoVT-IENA320-232495424/03 AUH-IST-NWI a/w after storage / sold as TF-GOG
VT-IMHA321-251NX1075904/04 d/d XFW-DEL as IGO9002 (ex D-AZWU)
VT-IMIA321-251NX1067822/03 d/d XFW-DEL as IGO9001 (ex D-AZWD), i/s 29/03
Iran Air TourEP-MNIA300B4605R40819/03 IKA-ADB back in svc after 4 months storage
Iran AsemanEP-ATEFokker 1001132307/03 THR-MHD back in svc after 3 months storage
EP-APAA340-311218/03 IKA-IST back in svc after 4 months storage
IsrairOK-TVMB737-8FN37077/316331/03 TLV-BUS in svc on lease fr Smartwings
Japan AirlinesJA15XJA350-94154321/02 HND-OKA put in svc after del. (compl.)
JA861JB787-935422/19/03 XMN-NRT after repaint into OneWorld c/s
JA007DB777-28927639/13424/03 HND-HNL-VCV after long storage & wfu
Jeju AirHL8296B737-8Q830695/189115/03 ICN-ULN after long storage for maint.
JNE ExpressPK-YRAB737-32224671/191330/03 CGK-MDC f/c in svc after del., ex Trigana A/S
Korean AirHL8349B737-8 MAX63437/757822/03 d/d BFI-ANC-ICN as KAL28D (ex N1786B)
HL7631B747-840906/20/01 PUS-ICN after long storage, i/s 22/01 ICN-LAX
Lion AirPK-LJUB737-8GP37294/407123/03 CGK-BTH last svc / sold to Thai Lion as HS-LGI
Loong AirB-305LA319-115861631/03 CSX-HGH on del., ex Air Travel
Mahan AirEP-MECA310-32457414/03 seen THR f/c i/s, ex EP-TOA
Malaysia Airlines9M-MLFB737-8FZ29657/30/01 LGK-KUL last svc & stored
9M-MLGB737-8FZ31779/02/02 JHB-KUL last svc / sold to Firefly
9M-MLHB737-8FZ31723/343505/02 AOR-KUL last svc / sold to Firefly
9M-MLKB737-8FZ39321/28/02 PEN-KUL last svc & stored
9M-MLLB737-8FZ39322/11/02 PEN-KUL last svc & stored
9M-MLMB737-8H639323/16/02 TWU-KUL last svc, back i/s 04/04 KUL-SIN
9M-MLVB737-8H639941/15/02 MYY-KUL last svc & stored
9M-MXAB737-8H640128/11/02 BKI-KUL last svc, back i/s 29/03 KUL-SBW
Ministry of FinanceHZ-MF8B787-840059/19331/03 RUH-BSL prior transfer to Saudi Gvmt
My Jet Xpress Airlines9M-NEZB737-36QF28657/285922/03 put in svc KUL-KCH f/c after del. (ex B-2505)
Nok AirHS-DQEDash 8-402Q450417/03 DMK-TNN after long storage on ret. to lessor
HS-DBKB737-86J37774/432823/01 SZB-DMK, i/s 12/02 (corr.), last svc 06/03
Oman AirA4O-EAEMB175LR32329/03 MCT-SSH-KTW after long std / sold as M-ABPR
A4O-EBEMB175LR32429/03 MCT-SSH-KTW after long std / sold as M-ABPS
A4O-BACB737-81M60393/610226/03 MCT-DMM back in svc after long storage
A4O-BAEB737-81M60394/616314/02 MCT-KHS back in svc after long storage
A4O-BAFB737-8SH41350/623823/02 MCT-KHS back in svc after 8 months storage
A4O-BAHB737-8SH41354/630709/03 MCT-MAA back in svc after 9 months storage
A4O-BHB737-81M40066/510402/04 MCT-DEL back in svc after long storage
A4O-MFB737-8 MAX63358/743818/03 MCT-SLL put in svc after del. (compl.)
A4O-MIB737-8 MAX63359/756320/03 MCT-SLL put in svc after del. (compl.)
A4O-MLB737-8 MAX63360/770711/02 SKF-BFI after long storage prior del.
A4O-SBB787-942379/05/02 MCT-CGP back in svc after long storage
Pakistan PIAAP-BMVA320-214515218/03 PDV-SOF still as OE-IPB prior del. (ex T7-MRB)
AP-BMYA320-2145162On order 4/22 (ex OE-IPC/T7-MRA)
AP-BOMA320-2145255329/03 testflown SOF prior del. still as OE-IPD (ex T7-MRC)
PAL ExpressRP-C5912Dash 8-402Q458822/03 MNL-DMK-CGP-BOM-AAN-RUH-HRG-SOF-MMX-KEF-YYR-YYB after long storage / sold
PeachJA207PA320-251N1050215/03 KIX-SDJ put in svc after del. (compl.)
JA208PA320-251N1077424/03 d/d XFW-DEL-KIX as F-WXAJ (ex F-WWTN), i/s 05/04
Pelita AirVP-CKMA320-214546312/03 seen MPL in new c/s after paint / to get PK-PWC
Philippine Air Force204Casa 295W20422/03 d/d SVQ-MLA
Pouya AirlinesT7-145EMB145LR85618/03 TBR-THR on del. (ex N576RP) / to get EP-reg
Qatar AirwaysA4O-DHA330-343E157209/01 MCT-DOH on lse fr Oman Air, i/s 10/01 DOH-TUN
A4O-DIA330-343E158205/01 MCT-DOH on lse fr Oman Air, i/s 08/01 DOH-CGP
A4O-DJA330-343E159916/02 DOH-CMB back in svc on lse fr Oman Air after std
Royal JordanianJY-AYXA320-232295309/02 AMM-DEL-SIN after long storage / sold as PK-BKF
Ruili AirlinesB-222AB737-86N43407/561016/03 TNA-CRK-CGO-TJN after paint still as N266GE; 29/03 TJN-MFM-WUX-KMG on del. as B-222A
Salam AirA4O-OXBA321-251NX1062727/02 MCT-SLL put in svc after del. (compl.)
Saudi GovernmentHZ-HM3B787-840053/14925/03 BSL-JED on del. after transfer (ex HZ-MF7)
Scoot9V-TRDA320-232493129/01 KUL-SIN after maint., i/s 08/02 SIN-PEN (compl.)
9V-TRVA320-232544909/02 KUL-SIN after maint., i/s 17/02 SIN-KUL (compl.)
9V-NCHA321-271NX1037322/03 d/d XFW-DWC-SIN as TR321 (ex D-AZWH), i/s 05/04
9V-NCIA321-271NX1049202/03 SIN-BKK put in svc after del. (compl.)
SF AirlinesB-221NB767333ERF30850/83515/03 SZX-PEK put i/s after del. (ex N217DP)
Shenzhen AirlinesB-325PA320-271N1047708/03 SZX-NGB put in svc after del. (compl.)
Shirak AviaEK-SHBB737-86Q30294/146930/03 rgd. (ex SU-BSA)
Singapore Airlines9V-MBHB737-8 MAX44252/752122/03 SIN-KUL put in svc now in f/c after del. & repaint
9V-MBLB737-8 MAX44256/773604/04 seen SIN in Star Alliance c/s, ex Silk Air f/c
9V-MBNB737-8 MAX44258/31/03 d/d PAE-HNL-GUM-SIN as SQ8890 still in Silk Air c/s
9V-SRQB777-212ER33371/44919/03 SIN-TEV for cont. storage (ex HS-XBG)
9V-SKNA380-8417115/03 SIN-SYD back in svc after 2 months storage
SpiceJetVT-SYRB737-8AL39062/464426/02 PAT-DEL last svc / to IST-SNN 05/04 basic Jet AW c/s
VT-SYSB737-8AL39064/479306/02 DBR-DEL last svc / to IST-SNN 27/03 basic Jet AW c/s
Starlux AirlinesB-58208A321-252NX1027111/02 TPE-KUL put in svc after del. (compl.)
B-58210A321-252NX1059925/03 d/d XFW-DWC-TPE as JX2321 (ex D-AVXG)
Super Air JetPK-SAEA320-232508027/03 BTH-CGK in svc now in special Xpora by BNI c/s
PK-SAIA320-232227508/03 CGK-PDG put in svc after del. (compl.)
PK-SALA320-232523109/01 CGK-KNO put in svc after del. (compl.), ex VT-IEZ
PK-SAOA320-232526208/02 AUH-MAA-CGK on del. (ex VT-IFB), i/s 27/02
PK-SAQA320-232529115/02 SAW-AZI-MAA-CGK del. (corr.), ex VT-IFC, i/s 25/02
PK-SJAA320-232476221/02 CGK-PDG put in svc after del. (compl.)
PK-SJGA320-232507615/03 CGK-KUL-CGK on del. (ex OE-ITG), i/s 22/03 a/w
PK-SJSA320-232233425/03 CGK-KNO a/w put in svc after del. (compl.)
PK-SJDA320-232475209/01 CGK-DPS a/w put in svc after del. (compl.)
PK-SJUA320-232415626/01 BTH-CGK a/w put in svc after del. (compl.)
PK-SJWA320-232515816/03 TUS-HNL-MAJ-BIK-CGK on del. (ex LZ-MDR)
Tbilisi Airways4L-TBAB737-37Q28537/290424/03 CRA-TBS on del. (ex CP-3020)
Thai AirwaysHS-TBCA330-343E128931/03 sold as 2-MAFS & ferried BKK-LDE
HS-THBA350-9414416/03 BKK-CAN back in svc after 6 months storage
HS-TTAB777-300ER66587/168305/04 d/d PAE-BKK as TG8927 (ex N55141)
HS-TTBB777-300ER66588/168705/04 d/d PAE-BKK as TG8928 (ex N5513H)
Thai Lion AirHS-LGIB737-8GP37294/407106/04 DMK-HKT put in svc after del., ex PK-LJU
Tigerair TaiwanB-50023A320-251N1079901/04 d/d TLS-AAN-DMK-TPE as TTW23 (ex F-WWDK)
Toki AirF-WWELATR72-600162020/03 seen LFBF f/c prior del. (JA02QQ), ex Tarom f/c NTU
Trigana Air ServicePK-YRAB737-32224671/191305/01 KNO-HLP last svc / to CGK 05/01 / sold to JNE Expr.
T’Way AirHL8501A330-343E105822/03 GMP-CJU put in svc after del. (compl.)
HL8502A330-343E107207/04 XMN-GMP on del. (ex VQ-BCU)
UNI AirwaysB-17017ATR72-600135119/03 TPE-TSA on del., i/s 19/03 TSA-MZG, ex EVA Air
Uzbekistan AirwaysUK32102A321-253NX1063424/03 d/d XFW-TAS as HY3520 (ex D-AZXF), i/s 26/03
Varesh AirlinesEP-VLQA320-212141619/03 MSQ-MHD on del. (ex D-AICK)
EP-VLRA320-212140219/03 MSQ-MHD on del. (ex D-AICJ)
VietJetVP-CJXA330-343X95222/03 seen KUL f/c prior del. / to get VN-reg
VistaraVT-TQLA320-251N1074825/03 d/d TLS-DEL (ex F-WWDP)