Registration News Australia / New Zealand / Pacific March 2022

Deliveries, Sold, WFU, special c/s etc.)in order of Region / operator / MTOW and Reg

Reg News Australien/NZ/Ozeanien    
Airwork NZZK-TLEB737-3S1F24834/189609/03 rgd. after del. (ex OE-IFE), i/s 16/03 AKL-SYD
N225NZB757-223F25297/43225/03 AKL-BNE-NAN-HNL-GYR after storage
Alliance AirlinesVH-UYIEMB190AR5324/01 rgd. after del. (ex N953QQ)
VH-UZDEMB190AR15231/01 rgd. after del. (ex N955UW), QantasLink c/s
VH-XVMEMB190AR11221/02 rgd. after del. (ex N951UW), QantasLink c/s
Corporate AirVH-VERSaab 340B43028/03 rgd., ex Silver Airways N331AG
JetstarVH-XNJA320-232532326/03 MEL-SYD put in svc after del. (compl.)
VH-XNNA320-232487216/03 SIN-DRW-MEL on del. (compl.)
VH-YXQA320-232561816/02 SIN-DRW-AVV/ to MEL 22/02/ in svc 06/03 MEL-PPP
VH-YXUA320-232528102/03 AVV-SYD / to MEL 05/03 / in svc 11/03 MEL-OOL
VH-VKDB787-836229/14216/03 MEL-OOL put in svc after long storage (compl.)
NetworkVH-NYTFokker 1001145210/03 rgd. after del. / parked PER (ex D-AOLG)
QantasVH-OQBA380-8421522/02 LAX-SYD last svc & stored after 1 month svc
VH-OQDA380-8422626/02 SYD-LAX put in svc after long storage (compl.)
VH-OQHA380-8425014/03 LAX-AUH for maint. after long storage
VH-OQKA380-8426303/03 AUH-MEL-SYD after maint., i/s 05/03 SYD-LAX
Virgin AustraliaVH-IXJB737-8SA44226/535506/03 BNE-TSV for paint / to BNE 17/03 now in f/c (compl.)
VH-VUXB737-8FE37823/341526/02 AUH-KUL-DRW-BNE after maint., i/s 01/03
Virgin Australia RegionalVH-VKQA320-232405330/03 MEL-PER & put in svc 04/04 PER-ADL (compl.)
VH-VNRA320-232398621/03 rgd. (arr. MEL 14/03), ex OE-IMY/VH-VNK