AegeanSX-DGCA320-232409403/10 CHQ-ATH last svc / to KUN 04/10 ret. to lessor
SX-DGDA320-232406522/09 HER-ATH last svc / to KUN 16/10 ret. to lessor
SX-DGEA320-232399018/09 HER-ATH last svc / to MLA 19/09 ret. to lessor
SX-DGLA320-232381218/10 ATH-OSR after long storage for repaint (sold as PS-CHM)
Aer LingusEI-LRHA321-253NX1031913/09 DUB-FCO back in svc after storage, ex G-EIRH
Aer Lingus UKG-EIRHA321-253NX10319stored DUB & NTU, back to Aer Lingus as EI-LRH
G-EIDYA330-302E102501/10 rgd. (ex EI-EDY) / DUB-MAN 19/10, i/s 23/10 DUB-BGI
G-EILAA330-302E110618/09 DUB-MAN on del. (ex EI-ELA), i/s 20/10 DUB-BGI
Aero LogicD-AALTB777-200F66863/170002/09 LEJ-EMA put in svc after del. (compl.)
Aero Trans CargoN27063B747-45E(F)27063/94709/09 SBD-ANC-CGKprior del., Air Cargo titles on basic EVA c/s
Aerro DirektYR-ADIA321-231136613/10 KIV-BCM after lease to Air Moldova (f/c but no titles)
Air 419A-IRMA320-214397229/09 rgd. / parked ZAG (ex EI-GTR) / to BRE 14/10 lsd to SDR
Air AlbaniaZA-BBCA320-232356708/09 SAW-TIA on del. (ex TC-JPO), i/s 10/09 TIA-IST
TC-JZFB737-8F260027/603107/09 TIA-IST last svc & ret. to Turkish AL after lease
Air Atlanta IcelandicTF-LFCA340-64244021/10 rgd. / stored CHR (ex 9H-LFC/EC-IOB)
TF-AAJB747-42832869/132729/09 JED-DWC-ICN-HAN-HKG-ICN-ANC after storage
Air BalticYL-ABEA220-3715513115/09 d/d YMX-RIX as BTI9804 (ex C-FOWV), i/s 16/09
YL-ABFA220-3715513301/10 d/d YMX-RIX (ex C-FOWY), i/s 03/10 RIX-VNO
Air BelgiumOO-ABGA330-941186108/10 d/d TLS-BRU as KF339(ex F-WWKQ),i/s 15/10 BRU-MRU
OO-ABAA340-313E83501/09 BRU-DOH lsd to Qatar Cargo, i/s 02/09 DOH-BRU
Airbus TransportF-GXLHA330-743L185301/10 XFW-TLS last svc / now 4 months modifications
F-GXLJA330-743L198504/10 TLS-SNR put in svc after del. (ex F-WWCO)
Air Europa ExpressEC-MMZATR72-212A84601/09 SOF-MAD after storage, back i/s 04/09 MAD-AGP
EC-LCQEMB195LR30322/10 VLC-MAD last svc in old c/s / to NWI 23/10
Air ExploreOM-GEXB737-8AS29919/34119/09 RHO-BTS a/w after lease to Corendon / to DGX 22/09
OM-JEXB737-8AS29932/103019/09 BTS-RHO on lease to Corendon Europe, i/s 20/09
Air FranceF-HZUAA220-3715513428/09 d/d YMX-CDG as AF369V (ex C-FPBQ)
Air HamburgD-ANXAEMB135BJ116519/10 seen FKB, re-rgd., ex D-AVOS
D-ANNIEMB190ECJ61105/10 STN-HAM on del. (ex OO-NGI), i/s 22/10 HAM-BRE
D-AWOWEMB190ECJ73211/09 OBF-MUC & put in svc 11/09 MUC-VKO (compl.)
Air Horizont9H-ZAZB737-43625349/215605/10 seen OPO with „ALBERT BALLIN“ titles
Airhub Airlines9H-HUBA320-232432811/09 VNO-BCN put in svc, ex Wizzair lease (compl.)
9H-ZMKA340-313X66822/10 SQQ-VNO on del. (ex F-WTBJ/F-OLOV), i/s 26/10
Air MoldovaER-00021A320-232177301/08-03/09 lsd fr Terra Avia in basic Qatar c/s without titles
ER-AXAA320-232240126/08 KIV-DME a/w put in svc after del. (compl.)
ER-AXRA321-21180824/09 DME-KIV after long storage, back i/s 26/09 KIV-DME
YR-ADIA321-231136610/10 AYT-KIV last svc / to BCM 13/10 ret. to Aerro Direkt
Air MontenegroD-ACJJEMB190LR11410/09 BEG-TGD last svc / to CGN 12/09 ret. to German AW
Air Ocean AirlinesUR-CTCAN148-100E2701504101114/10 KIV-KBP on del. (ex RA-61711)
UR-CTFAN148-100E2701504201415/10 KIV-KBP on del. (ex RA-61714)
Air SerbiaOK-SWTB737-7Q829346/126414/09 AYT-BEG lsd fr Smartwings, ret. 27/09 BEG-PRG
YU-APIA319-132114017/10 BEG-KEF-JFK-MZJ after long storage on ret. to lessor
Air X Charter9H-LFCA340-64244029/08 seen CHR f/c as Air X Word Cargo but NTU / to TF-LFC
AlitaliaEI-IMMA319-111475923/09 ATH-FCO last svc & stored
EI-IMOA319-111177030/09 LHR-FCO last svc & stored
EI-IMTA319-111501801/10 LIN-FCO last svc & stored / to DGX 28/10
EI-DSGA320-216311512/10 PMO-FCO last svc & stored
EI-DTDA320-216384619/09 LIN-FCO last svc & stored
EI-DTFA320-216390611/10 OLB-FCO last svc & stored
EI-DTIA320-216397615/09 PMO-FCO last svc & stored
EI-DTNA320-216414323/09 LIN-FCO as AZ8015 for cont. storage
EI-EIBA320-216424913/07 FCO-LIN for cont. std / to SNN 01/10 for repaint
EI-EJGA330-202112314/10 JFK-FCO last svc & stored
EI-EJHA330-202113507/10 JFK-FCO last svc & stored
EI-EJJA330-202122512/10 FCO-PMI after long storage
EI-EJKA330-202125218/09 JFK-FCO last svc & stored / to NAP 25/10
EI-EJLA330-202128303/09 HND-FCO last svc & stored / to PMI 22/10
EI-EJMA330-202130803/08 HND-FCO last svc / to TRN 07/08 / to FCO 15/09
EI-EJNA330-202131321/07 HND-FCO last svc & stored
EI-EJOA330-202132711/10 JFK-FCO last svc & stored
EI-EJPA330-202135422/09 JFK-FCO last svc & stored
EI-ISAB777-243ER32855/41312/10 JFK-FCO last svc & stored
EI-ISBB777-243ER32859/42613/10 JFK-FCO last svc & stored
EI-ISDB777-243ER32860/43914/10 JFK-FCO last svc & stored
EI-DBLB777-243ER32781/45913/10 GRU-FCO last svc & stored
EI-DBMB777-243ER32782/46301/10 JFK-FCO last svc & stored
EI-DDHB777-243ER32784/47714/10 GRU-FCO last svc & stored
EI-WLAB777-3Q8ER35783/78601/07 JFK-FCO last svc / to SNN 15/09 / sold as VQ-BZB
Alitalia CityLinerEI-RDBEMB175STD33114/10 MUC-FCO last svc & stored
EI-RDCEMB175STD33314/10 NCE-FCO last svc & stored
EI-RDDEMB175STD33430/09 MUC-FCO last svc / to BZG 10/10 ret. to lessor
EI-RDEEMB175STD33505/10 LIN-FCO last svc / to BZG 07/10 ret. to lessor
EI-RDFEMB175STD33705/10 LIN-FCO last svc / to ENS 09/10 ret. to lessor
EI-RDGEMB175STD33810/10 BCN-FCO last svc / to ENS 11/10 ret. to lessor
EI-RDHEMB175STD33928/08 MUC-FCO last svc & stored
EI-RDIEMB175STD34004/10 BCN-FCO last svc / to BZG 07/10 ret. to lessor
EI-RDNEMB175STD34710/10 MLA-FCO last svc / to ENS 11/10 ret. to lessor
EI-RNBEMB190STD47914/10 BCN-FCO last svc & stored
EI-RNDEMB190STD51222/09 FCO-BLQ last svc / to FCO 30/09 / to BZG 10/10
Amapola FlygSE-KTCFokker 502012413/07 MMX-HER-KRT-NBO, seen WIL 13/10 as 5Y-JJJ
SE-KTDFokker 502012514/07 MMX-HER-KRT-NBO, seen WIL 07/10
SE-MFJFokker 502014926/06 MMX-HER-KRT-NBO, seen WIL 24/09 as 5Y-ELY
SE-MFYFokker 502010920/07 LEY-MMX now with blue titles on a/w, ex OO-VLS
AnadoluJetTC-JGFB737-8F229790/108816/09 SAW-GZT back in svc after 3 months storage
ASL AirlinesEI-SLPATR72-21246117/09 SNN-LFBF after storage / for sale
EI-STCB737-476F24446/256922/10 BRI-NTE in svc after re-rgd., ex HA-FAZ
EI-STWB737-4M0F29201/301814/09 rgd & put i/s 17/09 LGG-MXP, ex OE-IAU
F-GZTTB737-48EF27632/285718/10 BEG-SEN after long storage / sold to LAS as HK-5385
HA-FAZB737-476F24446/256927/08 OSR-LEJ last svc / to RZE 28/08 / to EI-STC
OE-IAUB737-4M0F29201/301803/09 NUE-LGG last svc / re-rgd. EI-STW
EI-AZAB737-86NF28655/96513/09 SNN-MXP in Prime Air c/s on del. (ex N864CS), i/s 14/09
EI-AZBB737-8ASF29925/58823/10 SNN-LEJ in Prime Air c/s on del. (ex N529AC)
OE-IWEB737-8ASF35552/226324/09 TNA-OVB-OSR after freighter conv. (ex EI-DPW); 04/10 OSR-LGG after paint into full FEDEX c/s
OE-IWFB737-8ASF35553/227912/10 TNA-OVB-OSR after freighter conv. for paint; 27/10 OSR-LGG after paint into full FEDEX c/s
OE-IXCB737-8ASF29940/126507/09 TNA-ICN-NQZ-LGG on del. after freighter conv.
Aura AirlinesEC-NOZA320-232411306/09 SOF-CDT a/w for storage after lease to Wizzair
EC-NOEA330-243121007/10 MZJ-MAD a/w on del. still as OE-ISS
AustrianOE-LDAA319-112213104/10 DME-VIE last svc & stored / for Lufthansa CityLine
OE-LDBA319-112217431/08 ZRH-VIE last svc / to MUC 29/09 / sold to LH CityLine
OE-LXEA320-216353217/09 VIE-TLL after long std / to VIE 01/10, i/s 02/10 VIE-BRU
OE-LZCA320-214527811/10 BTS-TLL after long storage
OE-LZFA320-214584115/09 ZRH-VIE last svc / to TLL 15/09
OE-LPFB777-2Q8ER28692/37302/09 XMN-VIE & put i/s 05/09 VIE-ORD (compl.)
Avia AMLY-FBBB737-8F2F29786/56604/09 seen CAN basic AnadoluJet c/s after freighter conv.
Avion ExpressLY-TKTA319-112110227/10 VNO-KUN after lease to Tiketa Tour (f/c)
9H-AMJA320-232353127/08 VNO-RHO a/w & based RHO/CHQ
9H-AMKA320-232356209/09 BUD-RIX on del. (ex HA-LWF), i/s 16/09 VNO-RHO a/w
9H-AMLA320-232259417/09 AMM-VNO on del. (ex TC-ODD), i/s 23/09 VNO-AYT a/w
9H-AMRA321-211333415/10 rgd. & put i/s 21/10 VNO-HRG, ex LY-VED
LY-VECA321-211326719/09 HER-VNO last svc & stored
LY-VEDA321-211333423/09 AYT-VNO on ret. fr lease to Corendon / re-rgd. 9H-AMR
Azores AirlinesCS-TSJA321-253NX1051901/10 d/d XFW-PDL a/w (ex D-AVYX) / LIS 08/10 / OSR 24/10;28/10 OSR-LIS in special „Peaceful“ c/s after paint
Azur Air UkraineUR-AZNB757-3CQ32241/96023/10 SAW-AYT on del. (ex N786BC), i/s 24/10 AYT-KBP
BA City FlyerG-LCABEMB190LR46502/09 NWI-LCY after long storage, i/s 05/09 LCY-BHD
G-LCAHEMB190SR56410/09 WAW-NWI on del. (ex EI-GTI)
G-LCYREMB190SR56304/08 NWI-LCY after long storage, i/s 08/08 LCY-JMK
BelaviaEW340POEMB175LR35029/09 KZN-MSQ last svc & stored
EW532POEMB195LR76521/10 DME-MSQ last svc & stored
EW555POEMB195E22004224/10 IST-MSQ last svc / to NQZ 26/10 & stored by lessor
EW560POEMB195E22005324/10 IST-MSQ last svc / to NQZ 26/10 & stored by lessor
EW563POEMB195E22004924/10 EVN-MSQ last svc / to NQZ 26/10 & stored by lessor
EW455PAB737-8ZM61421/601601/10 HRG-MSQ last svc & stored
Belgian AFCT-04A400M11423/09 d/d SVQ-BRU (ex A4M114)
BH AirLZ-EABA320-23130814/09 BOJ-SOF on lse fr Electra AW, i/s 15/09 SOF-HRG
Binter CanariasEC-NQRATR72-600169228/10 TLS-CHR as F-WWEP all primer for paint prior del.
Blue AirYR-URSA319-132361430/08 LIN-OTP last svc / to CRA 15/09 ret. to Just Us Air
YR-BMGB737-86N30231/51524/09 HAM-OTP last svc / to LFBF 05/10 ret. to lessor
YR-BMJB737-8K540696/329520/09 BCN-OTP last svc / to BBU 20/09 & stored
YR-BMOB737-88330194/66626/09 BCN-OTP last svc / to BCM 27/09 / to LFBF 05/10
YR-BMPB737-88328323/62527/09 DUB-BCM last svc / to OTP 30/09 / to LFBF 05/10
YR-BMSB737-8Q830702/195324/09 ATH-OTP last svc / to LFBF 05/10 ret. to lessor
YR-BMTB737-80834710/214424/09 TSR-OTP last svc / to LFBF 05/10 ret. to lessor
YR-MXCB737-8 MAX43326/811203/09 OTP-BRI put in svc after del. (compl.)
YR-MXDB737-8 MAX43325/811508/09 d/d BFI-KEF-OTP as BLA004, i/s 10/09 OTP-AMS
Bluebird Airways9H-AJWB737-3U328733/296908/10 TLV-HER last svc & stored
Bluebird NordicTF-BBPB737-8F2F29788/79121/10 KUN-EMA on del. & i/s 22/10 EMA-KEF (ex LY-FBA)
Blue Panorama / Luke Air9H-CRIB737-85F30567/76124/10 RMF-KTW last svc (Blue Panorama c/s / ceased ops)
9H-GFPB737-89L29878/37926/10 FUE-KTW last svc (Blue Panorama c/s / ceased ops)
9H-RTUA330-20247327/10 PUJ-NAP last svc (Luke Air c/s / ceased ops)
British AirwaysG-EUOEA319-131157415/09 LGW-LHR after storage, i/s 17/09 LHR-BRU
G-EUUKA320-232189911/09 GLA-LHR after storage, i/s 17/09 LHR-IBZ
G-EUUWA320-232349906/09 LGW-LHR after storage, i/s 08/09 LHR-MXP
G-EUYDA320-232372606/09 LGW-LHR after storage, i/s 08/09 LHR-PRG
G-EUYGA320-232423808/09 LGW-LHR after storage, i/s 10/09 LHR-AGP
G-EUYPA320-232578410/09 LGW-LHR after storage, i/s 11/09 LHR-LIN
G-MIDSA320-232142409/09 LGW-LHR after storage, i/s 10/09 LHR-DBV
G-TTNAA320-251N810806/09 OSR-LHR after repaint into special BA Better World c/s
G-TTNNA320-251N1034410/09 d/d TLS-LHR as BA9278 (ex F-WWIE), i/s 21/09
G-ZBLCB787-1060639/102614/09 CHS-SKF prior del. for deep storage
G-XLEAA380-8419510/09 TEV-LHR after long std / MNL 24/09 for maint./MAD 26/10
G-XLEFA380-84115128/09 MAD-LHR after long storage
G-XLEIA380-84117312/10 MAD-LHR after long storage
G-XLEKA380-84119423/10 MAD-MNL after long storage for maint.
Brussels AirlinesOO-SFBA330-343X91504/10 BJL-DSS-BRU last svc / to AMM 04/10 in Eurowings c/s
OO-SFKA330-343X57029/09 BRU-FRA in Eurowings c/s (ex D-AIKA), for EW Discover
OO-SFPA330-343E64518/10 BRU-FRA as LH9901 in Eurowings c/s on ret. to LH
Bulgaria AirLZ-BRUAvro RJ70E125819/10 seen SOF after long storage, re-rgd. ex LZ-TIM
LZ-SOFEMB190STD49231/08 BRU-SOF last svc & stored
LZ-FBCA320-214254031/08 PMI-SOF a/w last svc & stored
LZ-FBDA320-214259615/08 VAR-SOF a/w last svc / to BTS 10/10 & stored
LZ-FBEA320-214378022/09 FNC-SOF a/w last svc / to VNO 07/10 & stored
Bundesrep. Deutschland10+02A350-94152625/10 TLS-XFW with dual reg F-WJKO prior del. (ex F-WZHF); 28/10 XFW-HAM now as D-AGAF for cabin outfitting
BUZZ (Ryanair Sun)SP-RZAB737-8-20062314/786220/10 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82A (ex N1786B) / to WMI 26/10
SP-RZBB737-8-20062313/786801/10 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82B/to WMI 06/10, i/s 07/10 WMI-EIN
SP-RZCB737-8-20062315/787108/09 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82C/to KRK 12/09, i/s 17/09 KRK-PFO
SP-RZEB737-8-20062323/790003/09 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82E/to WMI 08/09, i/s 14/09 KRK-STN
SP-RZFB737-8-20062318/790410/09 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82F/to KRK 15/09, i/s 18/09 KRK-DUB
CarpatairYR-ABAA319-111304124/10 ARW-OSR after std for paint still as LZ-DBH prior del.
ChalairF-HBCSATR42-3203310/09 ORY-LIG last svc / to SKS 15/09 / sold as OE-HZB
Comlux Malta9H-HUAA319-153N1067320/10 d/d XFW-ZRH-BSL in full Sino Jet c/s (ex D-AVWK)
9H-AVKA320-251N945524/10 d/d IND-ZRH-ALA after mods (ex 9H-ATB/F-WWBD)
CondorD-ABUMB767-330ER25170/54208/09 SEA-FRA last svc (retro c/s) / to PVG 07/10
Constanza AirlinesUR-UZMAN74T3654709590019/09 MGQ-CAI-OZH on del. (ex EK-74008)
CorendonOM-GEXB737-8AS29919/34119/09 GRZ-LNZ-RHO last svc / to BTS 19/09 ret. to Air Explore
OM-JEXB737-8AS29932/103019/09 BTS-RHO on lse fr Air Explore in full AXE c/s, i/s 20/09
OM-GTFB737-86J28070/10630/09 BTS-HAJ a/w on lse fr GO2Sky, i/s 01/10 HAJ-PMI
9H-TJFB737-85E35082/255030/09 AYT-MLA-CGN on del. (ex EI-GSL), i/s 02/10 CGN-LPA
LY-VEDA321-211333418/09 ERF-AYT last svc / to VNO 23/09 ret. to Avion Expr.
CSA Czech AirlinesOK-GFQATR72-212A67415/10 WAW-LFBF still f/c after long storage / sold
Cyprus Airways5B-DCXA319-114109103/07 LCA-SKG back in svc after long storage
Danish Air TransportOY-JZDATR72-600113106/09 BLL-CPH on del. (ex ES-ATF), i/s 09/09 CPH-RNN
DHLN278FLB737-88332278/116924/09 rgd. / stored ROW (ex LN-RRK), to be cvtd to freighter
N318FLB737-88328318/52924/09 rgd. / stored ROW (ex LN-RCN), to be cvtd to freighter
D-AJFKA330-343F147701/10 MLA-LEJ f/c on del. still as M-SKAL (ex 9H-HFD)
DHL AirG-DHKPB757-223F32398/100224/09 GVA-LEJ last svc / to BUD 25/09 / re-rgd. OE-LNZ
G-DHLCB767323ERF29606/75201/10 TLV-BHX after freighter conv. prior del. still as N399AN; 13/10 rgd. as G-DHLC & 14/10 BHX-EMA on del.
DHL Air AustriaOE-LNZB757-223F32398/100215/10 rgd. / parked BUD, ex G-DHKP, i/s 19/10 LEJ-NTE
Eastern AirwaysG-CIXWEMB170LR23011/09 MAN-NCL last svc / to EXT 12/09 / to KEF-YFB-DLH-ABI 04/10 & sold to Envoy as N768RD
EasyjetG-EZANA319-111276524/08 JER-LGW last svc / to MLA 26/08 / to QLA 19/10 basic c/s
G-EZAOA319-111276919/08 BFS-LGW last svc / to STN 20/08 & stored
G-EZASA319-111277912/09 LJU-LGW last svc / to MAD 13/09 & stored
G-EZATA319-111278231/07 NAP-LGW last svc / MAD 01/08 / QLA 12/10 / to United
G-EZAUA319-111279512/09 NCE-LGW last svc / to MAD 13/09 & stored
G-EZAVA319-111280317/10 LGW-STN as EZY9001 for cont. storage
G-EZAWA319-111281208/10 BRS-LTN as EZY9001 for cont. storage
G-EZAXA319-111281801/08 LGW-MAD as EZY9003 for cont. storage
G-EZBAA319-111286003/09 BRS-LTN as EZY9001 for cont. storage
G-EZBDA319-111287303/10 LTN-LPL as EZY9001 for cont. storage
G-EZBFA319-111292305/09 LGW-VRN back in svc after long storage
G-EZBHA319-111295909/08 LPL-LTN as EZY9003 for cont. storage
G-EZBIA319-111300310/08 LPL-LTN as EZY9002 for cont. storage
G-EZBTA319-111309006/09 LPL-LGW as EZY9001 for cont. storage
G-EZBWA319-111313424/09 BRS-LGW as EZY9002 for cont. storage
G-EZBZA319-111318428/08 LGW-BCN back in svc after long storage
G-EZDHA319-111346616/10 PMI-BRS last svc / to ERF 18/10 & stored
G-EZDLA319-111356920/10 BRS-LJU as EZY9001 for cont. storage
G-EZIYA319-111263620/09 QLA-EMA after long storage, for United as N3305U
G-EZNMA319-111240213/10 LGW-QLA afer long storage, for United
HB-JZRA320-214403431/08 LCA-BSL after long storage, i/s 01/09 BSL-PRN
Electra AirwaysLZ-EABA320-23130814/09 BOJ-SOF on lease to BH Air, last svc 23/10
EllinairSX-EMAA320-232264902/09 SKG-ZAG as ELB048P for cont. storage
Emerald AirlinesEI-GPPATR72-600132206/09 DUB-EXT for storage, not yet i/s (start-up delayed)
ETF Airways9H-VDBA321-211160730/08 PRN-STR a/w last svc / to MAD 30/08 ret. to Galistair
Euro AtlanticCS-TSTB767-34PER33047/86913/09 IAH-LIS last svc / to WAW 13/09 & stored
CS-TSUB767-34PER33048/89106/10 TLV-LIS after long storage, back i/s 10/10 LIS-TMS
European Air CharterLZ-LDJMD-8253230/210602/10 RHO-LNZ last svc at base LNZ / to SOF 02/10
LZ-LAAA320-23125602/09 LNZ-DUS & based DUS
LZ-LAEA320-23125905/09 VAR-LEJ & based LEJ
European CargoG-ECLAA340-64293328/10 BOH-KUL put in svc after del. (ex EC-NFP)
G-ECLBA340-64275302/09 AUH-BOH on del. & stored
G-ECLCA340-64276815/10 BOH-FOC put in svc after del. (compl.)
EurowingsD-ABGHA319-112324523/10 DUS-MUC put in svc after long storage
D-AKNUA319-112262821/10 CGN-NWI after long std in Germanwings c/s for repaint
D-ASTXA319-112320220/10 DUS-DRS put in svc after long storage
D-ABNNA320-214188918/10 BUD-DUS as EW6970 after long storage
D-AEUEA320-214416122/09 PGF-DUS as EW6951 after long storage
Eurowings DiscoverD-AIUWA320-214725111/10 OSR-FRA on del. after paint, ex Lufthansa
D-AIUXA320-214725602/10 OSR-FRA on del. after paint, ex Lufthansa
D-AIUYA320-214735522/09 OSR-FRA on del. after paint, ex Lufthansa
D-AIKBA330-343X57604/09 SNN-FRA f/c after repaint & stored
D-AIKHA330-343X64822/09 SNN-FRA f/c after repaint & stored
FinnairOH-LXDA320-214158831/08 PRG-HEL & put i/s 02/09 HEL-AGP (compl.)
OH-LXFA320-214171202/10 PRG-HEL after long storage, i/s 03/10 HEL-IVL
OH-LZGA321-231575814/09 PRG-HEL after long storage, i/s 15/09 HEL-LPA
OH-LZOA321-231761120/10 PRG-HEL after long storage, i/s 21/10 HEL-IVL
OH-LZPA321-231766121/10 PRG-HEL after long storage, i/s 22/10 HEL-AMS
Flight Service9H-JFSA330-20346601/10 dep NAP on del., seen ICN 06/10 (ex N478DM)
Fly2SkyLZ-MDIA320-233337816/08 MXP-PDV for storage, lsd to Sundair 30/09-14/10
LZ-MDKA320-232142216/08 VAR-PDV for storage, ex Wizzair lease
LZ-MDOA320-21487909/09 CAI-PDV for storage, ex Alexandria AL lease
LZ-MDFA321-211145107/09 MPL-LCA prior del. still as OE-ILB
FlyBeG-JECXDash 8-402Q415520/10 seen MST in new white/purple c/s after repaint
FlyPopG-FPOPA330-343E144522/08 seen CAN f/c after paint prior del. (ex RP-C3342); 20/10 CAN-ICN-MLA as VP-CUF (now to get 9H-POP)
FlyrLN-DYIB737-8JP40866/343227/08 WOE-OSL on del., ex Norwegian, i/s 28/08 OSL-EVE
LN-DYSB737-8JP39007/366508/10 OSR-OSL as FOX8921 on del. (ex EI-FHW), i/s 12/10
Galistair9H-VDSA320-214175715/10 MLA-RMU on del. (ex HK-5051)
9H-VDBA321-211160731/08 MAD-CDT a/w, ex ETF Airways lease / to QLA 23/09
German AirwaysD-ACJJEMB190LR11412/09 TGD-CGN after lease to Air Montenegro, i/s 13/09; 17/10 seen FRA now in f/c with add. ADLER titles
GetJet AirlinesLY-CODA319-112277426/09 DSS-VNO after lease to Air Senegal & stored
LY-RAMA319-112313925/09 VNO-MXP-DSS on lease to Air Senegal
LY-EMUA320-233211821/10 GZP-VNO last svc / to AMM 22/10
9H-HUBA320-232432818/09 VNO-AYT i/s on lse fr Airhub, last svc 24/10 HRG-VNO
GO2SkyOM-GTFB737-86J28070/10624/09 BUD-BTS on del. / to HAJ 30/09 lsd to Corendon
HelveticHB-AZLEMB195E22005904/09 ZRH-HER in svc after del. (compl.)
Heston AirlinesLY-FJIA320-232215727/09 EFL-VNO last svc / DJE-ABV 30/09 as HN9002 /ret 23/10
LY-NZLA320-232211227/09 at KUN (ex LZ-GNF), i/s 12/10 KUN-BEG/DJE-ABV 24/10
LY-VUTA320-232327529/09 BRE-VNO last svc / to DJE-ABV 30/09 as HN9001
LY-TKLA330-243104522/10 HKG-SQQ a/w still as VQ-BBF prior del. (LY-MAC ntu)
HiFly9H-XFWA319-112368905/09 FRA-BYJ for storage (compl.)
9H-LISA321-231327414/09 BYJ-RIX a/w after short std, i/s 15/09 RIX-KEF-YQB-YEG
IberiaEC-KOYA319-111344312/09 OSR-MAD a/w after repaint / to CDT 23/09 & stored
EC-MILA330-202169431/08 DSS-MAD last svc, sold to Spanish AF / to CHR 08/10
IcelandairTF-ICCB737-9 MAX44359/747920/09 KEF-CDG put in svc after del. & storage
TF-FICB757-23N30735/93101/10 LHR-KEF last svc / to NWI 03/10 repaint / KEF 20/10 a/w
Idealtours9A-BTEFokker 1001141619/09 SUF-INN last svc (titles) / to LIL 19/09 ret. to Trade Air
ITAEI-EIBA320-216424910/10 r/o SNN a/w with large „Born in 2021“ titles / to LIN 12/10
Jet 2G-DRTJB737-86N35647/292730/09 rgd. / BRU-EMA 05/10 for paint (ex OO-TUX)
JettimeOY-JZIB737-83N30643/110615/10 KUN-LDE after long std / sold to NordStar (ex PK-CMV)
OY-JZLB737-80432904/130201/10 CPH-QLA after long std / to OVB 11/10 for conv. / for ASL
Just Us AirYR-URSA319-132361415/09 OTP-CRA for storage, ex Blue Air lease
YR-NTSA321-231115329/08 GYD-OTP last svc / to KEF-YYR-CLE-TUP 27/09
K5 AviationD-AKAYA350-94144321/09 seen BSL now in f/c after paint at TLS
Lattitude HubEC-NMOA319-115507919/09 SVQ-VIT after lase to Privilege Style / lsd to again 16/10
LoganairG-LMREATR42-51260622/10 LFBF-BLL prior del. still as OY-YAA (ex C-GUCZ)
G-LMSAATR42-600121302/09 BLL-ABZ on del. (ex OY-YCC), i/s 05/09 IOM-MAN
G-LMTAATR72-600126530/09 MGL-EMA for paint still as OY-YDI / to BLL 09/10 f/c;19/10 BLL-ABZ as G-LMTA on del.
LOTSP-LNIEMB195LR24003/09 WAW-DBV in svc back in f/c, ex full Bamboo c/s
SP-LVHB737-8 MAX43975/751623/09 SKF-VCV for cont. deep storage prior del.
LufthansaD-AIQFA320-21121615/10 MUC-TEV after long storage for scrapping
D-AIUWA320-214725102/10 DUB-FRA last svc / to OSR 02/10 for repaint
D-AIUXA320-214725622/09 VNO-FRA last svc / to OSR 22/09 for repaint
D-AIUYA320-214735512/09 DBV-FRA last svc / to OSR 13/09 for repaint
D-AIZAA320-214409705/10 SOF-MUC after long storage, back i/s 05/10 MUC-DUS
D-AISQA321-231393610/09 BUD-MUC after long storage, i/s 22/10 MUC-HAM
D-AISRA321-231398716/10 BUD-BER after long storage
D-AIEKA321-271NX1058303/09 BER FRA & put in svc 04/09 FRA-FUE (compl.)
D-AIGOA340-313X23303/10 BKK-FRA last svc / to AMM 03/10 & stored
D-AIVCA350-94124315/10 rgd. / parked MUC (ex D-AAEU/RP-C3506)
D-ABTKB747-43029871/129310/08 TEV-FRAU after long storage / to ICN 26/10 for maint.
D-ABTLB747-43029872/129920/09 ENS-FRA after long storage
D-ABVUB747-43029492/119108/09 LDE-FRA after long storage / to XMN 14/09 / to FRA; 03/10 & put in svc 08/10 FRA-TAO
D-ABVWB747-43029493/120528/09 HAM-FRA after long storage / to XMN 01/10
D-ABVXB747-43029868/123717/09 XMN-FRA after maint., i/s 01/10 FRA-TAO
D-ABVZB747-43029870/126407/09 HAM-FRA after long storage / to XMN 14/09
D-ABYPB747-83037839/150002/10 FRA-SFO back in svc after long storage
D-AIMHA380-8417014/09 FRA-TEV for cont. storage (was last A380 std FRA)
Lufthansa CargoD-ALFJB777-21HF35612/95530/09 FRA-PEK put i/s a/w with special titles (ex A6-EFF)
D-ALFKB777-200F67146/170328/09 d/d PAE-FRA as GEC8145, i/s 18/10 FRA-PEK
D-ALCCMD-11F48783/62730/09 FRA-JFK in svc with special „Farewell MD11“ sticker;17/10 JFK-FRA very last svc of very last GEC MD-11
Lufthansa CityLineD-ACKKCRJ9001509410/10 PAD-MUC last svc & stored / sold
D-AIBMA319-112226221/10 MUC-BTS still in AUA c/s for paint (ex OE-LDC)
LuniwingsSX-LWAB737-33025216/208418/09 FRL-MLA & based MLA for flights to MJI
Malta Air9H-VUGB737-8-20065077/753421/09 d/d BFI-DUB in full Ryanair c/s (EI-HAV ntu), i/s 27/09
9H-VUKB737-8-20062321/792624/09 d/d BFI-DUB in full Ryanair c/s (EI-HGI ntu), i/s 29/09
9H-VULB737-8-20062332/812316/10 d/d BFI-DUB in full Ryanair c/s as FR82L, i/s 23/10
9H-VUMB737-8-20065084/812713/10 d/d BFI-DUB in full Ryanair c/s as FR82M, i/s 19/10
9H-VUNB737-8-20065886/813022/10 d/d BFI-DUB in full Ryanair c/s as FR82N
9H-VUOB737-8-20065884/813226/10 d/d BFI-DUB in full Ryanair c/s as FR82O
Malta MedAir9H-AEOA320-214276831/08 PRN-MLA after 2 months base at PRN, based MLA again
My Wings9A-BTJA319-112180824/10 BRE-PRN last svc (f/c) / to ZAG 25/10 ret. to Trade Air
NEOSEI-RZDB737-8 MAX43582/783730/08 VRN-KEF & based, i/s 02/09 KEF-ALC, TFS-VRN 18/10
Netherlands AFT-235DC10-30CF46956/23515/10 MSN-EIN very last svc /to DLH-VCV 25/10 / for Omega Air
NorwegianLN-DYMB737-8JP39005/357223/10 CPH-OSL after re-rgd., ex EI-FHZ, i/s 24/10 OSL-TRD
LN-ENOB737-8JP42088/642713/09 OSL-NCE put in svc, ex EI-FVU (compl.)
LN-ENUB737-8JP42069/554104/09 BGO-ALC put in svc, ex EI-FHJ (compl.)
SE-RRPB737-8JP39047/363030/07 BUD-OSL, put in svc 22/08 OSL-KRK (compl.)
EI-FYEB737-8 MAX42827/642028/10 EDI-OSL as IBK1A after long storage
LN-BKBB737-8 MAX42833/704216/09 DUB-BGO after storage / to YUL-MZJ 21/09
SE-RTBB737-8 MAX63972/727030/09 ARN-LGW as DY8904 after long storage
SE-RYLB737-8 MAX42825/639617/09 DUB-BGO after storage / to YUL-MZJ 21/09 (ex EI-FYC)
G-CKWAB787-963315/67314/09 OSL-BOD as NRS78F for cont. storage
G-CKWFB787-963316/71514/09 OSL-MZJ as NRS9BY after long storage / for LATAM
G-CKWSB787-963319/81306/10 SNN-WAW prior paint into Norse Atlantic c/s
NovairSE-RKAA321-251N774622/10 EMA-ARN after repaint into new c/s, i/s 23/10 ARN-CHQ
SE-RKBA321-251N780701/10 EMA-CPH after repaint into new c/s, i/s 01/10 CPH-CHQ
OlympicSX-OAZATR42-600100516/09 YHM-YFB-KEF-BLL-ATH on del. still as 2-RLBS; 05/10 put in svc ATH-JNX now as SX-OAZ
Olympus AirwaysSX-ACPA321-231101507/09 ADE-CAI last svc for Alexandria AL & stored
SX-AMJB757-223F25294/41818/09 LEJ-KEF-TUS-GYR ret. to lessor
PegasusTC-DCJA320-214417520/08 DLM-SAW last svc /to BCM 25/08/OSR 12/10/BCM 18/10
TC-ANPB737-82R40722/363714/10 GZT-SAW last svc & stored
TC-AVPB737-82R38175/387730/09 BAL-SAW last svc & stored
TC-CPAB737-82R40725/390904/10 ESB-SAW last svc & stored
TC-CPYB737-8H641767/561510/10 ECN-SAW last svc / to SOF 11/10
TC-CCJB737-82R35701/249614/10 SAW-KUN after long storage / sold as OE-IEC
TC-CCKB737-82R35699/271203/10 SAW-CIT after long storage / sold to SCAT UP-B3732
Polish Government111B737-8TV64927/715207/10 BOD-WAW on del. after mods (ex F-WTBK/N784BJ)
Privilege StyleEC-NMOA319-115507916/10 VIT-PNA again on lse fr Lattitub Hub, i/s 16/10 PNA-CDT
Regional One/X FlyES-ACPCRJ9001524216/08 TLL-LJU a/w for cont. storage
Royal NavyZP806B737-800A66106/868020/09 d/d BFI-LMO (ex N634DS)
ZP807B737-800A66107/871918/10 d/d BFI-NHK-LMO (ex N665DS)
RyanairEI-DAMB737-8AS33719/131208/09 BHX-DUB last / PIK 08/09 / STN-QLA 30/09 / OVB 19/10
EI-DANB737-8AS33549/136131/08 REU-DUB last / PIK 31/08 /to QLA 29/09/TLL-NQZ 21/10
EI-DCIB737-8AS33567/154725/09 OTP-STN last svc / to PIK 26/09 / to STN-QLA 18/10
EI-DWLB737-8AS33618/241617/10 PRG-STN last svc / re-rgd. G-RUKD 20/10
EI-EKAB737-8AS35022/313923/09 QLA-SNN-CDT for cont. storage
EI-EKBB737-8AS38494/314121/09 QLA-SNN-CDT for cont. storage
EI-ENBB737-8AS40289/341810/10 PMI-STN last svc / re-rgd. G-RUKC 13/10
EI-HATB737-8-20065076/728514/09 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82T, i/s 22/09 DUB-STN
EI-HGGB737-8-20062316/785416/09 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82G, i/s 23/09 DUB-STN
Ryanair UKG-RUKCB737-8AS40289/341813/10 rgd. at STN, ex EI-ENB, i/s 17/10 STN-RIX
G-RUKDB737-8AS33618/241620/10 rgd. at STN, ex EI-DWL
SAS IrelandEI-SIAA320-251N789708/10 ARN-OSL after re-del., ex SE-DYC, i/s 08/10 OSL-BRU
EI-SIBA320-251N795125/09 ARN-AGP i/s after re-del., ex SE-DYD
SAS ScandinavianES-ATCATR72-600116430/09 AGH-ARN f/c last svc / to AJR 01/10 ret. to Xfly
ES-ATDATR72-600116530/09 LJU-ARN after maint/storage, i/s 01/10 ARN-TLL
EI-FPBCRJ9001539925/09 VLC-CPH after long storage, back in svc 26/09
EI-FPDCRJ9001540124/08 DUB-CPH after long storage
EI-FPSCRJ9001543718/09 DUB-CPH after long storage, back in svc 19/09
EI-FPVCRJ9001544006/09 BRU-CPH last svc / to VLC 06/09 & stored
EI-GEFCRJ9001524414/09 CPH-AAL back in svc after long storage
ES-ACBCRJ9001526125/09 OSL-ARN last svc / to LJU 25/09 & stored
SE-RERB737-76N30736/65811/08 TRD-OSL last svc / to BGR-MZJ 03/10 ret. to lessor
SE-RESB737-7BX30737/68721/09 EVE-OSL last svc & stored
SE-RETB737-76N32734/109010/09 KKN-OSL last svc / to NWI 21/09 repaint a/w
OY-KAMA320-232291101/09 TLL-ARN & back i/s 03/09 ARN-SFT (compl.)
OY-KANA320-232295810/09 TLL-ARN & back i/s 11/09 ARN-LIN (compl.)
OY-KAPA320-232308624/09 MAD-ARN after long storage, back i/s 26/09 ARN-FCO
OY-KASA320-232333516/09 MAD-ARN after long storage, back i/s 17/09 ARN-CDG
SE-DYCA320-251N789728/09 CPH-ARN last svc / re-rgd. EI-SIA
SE-DYDA320-251N795117/08 GOT-ARN last svc / re-rgd. EI-SIB
SE-DYMA320-251N797918/10 AGP-CPH last svc / to ARN 21/10
LN-RGEB737-86N38037/437612/10 OSL-SNN a/w ret. to lessor
LN-RGGB737-86N38039/446913/09 ARN-OSL after long std / to DUB 11/10 a/w ret. to lessor
SE-DMRA321-253NX1040823/09 d/d XFW-CPH as SK9155 (ex D-AVWZ)
LN-RKHA330-343X49720/09 CPH-DRS after long storage for maint.
Sky ExpressSX-FIVATR72-212A59013/09 JKH-ATH last svc & stored
SX-NTEATR72-600157524/10 seen parked TLS in f/c as F-WWEI prior del.
SX-TNOATR72-600163224/10 seen parked TLS in f/c as F-WWEZ prior del.
Sky Prime AviationVP-CMJA319-111476802/09 BSL-NCE after transfer (ex EC-LNL)
Sky TaxiSP-MREB767-281F23146/12115/10 WAW-LWO-HAM-WRO on del. DHL c/s (ex A9C-DHJ)
Sky UpUR-SQQB737-8Q829368/191013/10 VCV-YYZ-KEF-KUN (ex N469AC/C-GTQC)/to KBP 23/10
SmartLynxES-SAMA320-232189614/09 RIX-AMS again on lease to TUI Holland
ES-SAQA320-21498415/09 AMS-TLL after lease to TUI Holland / last svc 11/10; RHO-TLL / to DGX 12/10 ret. to lessor (ex YL-LCR)
ES-SAWA320-232166315/09 AMS-RIX after lease to TUI Holland, i/s 15/09
ES-SAZA320-232330829/09 DUB-TLL after being based DUB, based RIX since 20/10
LY-FJIA320-232215731/08 VAR-TLL last svc / to VNO 01/09 ret. to Heston AL
YL-LCSA320-21456615/09 TLL-EIN on lease to TUI Holland
YL-LDJA320-232435124/09 RIX-AYT put in svc a/w (ex OE-ISY/HA-LWD)
YL-LDKA320-232437225/09 RIX-AYT put in svc a/w (ex OE-ISZ/HA-LWE)
9H-SLDA320-214339606/09 NTE-CHR after lease to Volotea
9H-SLEA320-214347506/09 NTE-NUE & bsd after Volotea lse, i/s 25/09 NUE-FUE
9H-SLHA320-214342507/09 VRN-TLL after lease to Volotea, i/s 10/09 TLL-OSR
9H-SLIA320-214386607/09 VCE-KLV after lease to Volotea & stored
9H-SLJA320-214388012/10 SCN-KLV after lease to TUI Holland & stored
9H-SLKA320-214172506/09 VCE-RIX after lease to Volotea / to TLL 16/09, i/s 17/09
YL-LCQA321-211221113/09 CMN-KLV after lease to Royal Air Maroc & stored
YL-LCVA321-231221613/09 FEZ-KLV after lse to Royal Air Maroc, i/s 26/09 KLV-TBS
YL-LCXA321-211319113/09 TNG-RIX after lse to Royal Air Maroc, i/s 15/09 RIX-BER
YL-LDAA321-211290313/09 OUD-CHR after lease to RAM / to KEF-YYZ-SAT 21/10
9H-CGBA321-211F101729/09 MPL-LEJ in DHL c/s on del. (ex D-AATB), i/s 04/10
9H-SLCA321-211446113/09 NDR-CHR after lease to Royal Air Maroc & stored
9H-SLGA321-211194601/09 IAS-TLL a/w after lease to Wizzair, i/s 25/09 TLL-HER
9H-SMAA330-343E90811/10 CHR-AMS-HAJ-WAW-VNO-RIX on del. (compl.)
9H-SMFA330-343E153102/10 MNL-MCT-BHX prior del. still as LZ-DBL (ex RP-C8762)
Spanish Air ForceT.23-11A400M11202/09 d/d ex SVQ (ex A4M112)
T.24-01A330-202169427/10 CHR-MAD f/c after paint still as EC-MIL, ex Iberia
Sundair9A-CTNA319-112508503/09-24/09 & 28/09-30/09 lsd fr Croatia AL (based BRE)
9A-IRMA320-214397214/10 ZAG-BRE new c/s on Go Air c/s on lse fr Air 41, i/s 15/10
LY-FJIA320-232215717/09-19/09 lsd fr Heston AL in theit f/c (based DRS)
LY-VUTA320-232327524/09-29/09 lsd fr Heston AL a/w (based BRE)
LZ-MDIA320-233337830/09 PDV-BRE on lse, last svc 12/10 BEY-BRE / to PDV 13/10
9A-ABCB737-8Q830667/144825/09 ZAG-DRS on lease fr ETF AW (based DRS)
Sun ExpressTC-SOUB737-8Z930420/100001/09 DIY-AYT last svc / to ALA-TNA 15/09 for freighter conv.
TC-SOMB737-8 MAX61204/762714/10 SKF-VCV for cont. storage prior del.
Swiftair HellasSX-AQIEMB120ER6308/09 ATH-LXS in svc after re-rgd., ex EC-HFK
SwissHB-IJDA320-21455305/09 ZRH-KEF-BOS-ROW in basic c/s & wfu
HB-IJEA320-21455931/08 HAM-ZRH last svc, seen ZRH 05/10 in basic c/s
Terra AviaER-00021A320-232177303/09 IST-KIV after lse to Air Moldova / to FRU 22/09 & sold
Tiketa TourLY-TKTA319-112110227/10 HRG-VNO last svc (f/c) / to KUN 27/10 ret. to Avion Exp.
Titan AirwaysG-POWWA321-211206022/10 SEN-STN after long storage (ex G-TCDA)
G-EODSA330-343F71305/09 STN-AMS put in svc in full Geodis c/s on del. (compl.)
Titan Airways Malta9H-ZTAA321-211374918/09 MLA-CDG / STN 19/09 a/w / HER-DWC-CCU-XSP 20/10
9H-ZTBA321-211F123823/08 CGN-RNS put in svc (ex G-DHJH)
Trade Air9A-BTEFokker 1001141619/09 INN-LIL after lease to Idealtours, i/s 21/09 LIL-SPU
9A-BTJA319-112180825/10 PRN-ZAG after lease to My Wings (f/c)
9A-BTHA320-214145411/10 base at LJU ended, now based PRN
9A-BTIA320-214218911/10 base at PRN ended, now based LJU
Transavia FranceF-HUYBB737-8JP42274/624708/09 PGF-ORY & put in svc 12/09 ORY-FAO (compl.)
F-HUYCB737-8JP42086/636522/09 SNN-DUB after paint still as OE-IWS / to FNI 18/10
F-HUYDB737-8JP42087/638922/09 SNN-DUB after paint still as OE-IWT prior del.
F-HUYEB737-8JP42278/634030/09 SNN-DUB after paint still as OE-IWU prior del.
TUID-AMABB737-8 MAX44603/747405/10 d/d BFI-HAJ as TUI828P after std BFI, i/s 28/10 HAJ-XRY
EI-RZCB737-8 MAX62872/765021/10 KEF-DUS on lse fr NEOS, i/s 22/10 DUS-HRG, last 25/10
TUI BelgiumOO-TMZB737-8 MAX44653/799915/10 d/d BFI-BRU as TB981F, i/s 22/10 BRU-CHQ
TUI HollandES-SAMA320-232189614/09 RIX-AMS again on lse fr SmartLynx, i/s 15/09 AMS-HER
ES-SAQA320-21498415/09 KGS-AMS titles/logo last svc / to TLL 15/09 to Smartlynx
ES-SAWA320-232166312/09 PFO-AMS titles/logo last svc / to RIX 14/09 to SmartLynx
YL-LCSA320-21456615/09 TLL-EIN a/w on lse fr SmartLynx, i/s 15/09 EIN-LPA
9H-SLJA320-214388009/10 HER-AMS a/w last svc / to SCN 11/10 ret. to Smartwings
OO-JEFB737-8K544271/480527/09 PMI-AMS last svc / to BRU 27/09 ret to TUI Belgium
TUI NordicSE-RNDB737-8 MAX44606/758805/10 rgd. (ex G-TUMR) /BRU-ARN 20/10 / GOT 25/10,i/s 26/10
SE-RNEB737-8 MAX44650/745419/10 rgd. / parked BRU (ex G-TUMV)
EC-LNHA330-24355122/10 MAD-ARN on lse fr Wamos Air, last svc 24/10
SE-RFZB787-944579/56405/10 BRU-ARN on del. (ex G-TUIK) / to CPH 15/10, i/s 15/10
TUI UKG-TAWFB737-8K537244/08/09 KGS-CWL last svc / to BHX 09/09 / sold as N842SY
G-TUMRB737-8 MAX44606/758803/10 TFS-BHX last svc / to BRU 04/10 / sold as SE-RND
G-TUMVB737-8 MAX44650/745417/10 HER-LGW last svc / to BRU 18/10 / sold as SE-RNE
G-OOBAB757-28A32446/95015/09 LGW-BHX for cont. storage
G-OOBBB757-28A32447/95103/10 PFO-BHX last svc & stored
G-OOBNB757-2G529379/91930/09 EFL-BHX last svc / to LGW 30/09 / to DGX 01/10
26/10 DGX-BGR-GYR prior freighter conv.
G-OOBPB757-2G530394/92210/10 AGP-BHX last svc / to DGX 15/10 (very last TUI B757)
G-OBYHB767-306ER28883/73711/08 MAN-LGW / to BHX 21/08 for cont. storage
G-TUIKB787-944579/56403/09 MBJ-MAN last svc / to BRU 17/09 / sold as SE-RFZ
Turkish AirlinesTC-LCHB737-8 MAX60040/760926/10 d/d BFI-YYR-KEF-IST as TK6832
TC-LCLB737-8 MAX60054/741603/09 IST-ESB back in svc after long storage
TC-LCSB737-8 MAX60060/753820/09 d/d BFI-YYR-EDI-IST as TK6832, i/s 26/09 IST-ESB
TC-LCTB737-8 MAX60061/756115/09 d/d BFI-YYR-KEF-IST as TK6832, i/s 18/09 IST-ADB
TC-LCUB737-8 MAX60068/799630/09 d/d BFI-YYR-KEF-IST as TK6832, i/s 05/10 IST-ADB
TC-LYDB737-9 MAX60065/751307/09 d/d BFI-YYR-KEF-IST as TK6832, i/s 14/09 IST-ESB
TC-LYEB737-9 MAX60066/758028/09 d/d BFI-YYR-KEF-IST as TK6830, i/s 02/10 IST-ESB
TC-JINA330-20293215/10 ISL-FNI as TK6831 after long storage on ret. to lessor
TC-LOKA330-343E162427/08 IST-WOE after long storage ret. to lessor / for FlyNAS
TC-LLSB787-965818/112130/09 CHS-VCV for deep storage prior del.
TC-LKBB777-36NER41819/119731/07 IST-AYT back in svc after long storage
Virgin AtlanticG-VMIKA330-22343217/09 LHR-NOC for cont. storage
Volotea9H-SLDA320-214339605/09 CFU-NTE a/w last svc / to CHR 06/09 ret. to SmartLynx
9H-SLEA320-214347505/09 NCE-NTE (titles) last svc / to CHR 06/09 ret. to SmartLynx
9H-SLHA320-214342505/09 LMP-VRN (titles) last svc / to TLL 07/09 ret. to SmartLynx
9H-SLIA320-214386605/09 CAG-VCE (titles) last svc / to KLV 07/09 ret. to SmartLynx
9H-SLKA320-214172505/09 OLB-VCE (titles) last svc / to RIX 06/09 ret. to SmartLynx
VuelingEC-LAAA320-214267803/09 MLA-BCN-CDT for cont. storage
EC-LABA320-214276122/09 BCN-CDT for cont. storage
EC-MVNA320-232275311/09 BCN-CDT as VLG101P for cont. storage
Vulkan AirUR-CTMAntonov 26960926/10 rgd. (ex Soviet AF 03)
UR-CTTAntonov 26940526/10 rgd. (ex Soviet AF 02)
Wamos AirEC-NHMA330-343X93506/09 CUN-MAD last svc & stored / to PMI 08/10
EC-NOFA330-343X74104/09 XMN-BHX on del. still as OE-IHK; 20/10 MAD-ZAZ f/c as EC-NOF & i/s 21/10 ZAZ-YYZ
West Atlantic UKG-CKUZB737-46JF27213/258511/10 seen EMA now with HM Coastguard titles & logo
WindroseUR-RWFATR72-212A125103/09 LFBF-KBP on del. (ex 2-ATRF), i/s 05/09 KBP-LWO
Wizzair9H-HUBA320-232432831/08 NYO-OTP last svc & ret. to Airhub 01/09 OTP-VNO
EC-NOZA320-232411331/08 LGW-SOF a/w last svc / to CDT 06/09 ret. to Aura AL
LZ-MDKA320-232142203/10 PDV-GDN on lse fr Fly2Sky / back to PDV 05/10
9H-SLGA321-231194631/08 BLQ-IAS a/w last svc / to TLL 01/09 ret. to SmartLynx
HA-LZDA321-271NX1065918/10 d/d XFW-BUD as WZZ601 (ex D-AVYW), i/s 21/10
World2FlyCS-WFPA330-343X109721/10 seen LIS, re-rgd. ex EC-LXR (last svc 28/09)
Zimex Aviation AustriaOE-HZBATR42-3203313/10 rgd. (ex F-HBCS)
AeroflotRA-89017SSJ100-95B9503508/07 SVO-ZIA after std / to SVO 23/09 / to ULY 26/09 for paint
RA-89100SSJ100-95B9513811/09 REN-SVO last svc / to ULY 14/09 for repaint
RA-89125SSJ100-95B9518825/09 REN-SVO last svc / to ULY 26/09 for repaint
VQ-BEHA320-214413314/09 ROV-SVO last svc / to OSR 15/09 & stored
VQ-BEJA320-214416019/10 DUS-SVO last svc / to OSR 21/10 & stored
VQ-BKUA320-214483513/10 DLM-SVO last svc / to OSR 15/10 & stored
VQ-BEAA321-211405823/08 SGC-SVO last svc / to OSR 24/08 & stored
VP-BFCB777-300ER65312/169530/09 d/d PAE-LAX as SU7734 / to HKG 08/10
VQ-BFNB777-300ER65310/165214/08 HKG-SVO after storage, i/s 17/08 SVO-SIP
VQ-BFOB777-300ER65311/165430/09 d/d PAE-LAX as SU7732 / to HKG 07/10
ATRAN CargoVQ-BFDB737-8ASF33547/127120/09 PVG-ICN-NQZ-OSR prior del. after conv. (ex N241GE)
VQ-BFPB737-8ASF33718/131111/10 PVG-ICN-NQZ-OSR prior del. after conv. (ex N242GE)
Azur AirVQ-BTKB7773ZGER35302/74529/09 SAW-VKO on del. in special Lujo Hotel c/s (ex VH-VOZ)
VQ-BZBB777-3Q8ER35783/78617/10 seen SNN f/c after repaint, ex Alitalia EI-WLA
IzhaviaVQ-BBQB737-8KN40242/354012/09 BTS-BRG in new c/s prior del. (ex OE-IPS)
NordwindVP-BDWB737-82R35700/243514/10 SAW-SVO f/c on del. (ex TC-IZJ), i/s 17/10 SVO-MCX
VP-BUTA330-223126607/10 DUS-SVO in hybrid c/s on del. (ex OE-INT), i/s 08/10
Red WingsVP-BSJB777-21H27251/5423/10 ADD-DME on del. (ex 2-RLAJ), i/s 26/10 AYT-DME
RossiyaRA-89017SSJ100-95B9503509/10 ULY-SVO f/c on del., ex Aeroflot, i/s 23/10 SVO-REN
RA-89062SSJ100-95B9509107/09 ULY-SVO f/c on del., ex Aeroflot, i/s 03/10 SVO-GOJ
RA-89100SSJ100-95B9513827/09 ULY-SVO f/c on del., ex Aeroflot, parked SVO
RA-89125SSJ100-95B9518809/10 ULY-SVO f/c on del., ex Aeroflot, i/s 23/10 SVO-IJK
RA-89142SSJ100-95B9520207/09 d/d ZIA-LED, in svc 10/09 LED-GRV
RA-89146SSJ100-95B9520607/09 d/d ZIA-SVO, in svc 10/09 SVO-VOG
RA-89147SSJ100-95B9520707/09 d/d ZIA-SVO, in svc 10/09 SVO-MMK
RA-89148SSJ100-95B9520828/09 d/d ZIA-LED as FV7701, i/s 01/10 LED-VOG
VQ-BFMA320-214137904/09 BOJ-LED last svc / to KEF-BGR-MZJ 30/09 ret. to lessor
VQ-BSEA320-214598921/09 OSR-LED on del., ex Aeroflot, i/s 29/09 LED-KGD
Royal FlightOK-FTOB7379GPER35710/228510/10 BTS-PRG f/c after paint prior del., / to get VP-reg
Rusline Aircraft Leasing2-GIARCRJ850721129/09 RIX-TAS on del. (ex N888AU)
S7 AirlinesVQ-BDWA321-271NX1054014/09 d/d XFW-DME (ex D-AZAN), i/s 16/09 DME-BQS
UT AirVQ-BDPB737-85R34798/192007/09 KUN-UFA on del. (ex 2-VSYG/VT-SYG), i/s 13/09
Air CanadaC-GEKHB737-8 MAX61231/27/10 d/d BFI-YQG as AC2350 & stored
C-GMEXB737-8 MAX61243/799022/09 d/d BFI-ONT as AC2350 / to YQG 29/09 & stored
C-GMIQB737-8 MAX61244/799828/09 d/d BFI-ONT as AC2350 / to YQG 17/10 & stored
C-FITLB777-333ER35256/62018/10 SIN-YVR-MZJ in basic c/s for cont. storage / for sale
Air Canada RougeC-GBIJA319-11482918/09 MZJ-YYZ after storage, back i/s 19/09 YYZ-MCO
C-GBINA319-11484502/10 MZJ-YYZ after storage, back i/s 03/10 YYZ-TPA
C-FJOKA321-211684426/08 YRQ-YYZ after storage, back i/s 07/09 YYZ-MCO
C-FJQDA321-211688419/09 YRQ-YYZ after storage, back i/s 20/09 YYZ-LAS
C-FJQHA321-211690504/09 MLB-YYZ after storage, back i/s 07/09 YYZ-LAS
C-FJQLA321-211711721/08 YQG-YYZ after storage, back i/s 09/09 YYZ-LAS
C-GJTXA321-211765011/08 YQG-YYZ after storage, back i/s 07/09 YYZ-YQR
C-GKFBA321-211823205/09 YRQ-YYZ after storage, back i/s 08/09 YYZ-YQR
Air TransatC-GEZOA321-211450001/09 YUL-PAP back in svc after long storage
C-GOJCA321-271NX1052104/09 YUL-PUJ put in svc after del. (compl.)
C-GGTSA330-24325027/09 YUL-MZJ as TSC91 for cont. storage
C-GITSA330-24327118/10 YYZ-MZJ as TSC93 for cont. storage
AHA! Air Hotel VentureN839HKEMB145LR82915/10 seen PHX f/c after paint (stored since 12/08)
N846HKEMB145LR85521/10 MCN-CXO-PHX-RNO on del.
Alaska AirlinesN521VAA319-112277217/09 GSO-MZJ for cont. storage / for sale
N520ASB737-89036481/281205/10 VCV-SEA after repaint into latest c/s, i/s 05/10
N528ASB737-89035695/293026/09 VCV-SEA after repaint into latest c/s, i/s 26/09
N532ASB737-89036346/331714/10 VCV-SEA after repaint into latest c/s, i/s 15/10
N546ASB737-89030022/164024/10 SEA-VCV for repaint into latest c/s
N318ASB737-99030018/132624/10 VCV-SEA after repaint into latest c/s, ex special c/s
N920AKB737-9 MAX44086/811920/09 d/d BFI-ANC as AS9802/to SEA 26/09,i/s 27/09 SEA-PDX
N921AKB737-9 MAX43337/812427/09 d/d BFI-ANC as AS9801/to SEA 06/10,i/s 07/10 SEA-PDX
Allegiant AirN328NVA319-111282101/09 VCV-LAS after repaint into special Las Vegas Raiders c/s
N203NVA320-214538419/09 seen XSP in f/c still as F-WXAZ, ex JA806P/to TPE 15/10
N207NVA320-214563815/09 STN-YYR-BGR-MLB prior del. (ex G-EZWJ)
N208NVA320-214564016/10 XSP-GUM-MAJ-HNL-GEG on del. (ex F-WXAY/JA809P)
N298NVA320-214280015/09 MLB-SFB on del. (ex N625VA), i/s 16/09 SFB-HTS
RP-C3266A320-214487027/10 seen CAN in f/c prior del., ex Cebu Pacific
Amazon Prime AirN241AZB767323ERF27451/56610/09 ILN-RFD on del. (ex N391AA), i/s 11/09 (op by ATI)
American AirlinesN437ANA321-253NX1059708/10 d/d BFM-SAT as AA9822 (ex F-WZMB)
N438ANA321-253NX1064121/09 d/d BFM-SAT as AA9822 (ex F-WZME)
Amerijet InternationalN172AJB757-223F32400/101208/09 GYR-MIA on del. (ex American AL)
Avelo AirlinesN703VLB737-7H436626/260009/09 SBD-BUR on del. (ex N921WN), i/s 10/09 BUR-OGD
Bighorn AirwaysN992BHDash 8-10225821/09 rgd. (ex C-GRGO)
BreezeN114BZEMB190AR9207/09 ISP-CWF / to ORF 20/09 & put i/s 23/09 ORF-PVD
N128BZEMB190AR13201/10 CWF-ORF in svc after re-rgd., ex N132NK
Canadian Air Force295508Casa295MPA20028/09 d/d SVQ-TER
Canadian NorthC-GRGODash 8-10225813/09 YYC-GTF-SHR / sold as N992BH
Cargojet AirwaysN226CJB757-22522690/15127/10 MEX-YHM on del. prior freighter conv. (ex TP-01)
Central Mountain AirC-GJBUDash 8-31153113/10 rgd. (ex N857CA)
Chrono AviationCS-TKYA330-941192919/10-24/10 based YMX for flights to YFB / to LIS 24/10 ret.
CommutAirN24103EMB145XR64520/09 ISO-IAD on del., i/s 21/09 IAD-EWR (UA Expr. c/s)
Conair AviationC-FFZEDash 8-402Q423307/09 rgd. (ex G-ECOM)
C-FFZJDash 8-402Q422007/09 rgd. (ex G-ECOG)
C-GVFTAvro RJ85E225306/10 YXX-OAK-HNL-MAJ-GUM-CNS-DBO for base in Australia
Delta AirlinesN932DSB737-9GPER37290/391820/10 rgd. / parked SBD (ex VP-CEG/PK-LQU)
N933DJB737-9GPER37291/396622/09 rgd. / parked SBD (ex VP-CEH/PK-LJP)
N936DUB737-9GPER38304/516207/09 rgd. / parked SBD (ex VP-CEL/HS-LTK)
N937DMB737-9GPER38313/393617/09 rgd. / parked SBD (ex VP-CEP/PK-LJM)
N940DJB737-9GPER38687/436804/10 rgd. / parked SBD (ex 9M-LNF)
N941DBB737-9GPER38688/441413/10 rgd. / parked SBD (ex PK-LBG)
N946DCB737-9GPER38730/443014/10 rgd. / parked SBD (ex PK-LBH)
N954DJB737-9GPER38743/471114/10 rgd. / parked SBD (ex PK-LBI)
N955DEB737-9GPER38748/482207/09 rgd. / parked SBD (ex VP-CIE/HS-LTL)
N956DDB737-9GPER39823/507008/09 rgd. / parked SBD (ex VP-CIK/HS-LTJ)
N124DXA321-2111025101/10 d/d BFM-MSP as DL9936 (ex F-WZMC), i/s 13/10
N125DNA321-2111025215/10 d/d BFM-MSP as DL9950 (ex F-WZMD)
N827NWA330-302E171612/09 SAL-ATL, back i/s 13/09 ATL-MSP (compl.)
N570DZA350-9414820/09 rgd. / stored VCV since 10/09 (ex PR-XTE)
N573DZA350-94125012/10 rgd. / stored VCV since 04/10 (ex PR-XTI)
Eastern Airlines CargoN822KWB777-212ER28532/40701/09 VCV-MCI & seen MCI 06/10 in f/c prior del. (ex VP-BDR)
N826KWB777-212ER28521/33015/10 ASP-BNE-HNL-MCI prior del. (ex 9V-SRF)
Elite AirwaysN114WFCRJ200745221/10 rgd. (ex ES-LCA)
N905EACRJ9001507331/08 rgd. (ex D-ACKB)
EnvoyN762DTEMB170LR29802/09 rgd. (ex G-LCYF) / 03/09 MCN-ABI on del., i/s 05/10
N763CCEMB170LR30029/09 rgd. (ex G-LCYG) / 30/09 MCN-ABI on del., i/s 20/10
N768RDEMB170LR23007/10 rgd. / parked ABI (ex G-CIXW)
FEDEXN703FEATR72-600F168628/09 d/d TLS-KEF as F-WKVB (ex F-WWEI), at PTK 30/09
N198FEB767-300F63128/125330/09 d/d PAE-IND as FX9030, i/s 17/10 IND-LCK
N269FEB767-300F66864/125110/09 d/d PAE-IND as FX9033, i/s 28/09 IND-IAH
N280FEB767-300F66253/125519/10 d/d PAE-IND as FX9035
N847FDB777-200F66257/170217/09 d/d PAE-MEM as FX9045 / to NRT-SIN 26/09, i/s 14/10
N848FDB777-200F66258/170526/10 d/d PAE-MEM as FX9032
N522FEMD-11F48476/51008/10 VCV-HNL-QPG after long std / to re-enter svc
Freight Runners ExpressN506FRSaab 2000627/10 ORB-RKV on del. (ex G-CDKA)
N508FRSaab 2000824/09 rgd. (ex T7-008), i/s 13/10 SGF-MKE
FrontierN949FRA319-112285708/09 BNA-DEN last svc / to TPA 08/09 (last 319 in svc)
N386FRA320-251N1064229/09 d/d BFM-TPA (ex F-WZMG) / to MCO 03/10, i/s 04/10
N387FRA320-251N1070830/09 d/d BFM-TPA (ex F-WZMH) / to MCO 04/10, i/s 06/10
Global CrossingN279GXA320-214360504/09 MZJ-GEG (ex N625VA) / to MIA 22/09 on del., i/s 01/10
N1438A321-231143828/10 MPL-SNN-BGR after std prior freighter conv. (ex EI-GSP)
Gojet AirlinesN504MJCRJ7001006627/10 TUS-STL on del., ex Mesa Airlines
N508MJCRJ7001008708/10 TUS-STL on del., ex Mesa Airlines
N575GJCRJ7001026016/09 ORD-CLE put i/s, ex N519LR (United Express c/s)
iAero AirwaysN471BSB737-86JF30499/56725/10 TLV-KEF-LAN-GUS on del. after conv. (ex 2-JMMF)
Jazz AirC-FEJCEMB175SU8908/09 YYZ-YXE put in svc (compl.), ex Sky Regional
C-FXJCEMB175SU28730/08 YYZ-YQB put in svc (compl.), ex Sky Regional
Jet One XN373JXB747-40933735/135401/10 rgd. / stored TPE (ex B-18211)
N736JXB747-40933736/135719/10 rgd. / stored TPE (ex B-18212)
Juniper AviationN993JCEMB135BJ106427/09 rgd. (ex XA-DJJ)
Kelowna FlightcraftC-GVZBB737-8Q832799/146729/09 rgd. (ex N799AS/N738MA)
National AirlinesN963CAB757-22332381/96528/07 AMA-MCO after paint, i/s 23/08 MCO-AEX
N936CAB747-446(F)25308/88524/09 SAT-MCO in hybrid c/s prior del. (ex N744ST); 13/10 put in svc MCO-SUU-HNL-NAN-ICN
NorlinorC-FHNMB737-8Q830631/104727/09 MZJ-YMX on del. still as N730WG (to get OWG c/s)
Northern Pacific AirwaysN206UWB757-2B727808/66615/10 ROW-SBD prior del. / to get N627SP
North Star AirC-FNANATR72-212A97824/09 rgd. (ex VH-FVU)
PAL AirlinesC-FPVJDash 8-402Q400301/10 rgd. (ex OE-LGQ)
C-GXNLDash 8-402Q401423/09 rgd. (ex G-CLXC), seen YYT 06/10 f/c in svc
Porter AirlinesC-FLQYDash 8-402Q430608/09 YTZ-YOW back in svc after long storage
C-GKQADash 8-402Q435707/10 YTZ-YOW back in svc after long storage
C-GKQCDash 8-402Q436009/09 YTZ-YUL back in svc after long storage
C-GKQDDash 8-402Q436108/09 YTZ-YQT back in svc after long storage
C-GKQHDash 8-402Q454722 /09 YTZ-YOW back in svc after long storage
C-GKQGDash 8-402Q454408/09 YTZ-YUL back in svc after long storage
C-GLQCDash 8-402Q413409/09 YTZ-YQT back in svc after long storage
C-GLQDDash 8-402Q413801/10 YTZ-MDW back in svc after long storage
C-GLQGDash 8-402Q419412/09 YTZ-YUL back in svc after long storage
C-GLQHDash 8-402Q422508/09 YTZ-YUL back in svc after long storage
C-GLQJDash 8-402Q422813/09 YTZ-YOW back in svc after long storage
C-GLQKDash 8-402Q424717/09 YTZ- YQT back in svc after long storage
C-GLQLDash 8-402Q424917/09 YTZ-BOS back in svc after long storage
C-GLQNDash 8-402Q425408/10 YTZ-EWR back in svc after long storage
C-GLQODash 8-402Q427008/09 YTZ-YUL back in svc after long storage
C-GLQPDash 8-402Q427117/09 YTZ- YUL back in svc after long storage
C-GLQQDash 8-402Q427214/09 YTZ-YUL back in svc after long storage
C-GLQXDash 8-402Q428210/09 YTZ-YUL back in svc after long storage
C-GLQZDash 8-402Q430808/09 YTZ-YOW back in svc after long storage
Silver AirwaysN919AZATR72-212F85327/07 COE-SGF-FLL after conv., i/s 18/10 FLL-PNS-AFW
N947AZATR72-212A68222/10 rgd. (ex F-WKVE) / to be cvtd. to freighter
N967AZATR72-212A71408/10 rgd. (ex F-WKVK) / COE-SGF 14/10 for freighter conv.
Sky WestN872DCCRJ7001032213/09 FAT-LAX after long std, i/s 14/09 LAX-SEA (AA c/s)
N504SYEMB175LR88503/09 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI, AA c/s (ex PR-EEB),i/s 16/9
N505SYEMB175LR88603/09 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI, AA c/s(ex PR-EED), i/s 1/10
N506SYEMB175LR88717/09 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI, AA c/s(ex PR-EEN), i/s 1/10
N507SYEMB175LR88808/10 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI, AA c/s(ex PR-EAF),i/s 16/10
N508SYEMB175LR88908/10 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI,AA c/s(ex PR-EAH),i/s 20/10
N509SYEMB175LR89023/10 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI, AA c/s (ex PR-EBO)
N510SYEMB175LR89122/10 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI, AA c/s (ex PR-EDQ)
N614CZEMB175LR20523/09 BNA-SBN back in svc after long storage (Delta c/s)
SouthwestN570WNB737-7CT33657/125404/08 VCV-MIA after long storage / to BNA 20/09, back i/s 20/09
N770SAB737-7H430589/59527/10 VCV-MIA as WN8700 after long storage
N774SWB737-7H427882/60922/09 VCV-MIA as WN8700 after long storage
N776SWB737-7H430591/62025/10 VCV-MIA as WN8700 after long storage
N777QCB737-7H430592/62104/10 VCV-MIA as WN8701 after long storage
N778SWB737-7H427883/62618/10 VCV-MIA as WN8700 after long storage
N786SWB737-7H429811/69828/09 VCV-MIA as WN8700 after long storage
N788SAB737-7H430605/70724/09 VCV-PAE as WN8700 after long storage
N793SAB737-7H427888/74413/09 VCV-MIA as WN8700 after long storage
N954WNB737-7H436669/354728/09 HOU-MCO in svc now in special 50 years Walt Disney c/s
N7821LB737-7CT32748/126631/08 MIA-BWI & back i/s 31/08 BWI-MCO (compl.)
N7860AB737-79P29362/171318/08 MIA-MDW & back i/s 19/08 MDW-DEN (compl.)
N8751RB737-8 MAX61873/798222/09 d/d BFI-PHX as WN8701, i/s 24/09 PHX-LAX
Sun CountryN841SYB737-8JP40865/341025/08 PAE-MSP & put in svc 27/08 MSP-HOU (compl.)
N842SYB737-8K537244/395501/10 rgd. (ex G-TAWF) / BHX-KEF-MSP-PAE 11/10 on del.
SunwingC-GBZSB737-8SH42053/578013/10 YVR-YEG after long storage, i/s 14/10 YEG-YYC-CUN
United AirlinesN821UAA319-13194402/10 VCV-SFO after repaint into latest c/s, i/s 03/10
N824UAA319-13196516/10 VCV-IAH after repaint into latest c/s, i/s 17/10
N830UAA319-131124316/10 DEN-VCV for repaint into latest c/s
N6310UA319-111274208/10 rgd. / std QLA (ex G-EZAJ) / KEF-CLE-IAH-GYR 28/10
N5317UA319-111278227/10 rgd. / stored QLA (ex G-EZAT)
N27255B737-8 MAX43440/810907/09 SEA-IAH & put in svc 07/09 IAH-LAS (compl.)
N27256B737-8 MAX64447/811007/09 SEA-IAH & put in svc 08/09 IAH-DCA (compl.)
N27258B737-8 MAX66593/811331/08 PDX-IAH & put in svc 31/08 IAH-SEA (compl.)
N77259B737-8 MAX43462/811407/09 SEA-EWR & put in svc 08/09 EWR-IAH (compl.)
N27260B737-8 MAX43458/811601/10 SEA-IAD put in svc after del. (compl.)
N27261B737-8 MAX43464/811810/09 d/d BFI-SEA as UA2706 / to IAH 25/09, i/s 26/09 IAH-LGA
N17262B737-8 MAX66594/812028/09 d/d BFI-SEA as UA2712 / to IAH 05/10, i/s 06/10 IAH-LAS
N27263B737-8 MAX66595/812618/10 d/d BFI-SEA as UA2710
N17264B737-8 MAX66596/812926/10 d/d BFI-PDX as UA2712
N661UAB767-322ER27158/50710/10 ROW-SFO-HNL-GUM-HKG after long storage
N662UAB767-322ER27159/51314/09 ROW-SFO-HNL-GUM-HKG after long storage
N666UAB767-322ER29238/71517/10 HKG-GUM-SFO after maint./storage (compl.)
N226UAB777-222ER30226/38031/08 ROW-SFO-HNL-GUM / to XMN 10/09 for maint. after std
18/10 XMN-GUM-HNL-VCV for cont. storage
N771UAB777-222ER26932/301/10 XMN-GUM-HNL-VCV for cont. storage
N776UAB777-222ER26937/2715/10 HKG-GUM-HNL-VCV for cont. storage
N778UAB777-222ER26940/3408/09 XMN-GUM-HNL-VCV for cont. storage
N780UAB777-222ER26944/3614/10 XMN-GUM-HNL-VCV for cont. storage
N794UAB777-222ER26953/10514/10 XMN-GUM-HNL-VCV for cont. storage
N795UAB777-222ER26927/10804/09 ROW-SFO-HNL-GUM-XMN for maint. after long storage;21/10 XMN-GUM-HNL-VCV for cont. storage
N797UAB777-222ER26924/11610/09 XMN-GUM-HNL-VCV for cont. storage
N798UAB777-222ER26928/12304/09 XMN-GUM-HNL-VCV for cont. storage
UPS United ParcelN630UPB747-8F65777/156726/10 d/d PAE-SDF as UPS9566
US Air Force16-46012B767-2C34107/110906/10 d/d PAE-LTS (ex N1785B)
Wallace HoldingsN987AKMD-8749404/143019/10 w/o KTME when aborted take off, all 21 on board ok
Western GlobalN781SNMD-11F48781/62531/08 FRA-ICN-TPE prior del. (ex D-ALCA)
World AtlanticN861GAMD-8349557/143624/09 OPF-BAQ prior del. (ex SE-DPI)
Aerolineas ArgentinasLV-FNIA330-22329023/09 EZE-MIA after long storage / to ROW 25/09 ret. to lsr
LV-KAOA330-20289926/10 GIG-SBD still as CS-TOM in TAP c/s prior del.
AeromexicoXA-PPPB737-8JP39018/428908/10 SNN-BGR-MEX on del. still as 2-NNGG (ex LN-NGG)
XA-CCCB737-8 MAX43715/800913/10 d/d BFI-MEX as AM9451
XA-CCMB737-8 MAX43758/807327/10 d/d BFI-MEX as AM9444
XA-NNNB737-9 MAX43716/809928/09 d/d BFI-MEX as AM9447, i/s 15/10 MEX-MTY
XA-RRRB787-962148/107912/10 PAE-VCV for deep storage prior del.
Aeronaves TSMXA-B737-3Y0QC23685/135720/10 rgd. / parked SLW (ex N328SP)
Aurora Anguilia ResortVP-BEBEMB170STD14606/10 RSW-AXA put in svc after del. (ex 2-FALD)
AviancaHK-5273A320-214851929/09 MIA-MDE on del. still as VQ-BPC
HK-5318A320-214896009/10 MDE-BOG put in svc after del. (ex VQ-BPB)
HK-5335A320-214929231/07 MDE-BOG after del., i/s 01/08 BOG-CTG (compl.)
N920CGA320-251N925016/10 GYR-TUS-MDE on del. (ex XA-DQR)
N934AGA320-251N938403/10 GYR-GEG for paint prior del. (ex XA-DJM) / to GYR 19/10
N937AVA320-251N1039404/09 d/d MPL-KEF-BGR-MDE (ex F-WWBG) / to CUC 07/10
N938AVA320-251N923822/09 MPL-KEF-BGR-MDE on del. (ex VP-CCR)
N958AVA320-214610322/09 WOE-TFS-BGI-BOG on del. still as VQ-BXS
N568TAA321-231268715/09 SAL-BRO-CWF after long storage ret. to lessor
N693AVA321-231600203/09 SAL-IAD-KEF-SNN-LDE ret. to lessor
N696AVA321-231613806/09 MDE-RDU-KEF-SNN-LDE ret. to lessor
N973AVA330-243107310/10 LAX-BOG last svc / to IAH-CWF 16/10 ret. to lessor
AzulF-WWEEATR72-600159421/10 LFBF-TLS after paint prior del., ex Wings c/s PK-WJR ntu
PR-AYHEMB195AR36130/08 FLL-BVB (compl.) on way to ?
PR-YSHA320-251N1058221/09 TLS-SID-CNF as AZU9845 in special c/s (ex F-WWIY)
Caribbean9Y-JMCB737-8Q828252/119525/09 MIA-POS last svc / to MIA-GYR 13/10 ret. to lessor
Cayman AirwaysVP-CKWB737-36E26322/276919/10 GCM-VCV as KX702 for cont. storage / for sale
VP-CKZB737-36E27626/279225/10 GCM-VCV as KX702 for cont. storage / for sale
COPA PanamaHP-1520CMPB737-8V333707/137018/10 ROW-MIA-SJO after long storage
HP-1533CMPB737-8V335067/242310/09 ROW-MIA-SJO after long storage / to PTY 12/10, i/s 14/10
HP-1534CMPB737-8V335125/262404/10 ROW-MIA-PTY-CNF after long storage
HP-1713CMPB737-8V340890/345501/09 MEX-PTY last svc / sold to Wingo
HP-1822CMPB737-8V340779/403328/09 ROW-MIA-PTY after long storage
HP-1825CMPB737-8V340780/417901/09 SJO-PTY, back i/s 03/09 PTY-MCO (compl.)
HP-1826CMPB737-8V338031/448905/09 PTY-SCL back in svc (compl.)
HP-1827CMPB737-8V338142/422123/08 PTY-CNF (compl.) / to PTY 06/10, i/s 10/10 PTY-DAV
HP-1837CMPB737-8V340783/485703/09 ROW-MIA-PTY after long storage, i/s 01/10 PTY-SDQ
EstafetaOE-IAGB737-4Q8F25168/221027/09 LGG-KEF-YHZ-OPF f/c prior del. after storage; 20/10 OPF-SLP now as XA-SLG on del.
EstelarYV3527B737-2Q322367/70605/09 SCL-CCS on del. in AeroDesierto c/s (ex CC-CWI)
Ez AirN304AGSaab 340B41830/07 BON-EUX put in svc after del. (compl.)
FlyBondiLV-KAYB737-8Q830701/194613/09 CWF-GYE-EZE a/w + titles on del. (ex N307AR), i/s 23/09
Fuerza Aerea Uruguaya595C130 Hercules464814/09 TOJ-LPA-REC on del. (ex Spanish AF TK.10-06)
GOLPR-VBOB737-73V30247/106614/10 CNF-MIA-MZJ after long storage on ret. to lessor
PR-GTPB737-8EH34965/234122/10 CNF-SID-TIA-ALA-ICN-PVG after std for freighter conv.
PR-XMNB737-8 MAX61582/778917/08 CNF-GRU put in svc after del. (compl.)
PR-XMRB737-8 MAX60233/785026/08 CNF-GRU put in svc after del. (compl.)
PR-XMTB737-8 MAX60235/789630/09 d/d BFI-CUN-CNF as GLO9670, i/s 14/10 CNF-BSB
PR-XMUB737-8 MAX60236/791821/10 d/d BFI-CUN-CNF as GLO9670
PR-XMWB737-8 MAX60237/794628/10 d/d BFI-CUN-CNF as GLO9672
PS-GPBB737-8 MAX44864/729311/10 d/d BFI-PTY-CNF still as N536RL (ex VT-JXG)
PS-GPCB737-8 MAX43616/724819/10 d/d BFI-PTY-CNF still as N534RL (ex VT-JXH ntu)
Inter CaribbeanN40FXEMB145LR73815/09 KTW-SVG on del. / to get VQ-T reg
Itapemirim ITAPS-JCPA319-132391131/08 CGK-BKK after paint still as HS-PPA & stored
PS-CHMA320-232381218/10 ATH-OSR for paint still as SX-DGL, ex Aegean
PS-MGFA320-232374817/09 ATH-RAK-SID-SJK on del. (ex SX-DGK)
PS-TCSA320-232220425/08 seen SJK prior del. (ex VT-IDM)
JetSmartCC-AWPA320-271N1006905/10 PUQ-SCL last svc / to MEX 06/10 sold to Volaris as XA-VSJ
CC-AWQA320-271N1030109/10 d/d TLS-KEF-YQX-PTY-SCL as JAT9007 (ex F-WWBT)
JetSmart ArgentinaLV-JQEA320-232853929/09 SCL-EZE on del. (ex CC-AWG) / to AEP 06/10, i/s 06/10
LATAMPR-TQBA320-214482702/09 AUH-MLA / to LPA-FOR-CGH 08/09 on del. (ex VP-CMN)
PR-TQCA320-214486024/10 AUH-MLA prior del. (ex VP-CMO)
CC-BLBA320-233190301/10 SCL-PUQ in svc after del. (compl.), ex LV-BGI
CC-BEGA321-211679707/09 rgd. (ex N891PW) / MEX-LIM-SCL 16/10 on del.
CC-BEHA321-211689423/08 SCL-IQQ back in svc (compl.), ex N891EB
CC-BEIA321-211689007/09 COR-SCL & put in svc 20/09 SCL-CJC (compl.)
CC-CXEB767-316ER35696/96812/10 MIA-ANC-SIN for freighter conv. (ex HC-CKY)
PT-MOBB767-316ER40592/103108/09 SCL-BRO for freighter conv. after long storage
PT-MOEB767-316ER41996/105211/10 SCL-BRO for conv. after std basic TAM c/s (to N6388)
PT-MOFB767-316ER41997/105504/10 MEX-GRU last svc in TAM c/s / MIA 16/10 / AFW 26/10
PR-XTDA350-9414526/10 GRU-VCV as JJ9546 after long storage / for Delta
PR-XTEA350-9414810/09 GRU-VCV as JJ9543 after long storage / for Delta
PR-XTHA350-94120010/09 sold as F-WJKI & ferried LDE-VCV / sold to Delta
PR-XTIA350-94125004/10 GRU-VCV as JJ9548 for cont. storage / for Delta
CC-BGFB787-938479/35023/09 VCV-SBD-SCL on re-del. (ex N8906W)
CC-BGRB787-938470/109222/09 CHS-VCV for deep storage prior del.
PS-LAAB787-938483/92221/09 rgd., i/s 30/09 GRU-MIA, ex CC-BGO
PT-MUEB77732WER38886/103624/08 GRU-MAO back in svc after storage
SKY AirlineCC-AZKA320-251N899921/07 SCL-IQQ back in svc after long storage
CC-AZVA320-251N1011127/10 d/d TLS-KEF-JAX-SCL as SKU9013 (ex F-WWDL)
CC-DBDA320-251N1022516/10 d/d TLS-KEF-MIA-SCL as SKU9011 (ex F-WWDF)
CC-DBFA320-251N1003415/08 SCL-LSC put in svc after del. (compl.)
CC-DCAA321-251NX1053216/08 SCL-CJC put in svc after del. (compl.)
CC-DCCA321-251NX1045609/09 d/d XFW-YQX-MIA-LIM-SCL (ex D-AVYK), i/s 17/09
VIVA ColombiaHK-5378A320-251N1057025/09 d/d TLS-KEF-BGR-MDE in special pink c/s (ex F-WWIZ)
VolarisXA-VSDA320-251N956328/10 d/d XFW-KEF-YQX-MEX f/c (ex D-AXAE full LATAM c/s)
XA-VSEA320-251N955818/10 d/d XFW-KEF-YQX-MEX f/c (ex D-AUBK full LATAM c/s)
XA-VSHA320-271N1042519/10 d/d TLS-KEF-YQX-MEX full JetSmart c/s (CC-AWR ntu)
XA-VSJA320-271N1006906/10 SCL-MEX on del. still as CC-AWP, ex JetSmart
Volaris El SalvadorN544VLA320-271N934314/09 SAL-MEX put in svc, lsd fr Volaris
WingoHP-1713CMPB737-8V340890/345527/10 PTY-BOG on del., ex COPA Panama
748 Air Service5Y-FEADash 8-402Q418016/10 seen SCN still in FlyBe c/s (ex G-ECOA)
Aero ContractorsLY-FJIA320-232215730/09 VNO-DJE-ABV lsf Heston, i/s 18/10 ABV-PHC, last 21/10
LY-NZLA320-232238824/10 KUN-DJE-ABV on lse fr Heston
LY-VUTA320-232327530/09 VNO-DJE-ABV on lse fr Heston, i/s 18/10 ABV-LOS
Africa Union AviationP4-AUAMD-8753042/196821/09 BSL-ADD on del. (ex M-SFAM) / to HLA 24/09
Air Algerie7T-VUOATR72-212A90126/08 seen BCN back in svc after storage
7T-VUPATR72-212A90331/07 ORN-ALG after storage
7T-VUQATR72-212A90918/07 seen BCN back in svc after storage
Air Arabia MarocA6-ANRA320-214571829/09 CMN-SAW last svc / ret. to Air Arabia after lease
A6-AOJA320-214666502/10 CMN-SAW last svc / ret. to Air Arabia after lease
Air AustralF-OMRUATR72-212A85506/09 MRU-RUN last svc / to DAR-NBO-ASW-MLA-DNR 24/09
F-ONGAB737-89M40910/348424/08 RUN-TNR back i/s (not stored)
F-ONGBB737-89M40911/350412/10 RUN-MRU back in svc after storage
Air DjiboutiET-AVVEMB145LR79522/09 seen HLA 22/09 still f/c on ret. to Natinoal AW ??
AirlinkZS-ASXAvro RJ85E231416/09 JNB-HRE for cont. storage
ZS-SYPAvro RJ85E239316/09 JNB-HRE for cont. storage
Air Libya5A-FLFAvro RJ100E338108/10 EGTC-SOF on re-del. (ex M-ABKZ)
Air Peace5N-BYIEMB195E22005022/09 d/d SJK-REC-LOS (ex PR-EDU) ), i/s 09/10 LOS-ABV
Air SenegalLY-CODA319-112277426/09 CMN-DSS last svc / to VNO 26/09 after lease fr GetJet
LY-RAMA319-112313925/09 VNO-MXP-DSS on lease fr GetJet, i/s 27/09 DSS-BJL
Air Tanzania5H-TCLA220-3715513006/10 d/d YMX-SMA-ABJ-DAR (ex C-FOWF), i/s 13/10
5H-TCMA220-3715513506/10 d/d YMX-SMA-ABJ-ZNZ-DAR (ex C-FOYA), i/s 14/10
Ajwaa AirlinesSU-GCIA330-24369614/10 CAI-DOH-TIA in svc after del., ex Egyptair
Alexandria AirlinesSX-ACPA321-231101507/09 ADE CAI last svc & stored since
Arik AirEI-GVWB737-7K238127/363214/10 LOS-BJV-ULN after lse fr Eznis Airways
Asecna6V-AFWATR42-30011720/08 LPA-DKR after maint. (compl.)
Bestfly Cabo VerdeD4-BFBATR72-600102817/09 LFBF-TLS-LIS-RAI on del. (ex 9H-AIO)
Bluebird Aviation5Y-MARDash 8-402Q418516/10 SCN-HER-KRT-NBO still in FlyBe c/s as G-ECOB
Camair Co.OE-LGLDash 8-402Q431009/10 BTS-MLA-TMR-DLA on del. / to get TJ-reg
ComairZS-OAPB737-4S324167/228701/09 JNB-GRJ put i/s after storage (Kulula c/s)
ZS-ZWAB737-8LD40851/409403/09 JNB-CPT back in svc after storage (Kulula c/s)
ZS-ZWBB737-8LD40852/422901/09 HLA-CPT back in svc after storage (Kulula c/s)
ZS-ZWCB737-8LD40853/425201/09 JNB-CPT back in svc after storage (Kulula c/s)
ZS-ZWDB737-8LD40855/427901/09 JNB-DUR back in svc after storage (Kulula c/s)
ZS-ZWEB737-8LD40854/551815/10 JNB-CPT back in svc after storage (Kulula c/s)
ZS-ZWFB737-8LD40856/560601/09 JNB-CPT back in svc after storage (Kulula c/s)
ZS-ZWGB737-8LD40972/577001/09 JNB-CPT back in svc after storage (British Airways c/s)
ZS-ZWHB737-8LD40971/617901/09 CPT-DUR back in svc after storage (British Airways c/s)
ZS-ZWIB737-85R30403/74924/09 JNB-CPT back in svc after storage (British Airways c/s)
ZS-ZWMB737-8KN40248/376801/09 JNB-PLZ back in svc after storage (British Airways c/s)
ZS-ZWPB737-86N28612/45508/10 JNB-CPT back in svc after storage (British Airways c/s)
ZS-ZWUB737-8BK33013/131701/09 JNB-VFA back in svc after storage (British Airways c/s)
ZS-ZWXB737-82R40727/365224/09 JNB-LXR-PRG in Brirish Airways c/s on ret. to lessor
ZS-ZWYB737-8KN40247/370601/09 CPT-PLZ back in svc after storage (British Airways c/s)
ZS-ZWZB737-8KN40249/372026/09 JNB-CAI-SNN in Brirish Airways c/s on ret. to lessor
Congo Airways5Y-FFLEMB190LR41816/09 NBO-FIH a/w + titles on lease fr Kenya AW
5Y-FFMEMB190LR43115/09 NBO-FIH a/w + titles on lease fr Kenya AW
PR-ECQEMB190E22001609/10 seen SJK in new c/s prior del.
Cronos Airlines3C-MACEMB145MP24412/09 BSG-JNB after storage (ex ZS-DFB)
Egypt GovernmentSU-EGYB747-83037826/143512/10 rgd. prior del. (ex N828BA/N6067U/D-ABYE ntu)
Ethiopian AirlinesET-AYFDash 8-402Q462111/09 d/d YZD-YYR-KEF-DUB-FCO-CAI-ADD (ex C-GNMN)
Federal AirF-WTBWEMB145MP55607/09 LFBF-DJG on del. / to get ZS-reg
Fly CAA9S-ARBA320-214391526/09 seen LFBF in f/c still as LY-BHN prior del.
Fly Oya International5A-OSAA330-24334513/09 ISL-CAI prior del. (ex TC-OCG)
FlySafairZS-SJHB737-8BG32354/72528/08 JNB-CPT f/c put in svc after del., ex Mango
Fly ZeJetF-WTBGEMB145LU5010/09 CFE-LFBF for paint / 24/10 LFBF in f/c as TJ-ZAS
Global Aviation5T-YASBeech1900DUE-22826/09 LPA-NKC on del. (ex C-GMYY)
Kenya Airways5Y-FFLEMB190LR41811/09 DAR-NBO last svc, leased to Congo AW 16/09
5Y-FFMEMB190LR43110/09 MBA-NBO last svc, leased to Congo AW 15/09
MangoZS-SJBB737-8S329249/65302/09 CPT-JNB back in svc after storage, last svc 27/09
Mwant JetG-CISKEMB145LU57003/09 HUY-MIR-FIH on del. / to get 9S-reg
Royal Air MarocYL-LCQA321-231221111/09 BRU-OUD-CMN a/w last svc / to KLV 13/09 ret. to ART
YL-LCVA321-231221612/09 BOD-FEZ a/w last svc / to KLV13/09 ret. to SmartLynx
YL-LCXA321-211319112/09 AMS-TNG basic TCX c/s / to RIX 13/09 ret. to SmartLynx
YL-LDAA321-211290312/09 MRS-OUD a/w last svc / to CHR 13/09 ret. to SmartLynx
9H-SLCA321-211446112/09 AMS-NDR a/w last svc / to CHR 13/09 ret. to SmartLynx
Sahara African AviationZS-KLMEMB120LR33823/10 HLA-…-BKO-LPA-HOR-YYT-PSM-LAL in Sunrise AW c/s
ZS-SOBEMB120ER18616/10 HLA-…-BKO-LPA in Sunrise Airways c/s (ex VH-TWF)
Silverstone A/S5Y-ELYFokker 502014910/08 rgd. (ex SE-MFJ), seen WIL 24/09
5Y-JJJFokker 502012420/09 rgd. (ex SE-KTC), seen WIL 13/10
Solenta AviationZS-XZAATR72-212A71907/10 HAV-NAS-YYT-SMA-DSS-ABJ-JNB after storage
South AfricanZS-SFJA319-131237923/09 JNB-CPT back in svc after long storage
ZS-SFKA319-131241824/09 JNB-CPT back in svc after long storage
ZS-SFLA319-131243825/09 JNB-CPT back in svc after long storage
ZS-SZIA320-232643912/08 AUH-DAR-JNB on re-del., put i/s 28/09 JNB-HRE
ZS-SZJA320-232647812/08 AUH-DAR-JNB on re-del., put i/s 23/09 JNB-CPT
ZS-SNGA340-64255728/08 JNB-ACC-HAV & 06/09 HAV-ACC-JNB special flights
TAAG AngolaD2-TFDDash 8-402Q462906/09 d/d YZD-YYT-SMA-NKC-LAD still as C-GRQQ, rgd. 06/10
Tunis AirJY-JATA320-211206129/08 VIE-TUN a/w last svc / to AMM 31/08 ret. to Jordan Av‘n
Aero NomadEX-32003A320-232177319/10 seen FRU in basic Qatar c/s with titles (ex ER-00021)
Air Asia IndiaVT-ATJA320-251N1052008/10 d/d TLS-DEL as I59101 (ex F-WWTY), i/s 18/10
Air Asia X9M-XXAA330-343X95201/09 KUL-HKG back in svc after long storage
9M-XXRA330-343X65430/09 KUL-ICN back in svc after long storage (ex PK-XRC)
9M-XXUA330-343E158112/09 MNL-KUL after storage, back i/s 28/09 KUL-HKG
9M-XXVA330-343E158912/09 KUL-MNL after long storage for maint. / to KUL 20/10
9M-XXWA330-343E159629/09 MNL-KUL after maint. for cont. storage
Air AstanaEI-KHAEMB190E22001222/10 ALA-PLX in svc after re-rgd., ex P4-KHA
EI-KBMA320-271N1000523/10 ALA-SCO in svc after re-rgd., ex P4-KBM
EI-KDAA321-231535722/10 ALA-NQZ in svc after re-rgd., ex P4-KDA
EI-KDBA321-231540412/09 ALA-SCO in svc after re-rgd., ex P4-KDB
EI-KGDA321-271NX943211/09 ALA-SSH in svc after re-rgd., ex P4-KGD
AirBlueAP-BOEA321-251NX1016215/10 d/d XFW-KHI as ABQ9001 (ex D-AVYE)
Air ChinaB-650ZARJ21-70015910/09 d/d Nanchang-PEK (ex B-001W)
B-325YA320-251N1055707/10 TLS-NQZ-TSN as F-WWBB prior del. / to B-005J; 22/10 d/d TSN-CTU as CCA080
B-326AA320-251N1056707/10 TLS-NQZ-TSN as F-WWIV prior del.
B-325MA321-251NX1036415/10 d/d XFW-OVB-PEK as CCA88 (ex D-AVZU)
B-325NA321-251NX1051515/10 d/d XFW-OVB-PEK as CCA89 (ex D-AZAJ)
B-326CA321-251NX1026627/10 XFW-NQZ-TSN still as D-AVZH prior del.
F-WZNGA350-94153722/09 TLS-TSN for paint & outfitting prior del.
Air GuilinB-1060A320-214811627/09 HAK-KWL i/s in special Longji Terraces c/s
Air IncheonHL8319B737-8ASF29917/29816/09 ICN-SGN put in svc after del. (compl. Info)
HL8503B737-85PF28535/48020/10 YLW-YXY-ANC-PKC-ICN on del. (ex 9H-AGQ)
Air MacauB-MAQA321-231192602/09 TSN- MFM last svc / TSN-NRT-GDX-ANC-GYR 06/09
B-MBTA321-271NX1047221/09 MFM-PVG put in svc after del. (ex F-WTAT)
Air SeoulHL8280A321-231576702/09 CAN-ICN a/w after long storage / sold as D-AABE
HL8281A321-231577416/09 CAN-ICN a/w after long storage / sold as D-AABF
Air TravelB-303MA320-214844823/09 CTU-CSX i/s in special Chasing Financial c/s
B-325QA320-251N1037627/09 d/d TSN-YYA (ex B-005G/F-WWDM, TLS-TSN 08/09)
ANA All NipponJA145AA321-272N1053126/08 HND-ITM put in svc after del. (compl.)
JA152AA321-272N1051728/09 d/d XFW-OVB-HND as NH9398 (ex D-AVZK), i/s 08/10
JA936AB787-966523/109412/10 d/d VCV-HND after storage
JA383AA380-84126615/10 d/d TLS-NRT as NH9398 (ex F-WWAL)
AsianaHL7703A321-231151130/06 CJU-GMP last svc / to ICN 01/07 / to ANC-GYR 10/09
ATA AirlinesEP-EMCEMB145LU56410/09 THR-TBZ in svc after del. (ex F-WTBV)
Azerbaijan Airlines4K-AZ85A340-54188604/09 DME-GYD last svc (very last A345 in regular pax svc)
Bahrain Defence AFA9C-KASAvro RJ100E338009/09 seen NWI f/c after repaint (ex SE-DSZ)
Bamboo AirwaysVN-A262EMB190LR61305/10 rgd. & testflown HAN 06/10 (ex M-ABNY/B-3218)
Bangkok AirHS-PZHATR72-600137712/08 USM-BKK last svc & stored
HS-PZNATR72-600154617/08 USM-BKK last svc & stored
HS-PGTA319-132342111/07 USM-BKK last svc & stored
HS-PPGA319-131266401/09 BKK-HKT back in svc after 2 months storage
HS-PPNA319-132236217/07 USM-BKK last svc & stored
HS-PPSA319-132238318/07 USM-BKK last svc & stored
HS-PGWA320-232250920/08 UTP-BKK for cont. storage
Batik AirPK-LAGA320-214628022/10 CGK-ASP as ID3011 for cont. storage
PK-LAIA320-214635608/09 AAP-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LAMA320-214662827/08 LLJ-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LAPA320-214669722/10 CGK-ASP as ID3013 for cont. storage
PK-LAQA320-214672213/08 HLP-KNO back in svc after storage
PK-LARA320-214678204/10 CGK-KUL after storage on return to lsr / to OE-LAP
PK-LUGA320-214723104/09 HLP-PLM back in svc after storage
PK-LUKA320-214736524/08 MFC-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LUPA320-214749604/08 BPN-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LUQA320-214760906/08 YIA-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LUUA320-214765917/08 HLP-SUB back in svc after storage
PK-LUWA320-214781914/08 HLP-KNO back in svc after storage
PK-LZHA320-214828306/08 CGK-UPG back in svc after storage
PK-LZJA320-214874802/09 CGK-KUL now as OE-LAR after storage (sold to SMBC)
PK-LZKA320-214879802/09 CGK-KUL now as OE-LAS after storage (sold to SMBC)
PK-LZLA320-214894202/09 CGK-KUL now as OE-LCB after storage (sold to SMBC)
PK-LBZB737-8GP39835/530703/08 BTH-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LZOB737-8GP39838/623609/09 GTO-UPG-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LZVB737-8GP39831/525516/09 CGK-BTH for cont. storage
PK-LZWB737-8GP38308/522510/09 CGK-GUM-HNL-TUS after storage on ret. to lessor
PK-LBGB7379GPER38688/441427/09 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD after storage / sold to Delta
PK-LBHB7379GPER38730/443027/09 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD after storage / sold to Delta
PK-LBIB7379GPER38743/471127/09 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD after storage / sold to Delta
Capital AirlinesB-30F1 ntuA321-251NX921030/09 XFW-LJU f/c as F-WHUG, order NTU (ex D-AVYY)
B-8551A321-231719109/08 CSX-HAK last svc / to IKT-HEL-SNN 27/10
Cathay DragonB-HTJA321-231336926/10 ASP-DRW-HKG still f/c after long storage
Cathay PacificB-HLRA330-343X42115/09 XMN-HKG & back in svc 16/09 HKG-PEK (compl.)
B-LAJA330-342E116325/10 ASP-HKG after long storage
B-LQCA350-94139307/09 HKG-TPE put in svc after del. (compl.)
B-HNQB777-36734244/56712/09 ASP-HKG after long storage / to XMN 17/09
B-HNWB777-31HER32697/39607/10 ASP-HKG after long storage / to XMN 18/10
B-KPLB777-367ER36161/81819/09 XMN-HKG after long storage
B-KPMB777-367ER36159/83512/09 ASP-HKG after long storage / to XMN 28/09
B-KPNB777-367ER36165/83914/10 ASP-HKG after long storage
Cebu PacificRP-C7251ATR72-212A78427/10 CRK-AMQ-ASP for cont. storage
F-WWEUATR72-600162821/10 CHR-TLS affter paint into f/c prior del.
RP-C4111A321-211819031/08 ASP-CRK for cont. storage
RP-C4112A321-211824531/08 ASP-CRK for cont. storage
RP-C4113A321-211825431/08 ASP-CRK for cont. storage
RP-C4114A321-211826931/08 ASP-CRK for cont. storage
RP-C4115A321-211828131/08 ASP-MNL for cont. storage
Chengdu AirlinesB-651QARJ21-70016608/09 d/d PVG-CTU (ex B-099A), seen i/s 14/10
B-651RARJ21-70016903/09 d/d PVG-CTU (ex B-099E), seen i/s 15/09
China EasternB-325SA320-251N1026215/10 d/d TSN-PVG as CES299 (ex B-000T), i/s 18/10
B-325UA320-251N1023016/09 d/d TSN-PVG as CES599 (ex B-000V), i/s 18/09
B-326ZA320-251N1049127/10 d/d TSN-PVG (ex B-000P)
B-30ESA320-251N944929/09 d/d TSN-PVG after storage (ex B-007H), i/s 01/10
B-20EPB787-963988/102029/09 CHS-VCV for deep storage prior del.
B-220DB787-963719/107305/10 PAE-VCV for deep storage prior del.
B-220KB787-963720/110016/09 CHS-VCV for deep storage prior del.
China SouthernB-651AARJ21-70016109/09 d/d PVG-CAN (ex B-001Z), seen i/s 19/09
B-651WARJ21-70016718/09 d/d PVG-CAN (ex B-099D), seen i/s 25/09
B-651YARJ21-70017119/10 d/d PVG-CAN (ex B-099H), i/s 24/10 CAN-KHN
B-325DA320-251N1046201/09 d/d TSN-CAN (ex B-000A), seen i/s 03/10
B-1700B737-86N43401/526116/09 seen CAN in special „Zhuhai City of Youth“ c/s
B-20C7B737-8 MAX63281/759501/10 SKF-VCV for cont. deep storage prior del.
DHL InternationalA9C-DHOB767-281F23143/11425/08 DXB-BAH last svc / to LEJ-BGR-ILN 25/08
A9C-DHTB767323ERF33086/90804/09 BAH-DXB put in svc after del. (ex N347AN)
A9C-DHZB767323ERF33082/89909/09 BAH-DXB put in svc after del. (ex N343AN)
N349ANB767323ERF33088/91318/10 QPG-BAH after freighter conv. on del./re-rgd. 20/10
EmiratesA6-EEUA380-86114729/09 DXB-LAX put in svc now in special EXPO c/s
A6-EODA380-86116808/06 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 29/08 DXB-LAX
A6-EOUA380-86120531/07 LHR-DXB was not last svc, still op (corr.)
A6-EOWA380-86120716/09 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 06/10 DXB-VIE
A6-EOZA380-86121009/09 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 25/09 DXB-VIE
A6-EUBA380-86121302/08 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 24/09 DXB-MAN
A6-EUEA380-86121713/08 DXB-DWC / to DXB 20/10 after long storage
A6-EUIA380-86122101/08 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 01/09 DXB-MUC
A6-EUJA380-86122215/09 DXB-CDG back in svc after long storage
A6-EUKA380-86122308/07 DXB-DWC after long storage, i/s 21/08 DXB-ZRH
A6-EULA380-86122402/08 DXB-DWC / to DXB 07/10 after long storage
A6-EUMA380-84222520/08 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 13/09 DXB-MAN
A6-EUNA380-84222627/08 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 21/09 DXB-AMM
A6-EUWA380-84224007/07 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 09/10 DXB-YYZ
A6-EVQA380-84227007/10 d/d XFW-DXB as UAE5GT (ex F-WWAJ), i/s 19/10
EtihadA6-EIHA320-232369306/10 AUH-AMM back in svc after 6 months storage
A6-EIPA320-232509304/09 seen AUH now in Republic of Sudan c/s after storage
A6-EIYA320-232622602/10 AUH-DOH back in svc after 6 months storage
A6-AEBA321-231610830/08 AUH-KHI back i/s after 4 months storage
A6-AEFA321-231655414/08 AUH-MCT back i/s after 3 months storage
A6-XWEA350-104138820/09 BOD-AUH as AIB388 still as F-WXAE after long std
A6-ETBB777-3FXER34598/54330/09 YYZ-AUH last svc & stored
A6-ETCB777-3FXER34599/54414/09 LHE-AUH last svc & stored
EVA AirB-16787B777-200F67031/170414/10 d/d PAE-TPE as BR689, i/s 19/10 TPE-HKG
Eznis AirwaysEI-GWVB737-7K238127/363214/10 LOS-BJV-ULN after lse to Arik Air on del. (ex PH-BGP)
FlyadealHZ-FABA320-214786707/09 RUH-GIZ last svc / to AMM 29/09 & stored
HZ-FAMA320-251N1053309/09 d/d TLS-JED (ex F-WWBZ), i/s 16/09 JED-RUH
FlyArystanEI-KBDA320-271N587013/09 ALA-HSA in svc after re-rgd., ex P4-KBD
EI-KBEA320-271N596821/10 ALA-CIT in svc after re-rgd., ex P4-KBE
EI-KBHA320-271N712410/09 ALA-NQZ in svc after re-rgd., ex P4-KBH
Fly BaghdadYI-BATB7379GPER35711/231922/09 PRG-BGW on del. still as OK-FTP (ex HL8097)
FlyDubaiA6-FMQB737-8 MAX60992/802324/08 AMM-DXB & put in svc 26/08 DXB-KRT (compl.)
A6-FMRB737-8 MAX60993/804205/09 AMM-DXB & put in svc 07/09 DXB-KRT (compl.)
A6-FMSB737-8 MAX60994/807222/09 d/d BFI-SNN-AMM as FZ9741
A6-FMTB737-8 MAX60995/811715/09 d/d BFI-DUB-AMM as FZ9741
FlyEgyptSU-TMNB737-86N32692/227511/09 ISL-CAI on del. (ex 2-RTNA/B-5325), i/s 19/09 CAI-SHJ
FlyGangwonHL8397B737-86N35145/284913/08 YNY-TAE put in svc after del. (compl.)
FlyNASHZ-NE24A330-343E160701/10 WOE-MLA for paint still as OE-IDB (ex TC-LOJ)
Garuda IndonesiaPK-GAOATR72-600132921/08 CGK-UPG back in svc after storage
PK-GEPB737-8AS29931/102003/08 PKY-CGK last svc / to GUM-HNL-SDM-BYH 19/09
PK-GFHB737-8U336850/338902/08 CGK-BDJ back in svc after storage
PK-GFKB737-86N37887/346314/08 LOP-CGK last svc & stored
PK-GFLB737-86N36808/350614/08 PLM-CGK last svc & stored (corr.)
PK-GFNB737-86N38033/360703/08 BDJ-CGK last svc / to SZB 15/08 ret. to lessor
PK-GFOB737-86N39403/367421/10 CGK-SZB after storage on ret. to lessor
PK-GFRB737-81D39417/380224/08 PKY-CGK last svc & stored (corr.)
PK-GFSB737-86N36830/386009/08 CGK-DJB back in svc after storage
PK-GFTB737-86N38032/386904/08 DJB-CGK last svc / to SZB 15/08 ret. to lessor
PK-GFZB737-86N38044/463515/08 CGK-SZB after storage ret. to lessor
PK-GMRB737-8U330150/342902/09 CGK-KUL after storage ret. to lessor
PK-GMVB737-8U338074/396028/07 CGK-PNK back in svc after storage
PK-GNAB737-8U341310/469217/09 UPG-CGK last svc & stored
PK-GNIB737-86N41267/495715/08 CGK-SZB after storage ret. to lessor
PK-GNLB737-86N41253/507821/10 CGK-SZB after long storage on ret. to lessor
PK-GNMB737-8U341322/505722/09 PLW-CGK last svc & stored
PK-GPPA330-243136414/08 BPN-CGK last svc & stored
PK-GPAA330-34113827/07 HKG-CGK last svc & stored
PK-GIDB777-3U3ER29146/114129/07 CGK-AMS back in svc after short storage (corr.)
PK-GIEB777-3U3ER29147/114828/09 CGK-SYD back in svc after 2 months storage
PK-GIHB777-3U3ER29144/130522/08 DPS-CGK last svc & stored
PK-GIJB777-3U3ER40072/133226/08 CGK-AMS back in svc after storage
GEO Sky4L-GEOB747-236F23711/67218/10 CGK-CAN after maint. and paint now in f/c
GO Air / GO FirstVT-WGPA320-271N814610/09 PNQ-DEL last svc & stored
VT-WJBA320-271N861309/09 BOM-DEL last svc & stored
VT-WJJA320-271N878511/10 HYD-DEL after repaint into new brand „Go First“
VT-WJQA320-271N937505/10 HYD-DEL after repaint into new brand „Go First“
VT-WJUA320-271N946708/10 DEL-LKO put in svc after del. (compl.)
VT-WJVA320-271N1001108/10 DEL-BLR put in svc after del. (compl.)
VT-WJWA320-271N953008/09 DEL-IXC put in svc after del. (compl.)
VT-WJXA320-271N954224/09 d/d XFW-DEL as GOW9542 (ex D-AXAM)
Greater Bay AirlinesB-KJAB737-8JP42277/632006/09 HAM-NQZ-HKG on del. (ex D-AAGB)
EI-FVRB737-8JP42279/638208/10 WOE-NQZ-CAN prior del. / to get B-reg
Gulf AirA9C-NDA321-253NX1025601/09 BAH-MLE put in svc after del. (compl.)
Hainan AirlinesB-1487B737-84P62571/647630/09 HGH-DLC last svc & stored
B-1490B737-84P62572/655330/09 HFE-DLC last svc & stored
B-1505B737-84P39962/546028/09 PEK-DLC last svc & stored
B-1796B737-84P41589/533130/09 KHN-DLC last svc & stored
B-304KA330-343E189912/10 HAK-PEK as HU304 for cont. storage
B-1097A330-343E186005/08 SHA-PEK last svc & stored
B-1098A330-343E187506/08 SHA-PEK last svc & stored
B-5905A330-343E132505/10 SZX-PEK last svc & stored
B-6520A330-343E116830/07 CAN-PEK last svc & stored
B-2723B787-834944/8111/10 CSX-PEK last svc & stored
B-2728B787-834938/7317/09 CTU-PEK last svc & stored
B-20ALB787-962728/84105/08 CAN-PEK last svc & stored
B-207JB787-962740/76607/09 SZX-PEK last svc & stored
B-207VB787-962732/77906/08 CAN-PEK last svc & stored
B-6998B787-962718/51416/08 SZX-HAK last svc & stored
Hokkaido Air SystemJA13HCATR42-600161029/09 d/d TLS-HER-MCT-MLE-CMB-PDG-HLP-MNL as F-WNUC in spcial JAL „One World“ c/s, parked KOJ 17/10
Indian NavyIN330B737-800A64892/852618/10 d/d ex BFI (ex N611DS)
IndiGoVT-IXZATR72-600160021/09 d/d TLS-HER as F-WNUB(ex F-WWEK,LFBF-TLS 29/07)
VT-IRAATR72-600162321/09 d/d TLS-HER-HRG-DWC-DEL as F-WKVC (ex F-WWEP)
VT-IRBATR72-600165925/10 r/o TLS as F-WWEE in f/c after paint prior del.
VT-IRDATR72-600166026/10 testflown TLS f/c as F-WWEF prior del.
VT-IDYA320-214443808/09 BOM-DEL last svc / to SAW 13/09 ret. to lessor
VT-IEIA320-232481318/09 SAW-DEL after storage / to SAW 24/09 ret. to lessor
VT-IEMA320-232494708/10 IXM-DEL last svc / to HYD 11/10
VT-IENA320-232495413/09 CJB-DEL last svc / to AUH 18/09 ret. to lessor
VT-IERA320-232507604/09 ISL-DEL / to ISL 07/09 ret. to lessor
VT-IFJA320-232547311/09 MAA-DEL last svc / to ISL 23/10 ret. to lessor
VT-IFLA320-232550717/10 RGN-CCU last svc & stored
VT-IFMA320-232553713/10 IXJ-DEL last svc & stored
VT-IFNA320-232557714/10 BOM-HYD last svc & stored
VT-IFPA320-232567615/10 BLR-BOM last svc & stored
VT-IFYA320-232592316/10 BOM-DEL last svc & stored
VT-IGZA320-232455212/10 KUL-DEL / to TBS-IST-CQM 18/10 ret. to lessor
VT-IHHA320-214313817/09 DEL-BLR last svc & stored
VT-IHJA320-232280406/10 AMM-DEL / to TBS-IST-LFBF 10/10 a/w ret. to lessor
VT-IHXA320-232449109/10 BOM-JAI last svc & stored
VT-IKDA320-232213503/09 LKO-DEL last svc / to HYD 08/09 ret. to lessor
VT-IKEA320-232213816/09 HYD-DEL last svc & stored
VT-IKIA320-232464509/10 JDH-MAA last svc & stored
VT-IIAA320-251N1061014/09 DEL-CCU in svc after del. (compl.)
VT-IIBA320-251N1057923/09 d/d TLS-DEL as IGO9001 (ex F-WWBE), i/s 14/10
VT-IIDA320-251N1087614/09 d/d TLS-DEL as IGO9001 (ex F-WWTL), i/s 25/09
VT-IIEA320-251N1058107/10 d/d TLS-DEL as IGO9001 (ex F-WWDK), i/s 15/10
VT-IIFA320-251N1059218/09 d/d TLS-DEL as IGO9001 (ex F-WWDS), i/s 02/10
VT-IIGA320-251N1060214/10 d/d TLS-DEL as IGO9001 (ex F-WWBU), i/s 23/10
VT-IIHA320-251N1061512/10 d/d TLS-DEL as IGO9001 (ex F-WWIC), i/s 22/10
VT-IIJA320-251N1062527/10 d/d TLS-DEL as IGO9001 (ex F-WWTS)
VT-ISXA320-251N1055820/08 DEL-MAA in svc after del. (compl.)
VT-ILRA321-251NX1055108/09 DEL-MAA in svc after del. (compl.)
VT-ILSA321-251NX1044521/09 DEL-MAA in svc after del. (compl.)
VT-ILTA321-251NX1020513/10 d/d XFW-DEL as IGO9001 (ex D-AZAI)
VT-ILUA321-251NX1069922/09 d/d XFW-DEL as IGO9001 (ex D-AVXD), i/s 08/10
IsrairOK-TSDB737-8Q841795/489516/09 PRG-TLV on lease fr Smartwings, ret. on 29/09
OK-TSSB737-81M35272/253729/09 PRG-TLV on lease fr Smartwings
Japan AirlinesJA10XJA350-94153124/08 HND-OKA put in svc after del. (compl.)
JA11XJA350-94153511/09 d/d TLS-HND as JL8102 (ex F-WZGD), i/s 30/09
JA12XJA350-94153601/10 d/d TLS-HND as JL8102 (ex F-WZHG), i/s 05/10
Jazeera9K-CBGA320-251N1036624/09 d/d TLS-KWI as JZR59 (ex F-WWIF), i/s 01/10
9K-CBHA320-251N1048825/08 KWI-SAW put in svc after del. (compl.)
JD AirlinesB-221LB737-86NF32687/222914/10 seen TNA f/c after freighter conv. (ex N251GE)
Jeju AirHL8295B737-8Q830694/186307/10 GMP-TSN after long storage for freighter conv. / sold
Jordan AviationJY-JATA320-211206131/08 TUN-AMM after lse to Tunis Air, i/s 02/09 AMM-IST a/w
Joy AirB-221CB737-8JP42276/626304/09 HAK-XIY on del. in special c/s (ex N470TN)
Juneyao AirlinesB-324UA320-271N1058024/09 d/d TSN-PVG (ex B-005H/F-WWDT, TLS-TSN 31/08)
B-324VA320-271N1054930/08 PVG-SQJ put in svc after del. (compl.)
B-20ECB787-965430/96922/09 CHS-VCV for deep storage prior del. (ex N878BA)
Kam AirYA-KMNB737-52428915/299324/09 KBP-SQQ for cont. storage
YA-KMCB737-3H428399/291826/09 KBL-ISB back in svc after storage
YA-KMJB737-3H427712/282114/09 TAS-KBL after storage, i/s 22/09 KBL-ISB
YA-KMLB737-31S27709/281428/08 KBP-MZR (corr.), back i/s 19/09 MZR-TBS
YA-KMMB737-3H427717/289224/09 KBL-ISB back in svc after storage
YA-KMEA340-313X31815/09 KBL-SQQ after long storage / intended for Air Hub
YA-KMHA340-313X38724/08 KBL-AUH back in svc (was not stored/corr.)
K Mile AirHS-KMEB737-8ASF29930/75701/10 TNA-BKK on del. in full Teleport c/s (ex N993JP)
Korean AirHL8390B787-937388/07/10 PAE-VCV for deep storage prior del.
Kuwait Airways9K-APAA330-243162630/09 KWI-MNL after 3 months storage for maint.
9K-APBA330-243164304/10 KWI-ISL after 3 months storage for maint.
9K-APCA330-243165308/10 KWI-MNL after 4 months storage for maint.
9K-APDA330-243167801/10 DXB-KWI last svc & stored
Lion AirPK-LJWB737-8GP37295/409206/08 SRG-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LJYB737-8GP38722/412520/08 AAP-SUB back in svc after storage
PK-LKHB737-8GP37297/419308/08 PDG-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LKRB737-8GP38686/433205/08 DJB-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LKTB737-8GP38733/451718/08 BKS-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LKWB737-8GP38734/457815/08 YIA-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LOHB737-8GP38744/476226/08 PLM-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LOIB737-8GP38746/478310/08 GTO-UPG back in svc after storage
PK-LOJB737-8GP38747/477729/08 PDG-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LOMB737-8GP38750/486710/08 LOP-SUB back in svc after storage
PK-LOQB737-8GP39816/492409/08 LOP-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LORB737-8GP39818/493609/08 KNO-BTJ back in svc after storage
PK-LOVB737-8GP39817/495401/08 KNO-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LFVB7379GPER35723/284822/10 CGK-ASP as JT1011 ret. to lessor (to N357AG)
PK-LGJB7379GPER35727/293412/09 PKY-BTH for cont. storage
PK-LGMB7379GPER35730/307504/08 BDJ-SRG back in svc after storage
PK-LGRB7379GPER35734/315317/07 CGK-BTH after storage, back i/s 29/07 BTH-KNO
PK-LGSB7379GPER35735/318314/08 BDJ-SUB back in svc after storage
PK-LGYB7379GPER37270/333313/08 LOP-SUB back in svc after storage
PK-LHHB7379GPER37275/337507/08 BDJ-SUB back in svc after storage
PK-LHLB7379GPER37274/344106/08 PLM-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LHOB7379GPER37278/355508/08 KNO-BTH back in svc after storage
PK-LHPB7379GPER37279/357308/08 BDJ-SUB back in svc after storage
PK-LJMB7379GPER38313/393604/09 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD as VP-CEP / sold to Delta AL
PK-LJOB7379GPER38315/395415/09 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD as VP-CEQ / sold to Delta AL
PK-LJPB7379GPER37291/396614/09 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD as VP-CEH / sold to Delta AL
PK-LJZB7379GPER37296/412809/08 PLW-UPG back in svc after storage
PK-LPHB7379GPER39878/509613/10 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD as VP-CIQ / sold to Delta AL
PK-LSIB7379GPER38749/484331/08 BDJ-SUB back in svc after storage
PK-LSKB7379GPER39837/534704/08 BTH-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LSOB7379GPER38306/600608/08 BPN-SUB back in svc after storage
PK-LEGA330-343E168021/09 PDG-CGK back in svc after storage & parked again
PK-LELA330-343E182029/08 BTJ-KNO for cont. storage
PK-LEMA330-343E182819/09 BTJ-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LEIA330-941192610/10 SUB-CGK back in svc after storage
PK-LEJA330-941192726/09 SUB-UPG back in svc after storage
PK-LEQA330-941195626/09 UPG-SUB back in svc after storage
PK-LERA330-941197811/09 CGK-CAN back in svc after storage
PK-LESA330-941193308/09 CGK-CAN back in svc after storage
PK-LETA330-941193917/09 BPN-CGK back in svc after storage
Loong AirB-323UA321-251N1042820/08 HGH-CAN put in svc after del. (compl.)
Malindo9M-LGDATR72-600157905/08 SZB-BTH a/w for cont. storage
9M-LNSB737-8GP39858/550306/09 KUl-KCH last svc / to SZB 13/09 / to KUL 15/09 / to MCT-OSR 06/10 on return to lessor
9M-LNFB7379GPER38687/436829/09 SZB-KUL-GUM-HNL-SBD after long std / sold to Delta
Mandarin AirlinesB-16823EMB190AR9925/06 RMQ-TSA after storage, in svc 15/08 TSA-KNH
B-16827EMB190AR18215/08 RMQ-TSA after storage, in svc 15/08 TSA-KNH
B-16828EMB190AR19012/08 RMQ-TSA-TPE for cont. storage
B-16829EMB190AR30229/07 TSA-RMQ for cont. storage
MEAT7-MRDA320-214574605/09 EBL-BEY last svc / to SHJ 11/10 / sold as OE-ITV
Mesk Air9H-MSKB747-4H6(F)27044/104114/09 MCI-IST on del. (ex N282JM)
Myanmar InternationalP4-KCGEMB190LR64312/10 MST-HRG-MCT-RGN on del., to get XY-reg
My Indo AirlinesPK-MYJB737-436F25857/245115/10 seen CGK prior del. (ex Cardigair PK-DJK)
Nok AirHS-DQBDash 8-402Q445829/07 TNN-DMK & back in svc 31/08 DMK-CNX
HS-DQGDash 8-402Q452805/08 HKT-UTP last svc / to DMK 05/08 & stored
HS-DQHDash 8-402Q453027/09 DMK-TNN for cont. storage
HS-DBGB737-8FH35094/219502/09 BKK-POM back in svc after storage
HS-DBOB737-8AS33621/205810/09 DMK-CNX back in svc after storage
HS-DBPB737-8FZ39336/482115/08 DMK-HKT back in svc after storage
HS-DBRB737-86N43420/503126/09 DMK-HDY back in svc after storage
HS-DBSB737-86N43421/513702/09 DMK-CEI back in svc after storage
HS-DBTB737-88L61293/551916/09 DMK-CNX back in svc after storage
HS-DBVB737-88L61295/581006/09 DMK-CNX back in svc after storage
HS-DBXB737-88L61297/616216/10 DMK-UBP back in svc after storage
North-Western CargoB-2866B757-25CF34009/104823/09 CTU-UYN on del. after freighter conv.
Oman AirA4O-BAFB737-8SH41350/623823/06 KHI-MCT last svc & stored
A4O-BAHB737-8SH41354/630730/06 SLL-MCT last svc & stored
A4O-MAB737-8 MAX43294/676202/09 MCT-KHS back in svc after long storage
A4O-MBB737-8 MAX43295/682502/09 MCT-SLL back in svc after long storage
A4O-MCB737-8 MAX43298/696005/09 MCT-SLL back in svc after long storage
A4O-MDB737-8 MAX43328/705305/09 MCT-SLL back in svc after long storage
A4O-MEB737-8 MAX43794/713306/09 MCT-SLL back in svc after long storage
A4O-MKB737-8 MAX43305/768926/08 MCT-SLL put in svc after del. (compl.)
A4O-DBA330-343E104410/10 CGK-MCT after maint./storage, i/s 11/10 MCT-BKK
A4O-DDA330-343E106323/08 MCT-CGK as WY7033 after long storage for maint.
OTT AirlinesB-651FARJ21-70016031/08 d/d at PVG (ex B-001Y), seen i/s 19/10
B-651GARJ21-70016219/09 d/d at PVG (ex B-001T)
Pakistan PIAAP-BLYA320-216292604/10 ISB-KHI last svc / to KUL-CGK 10/10 ret to lessor
AP-BLZA320-216294414/09 ISB-KHI last svc / to KUL-CGK 19/09 ret to lessor
AP-BOKA320-214778408/10 rgd., i/s 18/10 ISB-KHI (ex OE-IOR/XA-UNO)
AP-A320-214779222/10 PGF-CAI-ISB on del. still as OE-IOT (ex XA-FUN)
PeachJA811PA320-214587413/08 NGS-KIX last svc / sold as F-WXAR & KIX-XSP 10/09
JA206PA320-251N1059116/10 d/d TLS-NQZ-KIX as F-WJKP (ex F-WWDZ)
Pelita Air ServicePK-PAMATR72-212A54804/09 BLL-SKG-HRG-AUH-DEL-DEC-HKT-HLP-PCB on del.
Qatar AirwaysA7-ACSA330-20282018/08 DOH-MAA put i/s after del. in basic c/s as freighter
A7-ACTA330-20276017/08 DOH-KWI put i/s after del. in basic c/s as freighter
A7-AEGA330-30273404/08 DOH-CDG put i/s after storage in basic c/s as freighter
A7-AEOA330-30291801/09 DOH-SIN put i/s after storage in basic c/s as freighter
OO-ABAA340-313E83502/09 DOH-BRU put i/s as freighter on lease fr Air Belgium
Royal JordanianJY-AYXA320-232295315/07 LCA-AMM last svc & stored
JY-BAHB787-837985/52218/10 AMM-YUL in svc now in special „overall Petra“ c/s
SaudiaHZ-AREB787-941548/54211/09 seen JED in full special „75 years“ c/s
HZ-AR28B777-368ER42266/132211/09 seen AUH in full special retro c/s after repaint
Saudi AramcoN807XAB737-80063406/685123/07 SNN-ATH-DMM on del., i/s 19/08 (compl.)
Saudi GulfVP-CGWA320-232643515/10 DMM-AMM after long storage on ret. to lessor
SCATUP-B3732B737-82R35699/271203/10 SAW-CIT on del. still as TC-CCK, i/s 14/10 CIT-NQZ
Scoot9V-NCEA321-271NX1080520/09 SIN-BKK put in svc after del. (compl.)
SF AirlinesB-220ZB757-28AF33099/102808/10 CTU-SZX on del. (ex N202DP), i/s 12/10 SZX-CTU
Shandong AirlinesB-220WB737-8JP42272/614129/09 TNA-SZX put i/s (ex N903AU/EI-FJY)
B-220XB737-8JP42275/625717/09 TNA-SZX put i/s (ex N903BU/EI-FVJ)
Sichuan AirlinesB-325GA320-271N1046317/09 d/d TSN-CTU as CSC308 (ex B-007A), i/s 18/09
Silk Air9V-MGFB737-8SA44222/508909/10 SIN-BNE / sold to Virgin Australia as VH-IJQ
9V-MGIB737-8SA44225/526021/09 SIN-BNE / sold to Virgin Australia as VH-IWQ
9V-MGOB737-8SA44231/587721/10 seen SIN now a/w with UAE flag / for UAE Gvmt
Singapore Airlines9V-SSIA330-343E166615/10 SIN-SHJ-TEV after long storage on ret. to lessor
9V-SWMB777-312ER34578/70103/09 SIN-PVG put in svc after storage
9V-SWSB777-312ER34584/72902/09 SIN-CGK put in svc after storage
9V-SWTB777-312ER34585/75904/09 SIN-PVG put in svc after storage
SKY KG AirlinesEX-20401TU204-100B1,45074E+1207/10 MRV-DME after storage
EX-20402TU204-100B1,45074E+1208/10 MRV-DME after storage
EX-47003B747-4H625703/102505/10 testflown FRU prior svc entry (ex EC-KXN)
SpiceJetVT-SGHB737-8GJ36369/336315/10 CCU-DEL last svc / to TEQ-SNN 26/10 ret. to lessor
VT-SLLB737-8EH34274/246818/10 GOI-DEL last svc / to TEQ-SNN 26/10 ret. to lessor
9H-JAIA340-313X23615/10 BLR-ESB-JFK last svc / to AMM 17/10
Spring AirlinesB-326QA321-253NX1040627/10 d/d XFW-NQZ-PVG as CQH9910 (ex D-AVZY)
Super Air JetPK-SAJA320-232448815/08 CGK-KNO put in svc after del. (compl.)
PK-SAKA320-214367928/10 KUL-CGK on del. (ex OE-ILY/HS-ABH)
PK-SATA320-232603203/09 BTH-CGK on del. (ex VH-XUG), i/s 18/09 CGK-KNO
PK-SAVA320-232463711/08 CGK-KNO put in svc after del. (compl.)
PK-SAWA320-232451815/09 KUL-CGK / to BTH 21/09, i/s 03/10 (ex OE-ITL/VT-IGX)
PK-A320-232590014/09 BTH-CGK on del. (ex VH-VNR)
VT-IEIA320-232481303/10 seen SAW in f/c prior del. / to get PK-reg
Sriwijaya AirPK-CMUB737-86N33003/112129/09 CGK-BOM-MCT-OSR on return to lessor
Tbilisi AirwaysCP-3020B737-37Q28531/290431/08 CBB-NAT-SID-ALG-TBS on del. / to get 4L-reg
Texel AirA9C-SJWB737-7K2F34170/170106/10 BAH-ADJ in svc after del. (ex N732CE)
Thai Air AsiaHS-ABEA320-216348922/10 DMK-KUL as FD9801 after long storage
HS-ABFA320-216350522/10 DMK-KUL as FD9802 after long storage
HS-ABKA320-216408817/10 DMK-KUL as FD9801 after long storage
HS-ABLA320-216412622/10 DMK-KUL as FD9803 after long storage
Thai Air Asia XHS-XTCA330-343X69206/09 PVG-DMK last svc & stored
Thai Lion AirHS-LAQA330-941198420/09 d/d TLS-DMK as TLM1 in Lion Air c/s (ex F-WWCT)
HS-LARA330-941198730/09 d/d TLS-DMK as TLM2 in Lion Air c/s (ex F-WWKV)
Thai SmileHS-TXDA320-232530101/09 BKK-CNX back in svc after storage
HS-TXHA320-232582820/10 BKK-CNX back in svc after 3 months storage
HS-TXLA320-232595124/09 BKK-CNX back in svc after 2 months storage
HS-TXMA320-232597901/10 BKK-CNX back in svc after 2 months storage
HS-TXNA320-232611301/09 BKK-KKC back in svc after storage
HS-TXOA320-232614012/09 BKK-CEI back in svc after storage
HS-TXPA320-232625401/10 BKK-CNX back in svc after 2 months storage
HS-TXQA320-232629701/09 BKK-NST back in svc after storage
HS-TXTA320-232677520/10 DMK-BKK after storage, i/s 21/10 BKK-HKT
Thai VietjetHS-VKAA320-214274506/10 BKK-HDY back in svc after 3 months storage
HS-VKCA320-214687811/09 BKK-CNX back in svc after storage
HS-VKDA320-214490723/09 BKK-UBP back in svc after storage
HS-VKFA320-214447511/09 BKK-UBP back in svc after storage
HS-VKNA320-214624201/09 BKK-UTH back in svc after storage
HS-VKOA320-214602501/09 BKK-CNX back in svc after storage
HS-VKPA320-214574201/09 BKK-URT back in svc after storage
HS-VKQA320-214582201/09 BKK-HKT back in svc after storage
HS-VKHA321-211685208/09 HAN-BKK after storage, back i/s 09/09 BKK-HKT
HS-VKLA321-211768018/09 BKK-CNX back in svc after 2 months storage
HS-VKRA321-211696815/09 BKK-CNX in svc after transfer, ex VN-A541
Tibet AirlinesB-323JA319-1151036122/10 d/d XFW-NQZ-CTU after storage (ex D-AVWJ)
Vietnam AirlinesVN-A878B787-1060296/110417/09 CHS-VCV for deep storage prior del.
VistaraVT-TTJA320-232686512/09 PAT-DEL last svc / to ISL 17/09 ret. to lessor
VT-TQGA320-251N1055214/10 d/d TLS-DEL (ex F-WWTX)
VT-TVDA321-251NX1037706/10 d/d XFW-DEL (ex D-AYAS)
Weststar Aviation2-TSSAB767-238ER23896/18304/09 SZB-DWC-STN-SNN after storage
WingsPK-WFHATR72-212A88303/09 SRG-DPS back in svc after storage
PK-WFKATR72-212A90518/08 BTH-PLM after storage, i/s 15/09 PLM-BDO
PK-WFRATR72-212A94613/09 BTH-NTX back in svc after storage
PK-WFZATR72-212A105507/09 BDO-SUB back in svc after storage
PK-WGHATR72-600106704/09 GTO-MDC back in svc after storage
PK-WGJATR72-600107920/08 UPG-MOF back in svc after storage
PK-WGRATR72-600119321/09 JOG-SUB back in svc after storage
PK-WGSATR72-600113426/08 KNO-GNS back in svc after storage
PK-WGTATR72-600122001/09 BTH-NTX back in svc after storage
PK-WHFATR72-600124710/09 PKU-PLM back in svc after storage
PK-WHHATR72-600125617/09 BTH-PKU after storage, i/s 06/10 PKU-PLM
PK-WHOATR72-600142024/08 KDI-WNI back in svc after storage
PK-WHPATR72-600129019/08 PNK-KTG back in svc after storage
PK-WHQATR72-600129117/09 SRG-DPS back in svc after storage
PK-WHVATR72-600138202/09 SUB-JOG back in svc after storage
PK-WHWATR72-600142608/09 PKU-PLM back in svc after storage
PK-WJTATR72-600117912/09 MDC-TTE back in svc after storage
PK-WJUATR72-600118626/08 UPG-MOF back in svc after storage
World Cargo Airline9M-WCMB737-33RF28869/288705/10 rgd. (ex N286TM/ZS-TIV)
Air New ZealandZK-OJBA320-232209008/08 CHC-AKL last svc / to RAR-HNL-TUS 14/09 ret. to lsr
Alliance AirlinesVH-UYKEMB190AR8919/08 CNS-TSV put in svc after del. (compl.)
VH-UYNEMB190AR9503/08 rgd. after del. (ex N995QQ/HP-1562CMP)
VH-UYREMB190AR10014/10 SJO-SDM-HNL-MAJ-BNE still as N901QQ, rgd. 23/10
VH-UYUEMB190AR12629/09 SJO-SDM-HNL-MAJ-BNE still as N926QQ, rgd. 15/10
VH-XFLEMB190LR35431/08 rgd. after del. (ex M-ABOA/HB-JVL)
VH-XFMEMB190LR42013/09 rgd. after del. (ex M-ABOB/HB-JVQ)
VH-XVQEMB190AR13908/09 SJO-BRO-OAK-HNL-MAJ-BNE as N954UW, rgd. 23/09
Cobham2-KLEYEMB190LR8707/09 CRK-SUB-PER a/w on del. (ex B-16821)
Fiji AirwaysDQ-FADB737-8 MAX64308/731321/10 ASP-BNE-NAN as FJ2002 after long storage
DQ-FAHB737-8 MAX64311/788120/08 NAN-BNE back in svc after 3 months storage
DQ-FJUA330-243141607/10 NAN-HKG back in svc after 3 months storage
DQ-FAJA350-94132025/09 NAN-LAX back in svc after 3 months storage
JetGoVH-JGREMB145LR38121/10 seen MEL all red c/s after del. (ex N280SK)
JetstarVH-YXWA320-232579615/10 ASP-BNE on del. (ex JA18JJ)
VH-VKKB787-836237/32115/10 ASP-SYD after long storage
Maroomba AirlinesVH-QQHDash 8-31459208/09 EXT-GOA-HER-CAI-BAH-MCT-AMD-BLR-HRI-BTJ-HLP-PHE-PER still as OY-CJY on del. (note corr. date!)
Pacific Air ExpressVH-PQAB757-225F22611/7519/10 BNE-PPG-OGG-MCI after storage on ret. to lessor
Virgin AustraliaVH-IJQB737-8SA44222/508909/10 SIN-BNE on del / to TSV 17/10 for paint
VH-IWQB737-8SA44225/526021/09 SIN-BNE still as 9V-MGI on del / to TSV & re-rgd. 26/09
VH-VUIB737-8FE34441/201510/09 rgd. after re-del. (ex N341CG)
VH-VUJB737-8FE34443/205606/10 GEG-HIO-HNL-MAJ-BNE on re-del still as N343CG
VH-YFEB737-81D39414/04/09 rgd. after long storage, back in svc 21/09 BNE-ADL
Aero2-AEROEMB135LR70213/10 re-rgd. again N402AT (ex N402AT)
?2-GATEB737-8AS33813/161708/10 UTP-KHV-ANC-DHN for freighter conv. (ex HS-TSS)
GA Telesis2-GPIBATR72-212A70711/09 LFBF-TLS / to GCI 13/09 after long storage (ex I-ADLW) / to KEF-YGP-YQT 24/09 for freighter conversion
?2-HJCHFokker 701152822/09 CUR-NAS-YHZ-KEF-WOE a/w after storage
?2-HZPREMB190AR42421/09 BNA-SJU-SID-LAD-JNB after storage (ex VH-ZPR)
?2-LRGGB737-86N38039/446922/10 seen DUB a/w (ex LN-RGG)
?2-VSLPA320-232508927/08 rgd. / stored SIN (ex 9V-SLP) / to KHI-CAI-KUN 23/09
?9H-AIXA330-20287717/09 MZJ-SBD after storage (ex CS-TOL) / to get LV-KAN
?C-FXUUCRJ200712828/09 YYC-TLC a/w, reg. cancelled 07/10 (for TUM Aerocarga)
Lufthansa TechnikD-AAANA330-343E135706/10 FCN-BRU still full Avianca c/s after std / to CQM 08/10
Lufthansa TechnikD-AABEA321-231576710/10 ICN-NQZ-LFBF for storage (ex HL8280)
Lufthansa TechnikD-AABFA321-231577410/10 ICN-NQZ-LFBF for storage (ex HL8281)
AirbusEC-336A330-243200814/09 d/d TLS-QYM as AIB336 for MRTT-modifications
AerCapEI-DIRA330-20227212/10 CDT-PMI-AMM after long storage (ex A6-EYV)
AircastleEI-GSLB737-85R35082/255014/09 CGK-NAG-ERZ-AYT after storage (ex VT-SYC)
?EI-GVIA320-232417407/09 testflown CHR after storage (ex HA-LPZ)
?EI-GWLA320-232502729/09 rgd. / stored LFBF a/w (ex VT-IEP)
Macquarie Air FinanceEI-GWXB737-8CX32361/109808/09 LFBF-KEF-BGR-MIA still in Sun Express c/s (ex TC-SED)
?ES-MAGA321-231230316/09 testflown 16/09 TLL still in Vietnam Airlines c/s
AirbusF-WJKIA350-94120010/09 LDE-VCV after storage (ex PR-XTH), for Delta AL
?F-WKVEATR72-212A68219/10 LFBF-KEF-YFB-YYR-COE for freighter conv (ex PRMPW)
?F-WKVKATR72-212A71427/09 LFBF-KEF-YFB-YYR-COE for freighter conv (ex ZK-MCC)
ACIAF-WTBUEMB145EP4323/10 CFE-CMN-GMD after storage (ex F-GRGD)
AirbusF-WXARA320-214587410/09 KIX-XSP after storage (ex JA811P)
?G-FLBCDash 8-402Q425710/09 MST-KEF after long storage / sold to Conair
?G-FLBEDash 8-402Q426127/10 NRN-MST after long storage / sold to Conair
Nordic Aviation CapitalG-JECXDash 8-402Q415515/10 seen MST now a/w with purple tail & engines / for FlyBe
DAE CapitalLZ-AWHA320-214291407/09 XCR-LFBF after storage a/w for repaint (ex VT-IHD)
DAE CapitalLZ-DABA321-231291608/09 XCR-LFBF after storage in full Onur Air c/s (ex TC-JMM)
DAE CapitalLZ-DBSA320-214324013/09 HAK-KMG-KHV-ANC after storage (ex B-1825)
BBAMM-ABOLB737-86N36804/337414/10 TNN-CJU-TNA after std for freighter conv. (ex PK-GFE)
?M-ABORATR72-212A63015/10 testflown LFBF in basic ANZ c/s (ex ZK-MCP)
?M-ABOSAvro RJ100E335722/09 NWI-EGTC after storage (ex SE-RJI) / for EcoJet
?M-SKALA330-343F147714/09 DRS-MLA for paint after conv. / for DHL as D-AJFK
AerSaleN30ASB737-76N30050/42926/10 MZJ-OPF after long storage (ex PR-VBV)
?N102FFB737-476F28150/277312/10 DHN-SLW on del. / intended for Aeronaves TSM
?N111CXA319-11471107/11 GWO-SGF-ANC-KHV-TYN in basic Trans Canada c/s
AerSaleN186ANB757-22332380/96415/09 ROW-ANC-KHV-XMN after storage for freighter conv.
Cargo Aircraft Mgmt.N203CMB767-375ER25121/37223/10 ILN-TLV for freighter conv. (ex C-GSCA)
?N203UWB757-23N30548/93002/09 ROW-ABQ-ANC-ICN-CTU after std for freighter conv.
?N204UWB757-23N30886/94512/10 ROW-ABQ after long storage
?N222DPB767-38AER29618/79201/10 rgd. / stored SAW still in IKAR c/s (ex VP-BDI)
?N233GEB737-86NF38030/413917/09 TNN-ICN-NQZ-OSR after freighter conv. (ex VT-SYV)
?N248GEB737-8EHF34267/231111/10 seen TNA in full Kargo Express c/s after freighter conv.
GECASN264GEB737-86N43411/577320/10 SZB-TNA after storage (ex XY-ALF)
KEB Aircraft SalesN287KBMD-8749768/159530/09 SCK-TKI after long storage
ACGN291CSB737-86QF30291/143526/10 MIA-DHN after freighter conv. for paint (ex VP-CGK)
ICBCN315SLB737-86N35212/227714/10 KUN-ALA-TNA for freighter conv. (ex 5R-EBA)
?N341CGB737-8FE34441/201502/09 VCV-SBD-HNL-MAJ-BNE after storage / for Virgin
?N377CLB777-35RER35164/66019/10 AMS-VCV-MHV for cont. storage (ex VT-JEW)
Aer CapN381ARB737-84P36781/327813/10 GYR-CWF after storage (ex 2-AERH)
Cargo Aircraft Mgmt.N398ANB767323ERF29605/74826/10 TLV-SNN-CVG after freighter conv. / for ATI N257AZ
AircastleN432ACA321-231625326/10 rgd. / stored CWF (ex RP-C9911)
?N471BSB737-86JF30499/56701/10 seen TLV after freighter conv. (ex 2-JMMF), for IAero
?N529ACB737-8ASF29925/58827/09 TNA-NQZ-DRS-SNN after freighter conv. (ex OM-GTE)
?N553SXA319-112317101/09 rgd. / parked GYR (ex CC-AMP)
AerCapN575AEB737-84P35757/319227/10 GYR-CWF after long storage (ex 2-AERI)
GECASN592CCB737-86N39401/412708/10 TNN-ICN-NQZ-OSR-SNN for repaint (ex VT-TGI)
?N707HPB737-883F30468/66817/09 testfl. TSN after freighter conv. in DHL c/s (ex LN-RPR)
?N763PBB737-88330197/79826/09 MZJ-TUS-ANC-PKC-TSN for freighter conv. (ex LN-RCZ)
AirbahnN786PBA320-214397405/10 rgd. / stored ISL (ex AP-EDA)
?N832HKEMB145LR77129/09 BGR-MMU-FLL after storage
?N841HKEMB145LR38204/10 GTF-SLW after storage (ex HB-JAJ)
Boeing CapitalN855BCB777-312ER34568/58628/10 SIN-VCV after long storage (ex 9V-SWA)
?N858AMB737-8Q8F30671/130730/09 MIA-DHN after freighter conv. (ex C-GLBW)
Wilmington Trust CoN867DAB777-232ER29743/38728/10 CWF-MZJ for cont. storage (after repaint?)
?N891PWA321-211679704/09 VCV-MEX after long storage (ex CC-BEG) / for LATAM
Cargo Aircraft Mgmt.N898CUB767-333ER25586/59907/10 MZJ-ILN prior freighter conv. (ex C-FMWV)
Cargo Aircraft Mgmt.N900UDB767-333ER25585/59705/09 MZJ-ILN prior freighter conv. (ex C-FMWU)
Carlyle Aviation PartnersN906CLB777-31H29063/26219/10 AFW-TEV for cont. storage (ex 2-RLBN/9M-FSM)
?N920CGA320-251N925016/09 GEG-GYR after storage, for Avianca
BoeingN947DCB737-73W40117/370114/09 SBD-BGR-BHX for conv. to AEW&C (for Royal AF)
Carlyle Aviation PartnersN962CLB777-31H29062/25619/10 AFW-TEV for cont. storage (ex 2-RLBM/9M-FSL)
?N992JPB737-8AS29927/72718/09 MZJ-ANC-CTS-ICN-PVG for conv. (ex XA-AMZ)
Aelis GroupN1199ATR72-600119909/09 BYH-BGR-YYR-KEF-BFS-MGL after std (ex HK-5323)
?N1926BA321-231192626/10 rgd. / parked GYR (ex B-MAQ)
Sino Jet ManagementN2708EB737-7LT39095/414808/10 BSL-NQZ on del. / to get B-reg
JetranN6381B767-316ER40592/103122/09 BRO-ROW prior freighter conv. (ex PT-MOB)
JetranN6388B767-316ER41996/105227/10 BRO-ROW prior freighter conv. (ex PT-MOE)
AerCapN28836B757-20428836/86107/10 MZJ-HNL-GUM-XMN after std for conv. (ex G-BYAY)
?N73730B737-3Q826312/269319/09 MZJ-YQX-PIK-EVN after storage (ex EW-336PA)
Philipp Aviation Cons.OE-IECB737-82R35701/249620/10 rgd. / stored KUN (ex TC-CCJ)
?OE-IETA320-232268908/10 TEV-ISL after long storage (ex XU-720)
?OE-IFJA320-232394327/10 rgd. / stored ISL (ex VT-INZ)
GECASOE-IHYB777-36NER32790/51213/09 CQM-SNN-VCV for cont. storage (ex A6-EBC)
SMBCOE-IIMB737-8AS35017/305209/09 rgd. / stored OSR (ex UR-PSV)
GECASOE-ILSB777-36NER32788/53213/10 CQM-TLV for freighter conv. after std (ex A6-EBE)
SMBCOE-IMAB737-8AS37542/302109/09 rgd. / stored OSR (ex UR-PSU)
AvalonOE-INNA320-232405316/10 SBD-DLH-KEF-MPL after storage (ex VH-VNO)
?OE-IORA320-214778413/09 PGF-CAI-ISB after storage for repaint / for PIA
BBAMOE-IPVB737-8FZ29659/328010/10 PRG-SNN after storage for repaint (ex HL8325)
AvolonOE-ISKA330-22380214/10 CQM-SNN after std (ex EC-MTY) / to BGR-HDO 22/10
AvolonOE-ISRA330-24397528/10 CQM-LGW-SNN after std (ex A6-EYR) / for Condor
?OE-ISYA320-232435104/09 BUD-RIX after storage (ex HA-LWD)
?OE-ISZA320-232437214/09 BUD-RIX after storage (ex HA-LWE)
?OE-ITGA320-232507611/10 rgd. / parked ISL (ex VT-IER)
GECASOE-ITVA320-214574613/10 rgd. / stored SHJ (ex T7-MRD)
AvolonOE-ITZA330-24399128/10 TEV-OSR after long storage (ex A6-EYS) / for condor
Sky High LeasingOE-IWSB737-8JP42086/636510/09 SNN-DUB after storage (ex LV-IQZ) / for Transavia
Sky High LeasingOE-IWTB737-8JP42087/638913/09 SNN-DUB after storage (ex LV-ITK) / for Transavia
Sky High LeasingOE-IWUB737-8JP42278/634022/09 DUB-SNN for repaint (ex LV-HQH) / for Transavia
DVB BankOE-IZXA321-231629415/09 DGX-CQM in full Avianca c/s for cont. std (ex D-AAAM)
Air Lease Co.OE-IZZEMB175STD33011/09 KTW-MST for cont. storage (ex EI-RDA)
SMBCOE-LAPA320-214678206/10 rgd./ std KUL(ex PK-LAR)/ to CMB-AZI-CAI-OSR 19/10
SMBCOE-LARA320-214874802/09 CGK-KUL (ex PK-LZJ) / to CMB-AZI-CAI-PRG 27/09
SMBCOE-LASA320-214879802/09 CGK-KUL (ex PK-LZK) / to CMB-AZI-CAI-PRG 27/09
SMBCOE-LCBA320-214894202/09 CGK-KUL (ex PK-LZL) / to CMB-AZI-CAI-PRG 26/09
?OE-LCOB787-963316/71522/09 rgd. / stored MZJ (ex G-CKWF)
GECASOE-LIBA320-232374119/10 rgd. / stored BUD (ex HA-LYV) / to KUN 20/10
BOC AviationOE-LNMB787-963345/85302/09 SNN-WAW after std sill in Norwegian c/s (ex SE-RXM)
BOC AviationOE-LNTB787-963320/82714/10 SNN-WAW after std sill in Norwegian c/s (ex G-CKWT)
Czech Airlines TechnicsOK-FTOB737-9GPER35710/228530/09 PRG-BTS after storage für repaint (ex HL8096)
Nordic Aviation CapitalOY-JZHATR72-600117723/09 BDO-SZB after std / to XSP-MLE-AZI-TZX-BLL 30/09
Nordic Aviation CapitalOY-YDHATR72-600125715/10 BLL-MGL after storage (ex F-HOPX), for Loganair
Nordic Aviation CapitalOY-YDIATR72-600126509/09 BLL-MGL after storage (ex F-HOPZ), for Loganair
Nordic Aviation CapitalOY-YDKATR72-600110810/09 HLP-HRI-MLE-AZI-TZX-BLL after storage (ex PK-TNM)
Nordic Aviation CapitalOY-YDMATR72-600128620/09 SZB-HLP-SZB-HRI-MLE-AZI-TZX-BLL-TLL (ex PK-TNO)
Nordic Aviation CapitalOY-YDNATR72-600137208/10 XSP-MLE-AZI-ERZ-BLL after storage (ex PK-TNE)
Aviation HorizonsP4-JAGB737-4Q8F25102/235027/10 LAL-YYR-KEF-MLA-JED after storage (ex N765AS)
Jetstream Aviation Cap.T7-008Saab 2000814/09 ORB-RKV after long storage (ex G-CERY) / to N508FR
?VH-FVQATR72-600105321/09 MRG-CNS for cont. storage, ex Virgin Australia
CastlelakeVP-CEGB737-9GPER37290/391812/10 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD (ex PK-LQU) / sold to Delta AL
CastlelakeVP-CEHB737-9GPER37291/396614/09 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD (ex PK-LJP) / sold to Delta AL
CastlelakeVP-CEPB737-9GPER38313/393604/09 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD (ex PK-LJM) / sold to Delta AL
CastlelakeVP-CEQB737-9GPER38315/395415/09 CGK-GUM / 15/10 HNL-SBD (ex PK-LJO) / sold to Delta
?VP-CGHB737-86N38038/442909/09 EMA-NQY after repaint into Transavia c/s (ex LN-RGF)
ACGVP-CGRA320-232392714/10 MPL-LCA after storage (ex HA-LPV)
CastlelakeVP-CINB737-9GPER??26/10 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD / sold to Delta AL
CastlelakeVP-CIQB737-9GPER39878/509613/10 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD (ex PK-LPH) / sold to Delta AL
?VP-CJAB737-8FE33798/139127/10 ASP-DRW-ICN-CAN after std (ex VH-VOQ), c/n tbc
?VP-CUEA320-232232211/09 HKG-CTS-ANC after storage (ex B-LCB)
?VQ-BBEA330-243101416/09 HKG-RIX a/w after long storage (ex Aeroflot)
?VQ-BBFA330-243104522/10 HKG-SQQ a/w after long storage (ex Aeroflot)
?VQ-BIRA320-214462509/09 OSR-LCA for cont. storage (ex Aeroflot)
?VQ-BXRA320-214611013/09 SOF-BEG-MPL for repaint (ex PR-ONZ)