Reg News Europa    
ACT AirlinesTC-ACGB747-481(F)25641/92830/11 LGG-SAW last svc & stored / for maint.
AegeanSX-DGCA320-232409426/11 KUN-ATH after maint & storage, i/s 26/11 ATH-AXD
SX-DGDA320-232406517/12 KUN-ATH after maint & storage, i/s 17/12 ATH-CHQ
SX-DGEA320-232399011/12 MLA-ATH after maint & storage, i/s 12/12 ATH-HAM
Aer LingusEI-LRHA321-253NX1031901/11 LHR-DUB last svc / lsd out as G-EIRH
EI-DUZA330-30284704/11 LHR-DUB last svc / to ORY 07/11 on lse to Vueling
Aer Lingus UKG-EIRHA321-253NX1031930/11 rgd. & DUB-MAN 02/12 on del. (ex EI-LRH), i/s 03/12
Aero 4MF-HIPYATR72-600125906/12 SBK-LFBF for paint prior del. (ex OY-YCV)
Aero UKG-CGMCEMB135ER19830/11 rgd. (ex 5N-BSN)
Air 41 (op for Sundair)9A-BERA319-112395011/12 PAD-LEJ after paint now with billboard Sundair titles
9A-SHOA320-214384016/12 PAD-DUS after paint now with billboard Sundair titles
TF-AMEB747-409F30761/125415/12 VCV-TPE still as N297CL prior del.
Air BalticYL-AAOA320-3715505020/11 RIX-OSL last svc / lsd to SAS 20/11-30/12
YL-AAPA220-3715505109/12 RIX-OSL last svc / lsd to SAS 10/12
YL-AAQA220-3715505212/12 CPH-RIX last svc / to STR 13/12 on lse to Eurowings
YL-AASA220-3715505411/12 TFS-RIX last / to STR 12/12 lse to Eurowings to 22/12
YL-CSCA220-3715500521/12 VNO-RIX last svc / to STR 22/12 on lse to Eurowings
Air BelgiumOO-ABFA330-941184414/12 d/d TLS-BRU as KF339 (ex F-WWCJ), i/s 17/12
OO-ABAA340-313E83530/11 DOH-BRU on ret after lse to Qatar AW, lsd to Surinam
Air Caraibes AtlantiqueF-HSISA350-104153315/12 d/d TLS-BOD as TX1643 (ex F-WZNK) / to ORY 27/12
Air EuropaEC-IDTB737-86Q30281/107622/12 PMI-DGX for cont. storage on ret. to lessor
EC-KTGA330-20295029/12 CQM-AUH after long storage on ret. to lessor
Air Europa ExpressEC-MZJATR72-212A72303/12 SOF-MAD after maint., i/s 06/12 MAD-ALC
Air ExploreOM-HEXB737-81Q30785/100722/11 FRA-BUD a/w after lease to Iraqi Airways, again 26/12
OM-JEXB737-8AS29932/103022/11 BTS-FRA f/c on lease to Iraqi Airways to 28/12
Air FranceF-HZUDA220-3715514120/12 d/d YMX-CDG as AF368V (ex C-FOYF), i/s 23/12
F-HZUEA220-3715514604/12 d/d YMX-CDG as AF368V (ex C-FPAI), i/s 07/12
F-HZUFA220-3715514920/12 d/d YMX-CDG as AF365V (ex C-FPBD), i/s 22/12
F-GUGCA318-111207120/12 CDG-KEF-YYR-DTW-BYH for scrapping
F-GUGDA318-111208110/12 CDG-KEF-YYR-DTW-BYH for scrapping (corr.)
F-GUGFA318-111210906/12 BER-ORY last svc & stored / to GBA 06/01 for b/up
F-GUGHA318-111234419/12 FLR-CDG last svc & stored
F-GRHPA319-111134428/10 ORY-MPL back in svc after 6 months storage
F-HBNDA320-214460401/12 OSR-ORY after repaint into latest c/s, i/s 02/12
F-GTAJA321-212147624/11 CDG-MPL back in svc after long storage
F-GZCJA330-20350325/10 CDG-DLA back in svc after long storage
F-HTYLA350-94151010/12 d/d TLS-CDG as AF373V (ex F-WWDW), i/s 14/12
F-GSPGB777-228ER27609/19519/12 CDG-BEY back in svc after long storage
F-GSPIB777-228ER29008/25829/10 CDG-BEY back in svc after long storage
F-GSPUB777-228ER32309/38320/11 CDG-NSI back in svc after long storage
Air France HOP!F-HYOGEMB145LR52617/10 XCR-LDE on lse fr Amelia, i/s 18/10 LDE-ORY
F-GRZHCRJ7001008907/12 BES-KEF-YYR-MKE-SLN / sold to SkyWest N683SK
F-GRZJCRJ7001009614/12 BES-KEF-YYR-MKE-SLN / sold to SkyWest N686SK
D-ACJJEMB190LR11427/11 BGY-SXB on lse fr German AW, i/s 28/11 SXB-AMS
D-AJHWEMB190LR6127/11 AMS-SXB last svc / to CGN 27/11 ret to German AW
Airhub Airlines9H-HOPA340-313E93808/12 SQQ-VNO-RIX on del. after std (ex F-WTBE/OO-ABE)
Air MoldovaYR-ADIA321-231136611/11 BCM-KIV on lse again fr Aerro Direkt, i/s 12/11
Air Montenegro9A-BTEFokker 1001141829/11 CDG-TGD on lse from Trade Air, last svc 27/12
Air X Charter9H-ELFB737-7BC30330/41509/12 VAR-GVA-MLA in svc after del. (ex N666ML)
Alitalia (ceased ops)EI-DBLB777-243ER32781/45913/12 FCO-EWR-ROW for cont. storage on ret. to lessor
EI-DBMB777-243ER32782/46320/12 FCO-EWR-ROW for cont. storage on ret. to lessor
Amelia InternationalF-HLIPEMB135LR48004/12 SBK-DNR for paint, ex Belgish AF CE-02
F-HDSJA319-112372730/11 MCI-BGR-EMA for paint still as OE-IRC
17/12 EMA-SNN after paint now as F-HDSJ
AnadolujetTC-JHTB737-8F242001/442303/11 IST-ESB on lse fr THY, i/s 04/11 in full THY c/s
TC-JHYB737-8F242003/479831/10 AYT-SAW put i/s on lse fr THY in full THY c/s
TC-JVAB737-8F240988/483312/11 IST-ESB on lse fr THY, i/s 12/11 in full THY c/s
TC-JVUB737-8F260022/594423/11 ESB-ADF i/s on lse fr THY in THY c/s / to ISL 14/12
ASL AirlinesEI-GUMATR72-600F171706/01 d/d TLS-SNN as ABR072P (ex F-WWER), FEDEX c/s
EI-GUPATR72-600F170006/01 d/d TLS-SNN as ABR073P (ex F-WWEY), FEDEX c/s
EI-AZDB737-86QF30284/123312/12 SNN-CDG on del., i/s 13/12 CDG-LEJ (ex VP-CGQ)
OE-IXDB737-8AS35022/313923/12 rgd. / stored CDT awaiting conv., ex Ryanair EI-EKA
OE-IXEB737-8AS38494/314123/12 rgd. / stored CDT awaiting conv., ex Ryanair EI-EKB
ASL Airlines FranceF-GZTOB737-73S29081/21503/01 ALG-CDG last svc / to DGX 06/01 for scrapping
AustrianOE-LDDA319-112241630/11 CDG-VIE last svc & stored / for LH CltyLine D-AIBN
OE-LDEA319-112249401/01 TIA-VIE last svc & stored / for LH CltyLine D-AIBO
OE-LDFA319-112254729/11 VIE-MUC after storage / sold as D-AIBP
OE-LBJA320-214155309/12 TLL-VIE after maint., i/s 10/12 VIE-EBL
OE-LBAA321-11155201/12 VIE-CAI back in svc (not stored/corr)
OE-LBDA321-21192018/12 BTS-TLL after long storage for maint.
Avion ExpressLY-TKTA319-112110204/12 ADE-AMM last svc for UN / to VNO 06/12, i/s 07/12
LY-VENA320-233162606/12 AMM-ADE back in svc for UN after maint. (compl.)
9H-AMGA321-211211529/11 AYT-VNO-KEF-YHZ-PUJ on lse to Sky Cana
9H-AMRA321-211333423/12 GOT-VNO last svc / to KEF-SDQ 27/12 (Sky Cana)
Azores AirlinesCS-TSGA321-253NX805109/11 LIS-LFBF for engine change / to LIS 22/12
Azur Air UkraineUR-AZRB777-31HER32713/62820/12 rgd. / parked AYT, ex Azur Air VQ-BZD / to KBP 23/12
Binter CanariasEC-NQRATR72-600169204/12 LPA-TFN put in svc after del. (compl.)
Blue AirYR-BMRB737-7K233465/131626/11 BBU-OTP after short storage, i/s 26/11
YR-BMKB737-82R40876/332609/12 BBU-OTP after short storage, i/s 10/12
YR-BMMB737-82R40871/321226/11 BCM-LTN back in svc after short storage
YR-MXEB737-8 MAX43331/813817/12 d/d BFI-KEF-OTP as BLA005, i/s 18/12 OTP-ARN
Blue Bird CargoTF-BBBB777-36NER37705/76104/01 rgd. / stored MZJ (ex VP-CVB/A6-ECN)
Blue Panorama (csd ops)9H-CRIB737-85F30567/76103/12 KTW-LDE for cont. storage
British AirwaysG-EUUVA320-232346811/12 GNB-LHR last svc / to MAD 12/12 & stored
G-GATUA320-232308911/12 GVA-LHR last svc / to MAD 15/12 & stored
G-VIIVB777-236ER29964/22829/12 TEV-AUH as BA9172 after 8 months storage
G-XLEAA380-8419509/12 LHR-LAX back in svc after long storage
G-XLEBA380-84112103/12 TEV-LHR after long storage / to MNL 21/12
G-XLEDA380-84114423/12 MNL-LHR after maint, i/s 03/01 LHR-DXB
G-XLEHA380-84116314/12 MAD-LHR after long storage / to MAD 21/12
G-XLEIA380-84117325/11 MAD-LHR after long storage, i/s 04/12 LHR-FRA
G-XLEKA380-84119405/01 MNL-LHR after maint (& long storage)
G-XLELA380-84121509/11 MAD-LHR after long storage, i/s 26/11 LHR-FRA
Brussels AirlinesOO-SSLA319-111180307/01 BRU-EMA for repaint into latest c/s
OO-SSUA319-111223027/12 EMA-BRU after paint into latest c/s, i/s 27/12
OO-SSVA319-111219617/12 EMA-BRU after paint into latest c/s, i/s 17/12
OO-SSXA319-111226007/01 EMA-BRU after paint into latest c/s, i/s 07/01
OO-SNHA320-214220703/12 EMA-BRU after paint into latest c/s, i/s 03/12
OO-SNIA320-214198310/12 EMA-BRU after paint into latest c/s, i/s 11/12
BulairLZ-MADA319-111487503/12 CHR-SOF on del. (ex EI-IMR)
Bulgaria AirLZ-FBHA320-214723803/01 SOF-CDG in svc after del. (ex OE-IKI/XA-CRM)
BUZZ (Ryanair Sun)SP-RZGB737-8-20062320/790907/12 DUB-KRK & put in svc 08/12 KRK-TRF (compl.)
SP-RZHB737-8-20062322/791730/11 DUB-KRK & put in svc 30/11 KRK-BRI (compl.)
SP-RZIB737-8-20062305/776605/01 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82I (ex EI-HEO)
SP-RZKB737-8-20062304/777005/01 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82K (ex N3134C/EI-HEP)
Cargo AirLZ-CGBB737-8K2F28374/5702/12 MIA-BGR-SNN-SOF as N374AV, rgd 03/12, i/s 08/12
CarpatairYR-FKBFokker 1001136923/12 CLJ-ARW last svc / to DNR 29/12 for maint.
YR-FZAFokker 1001139517/11 CDG-ARW last svc & stored
YR-ABAA319-111304109/12 testflown ARW, not yet i/s
CH AirHB-JOKA320-214392312/12 OSR-ZRH on del. (ex VQ-BCM), i/s 16/12 ZRH-PRN
Challenge AirlinesOO-ACEB747-412(F)24227/83131/12 ATL-LGG last svc / to LGG-DUB 02/01 for repaint
Comlux Aviation Malta9H-UECA318-112CJ547810/12 DWC-ESB-SNN for paint (ex N777UE)
CondorOE-ISRA330-24397502/12 seen DUS a/w + titles/logo, now for del. 2/22
Corsair9A-ABCB737-8Q830667/144820/12 LIL-HRG-MBA-RUN-DZA on lse fr ETF Airways
Czech AirlinesOK-GFSATR72-212A67914/12 PRG-LFBF after long storage a/w on ret. to lessor
Dan Air (ex Just Us Air)YR-URSA319-132361421/12 CRA-LOS on lease to Arik Air
Danish Air TransportOY-CIRATR42-32010717/12 HEL-KUN & stored
DHL AirG-DHKCB757-256F30052/94802/12 CGN-LEJ last svc / to BUD 03/12 / sold as OE-LNU
G-DHKDB757-23NF27975/77924/12 BRU-LTN-EMA last svc / sold as OE-LND
G-DHKNB757-223F31308/99823/12 CGN-LEJ last svc / sold as OE-LNQ
G-DHKTB757-223F29428/83724/12 LEJ-LTN-EMA last svc / sold as OE-LNW
G-DHKXB757-23AF24971/34031/12 BCN-LEJ last svc / sold as OE-LNA
DHL AustriaOE-LNAB757-23AF24971/34004/01 rgd. at LEJ (ex G-DKHX)
OE-LNDB757-23NF27975/77930/12 BUD-LEJ on del. (ex G-DHKD), i/s 03/01 LEJ-BLL
OE-LNQB757-223F31308/99827/12 rgd. at EMA (ex G-DHKN), i/s 03/01 LEJ-NTE
OE-LNUB757-256F30052/94803/12 rgd., BUD-LEJ 06/12 (ex G-DHKC), i/s 07/12
OE-LNWB757-223F29428/83730/12 EMA-LEJ on del. (ex G-DHKT), i/s 04/01 LEJ-CGN
Eastern AirwaysG-CGMCEMB135ER19810/10 FAB-HUY last svc / to LJU 04/11 / sold as 5N-BSN
EasyjetG-EZAUA319-111279509/12 MAD-QLA after long storage, for United N6318U
G-EZNMA319-111240213/10 LGW-QLA as EZY9001 for cont. storage
G-EZPGA319-111238526/10 LGW-STN after long storage / to DGX 06/12
Easyjet SwitzerlandHB-AYOA320-251N1011804/12 GVA-TFS put in svc after del. (compl.)
HB-AYQA320-251N1018622/12 d/d TLS-GVA as EZS9070 (ex F-WWBH), i/s 24/12
EGO AirwaysI-EGOAEMB190AR16516/09 PMF-CTA last svc / to CGN 29/12 ret. to German AW
Electra AirwaysLZ-EABA320-23130830/11 VAR-TLV back in svc after 1 month storage
Emerald AirlinesEI-GPNATR72-600130008/12 NWI-EXT after repaint into Aer Lingus Regional c/s
EI-GPPATR72-600132223/11 NWI-EXT after repaint into Aer Lingus Regional c/s
ETF Airways9A-BTGA320-21279504/12 PSA-PRN on lse fr Trade Air, i/s 05/12, ret. 27/12
9A-ABCB737-8Q830667/144825/11 ACE-CDG last svc / to LIL 18/12 & based
9A-LABB737-8K530882/76005/12 RVN-LJU last svc / to NAP 06/12 lsd to My Wings
EurowingsYL-AAQA220-3715505213/12 RIX-STR on lse fr Air Baltic, i/s 13/12 STR-BRI
YL-AASA220-3715505412/12 RIX-STR lse fr Air Baltic, i/s 13/12, last svc 21/12
YL-CSCA220-3715500522/12 RIX-STR on lse fr Air Baltic, i/s 23/12 STR-ATH
D-AKNUA319-112262810/12 SOF-STR after maint. (& long storage)
D-AKNVA319-112263207/12 DUS-HAM put in svc after long storage
D-ABNNA320-214188901/12 DUS-BER put in svc after long storage
D-AEUDA320-214390812/12 DUS-SEN for paint into f/c / to DUS 22/12
Eurowings DiscoverD-AIKAA330-343X57025/12 FRA-MBA put i/s after del., ex Eurowings OO-SFK
D-AIKGA330-343X64515/12 seen FRA still in Eurowings c/s prior del., ex OO-SFP
FinnairOH-LXCA320-214154407/12 PRG-HEL after long storage, i/s 08/12 HEL-ZRH
OH-LXHA320-214191326/11 LDE-PRG as AY8921 for cont. storage
OH-LXKA320-214206519/12 PRG-HEL after long storage, i/s 22/12 HEL-LHR
OH-LXMA320-214215415/12 PRG-HEL after long storage, i/s 17/12 HEL-ZRH
OH-LTMA330-30299410/11 HEL-PEK back in svc after long storage (compl.)
OH-LTPA330-302102304/12 LDE-HKG as AY8925 after long storage
OH-LWSA350-94151629/12 d/d TLS-HEL as AY8961 (ex F-WZGW)
FIVE Holdings9H-FIVEA220171ACJ5006205/01 d/d YMX-IND for cabin outfitting (ex C-FTWU)
Fly2SkyLZ-MDIA320-233337815/12 PDV-MLA on lse to Mauritania AL, ret. 19/12
FlyPopRPC3341A330-343E142010/12 CAN-MNL-MCT-MLA f/c prior del. / to get 9H-reg
FlyrLN-FGCB737-8KN40261/467120/12 SNN-OSL on del. (ex EI-GYH/A6-FEI), i/s 21/12
LN-FGDB737-82R38175/387705/01 seen SAW after paint still as TC-AVP prior del.
French BeeF-HMIXA350-104153916/12 d/d TLS-ORY as FBU901 (ex F-WZNN), i/s 18/12
German AirwaysD-ACJJEMB190LR11427/11 XRY-BGY last svc / to SXB on lse to Air France HOP!
D-AJHWEMB190LR6127/11 SXB-CGN after lse to Air France HOP!, i/s 07/12
GetJet AirlinesLY-CODA319-112277411/12 HRG-VNO last svc / to MAD 12/12 lsd to Air Senegal
LY-RAMA319-112313917/12 DSS-RIX after lease to Air Senegal
LY-EMUA320-233211829/11 AMM-EBL after maint & lsd to UBD (based EBL)
LY-OWLA320-232202910/11 VNO-EBL on lse to UBD / to AMM 04/12
Global Jet LuxembourgP4-BDLB787-837306/31518/12 BSL-VKO op for R.A.Abramovich from now on
GO2SkyOM-GTFB737-86J28070/10629/12 PZY-ZAG after storage, last flight AMS-BTS 03/01
OM-GTHB737-8BK29644/223103/01 BLL-BTS after short lease to Air Seven
Heston AirlinesLY-FJIA320-232215713/11 MAD-KUN-VNO last svc & stored
LY-VUTA320-232327529/12 ABV-KUN after lse to Aero (Nigeria), i/s 01/01
LY-MACA330-243104729/12 HKG-MCT-CHR prior del. still as VQ-BBG
LY-PLWA330-243101407/12 RIX-LWO put in svc after del. & storage (ex VQ-BBE)
LY-TKLA330-243104522/12 SQQ-CHR after storage for paint (ex VQ-BBF)
Hi FlyCS-TQPA330-20221115/12 DEL-PIK last svc / to BYJ 16/12 / to 9H-TQP 20/12
CS-TQYA340-313X19014/12 SGN-ICN-ANC-PIT last svc / to BYJ 15/12
20/12 re-rgd. 9H-TQY & i/s 21/12 BYJ-SGN
Hi SkyYR-JOYA320-232651317/12 OSR-BBU on del. (ex OE-IWV/VT-TTG), i/s 23/12
IberojetEC-LXAA330-343X67012/12 CUN-MAD last svc / to DUB 16/12 for repaint
02/01 DUB-MAD now in full yellow Correos c/s
IcelandairTF-FIRB757-25626242/59311/12 KEF-IAD back in svc after long storage
TF-LLLB757-25629307/92410/12 KEF-NWI for paint after long storage (ex D4-CCH)
20/12 NWI-KEF in basic National Geographical c/s, i/s 03/01
ITA AirwaysEI-IMNA319-112476423/12 FCO-OSR for repaint info f/c (2nd aircraft), seen 06/01
EI-DTEA320-216388523/12 OSR-FCO in full c/s after repaint (1st aircraft),i/s 24/12
EI-DTNA320-216414302/01 NCE-FCO last svc in basic AZ c/s / to OSR 03/01
Jet 2G-GDFGB737-36Q28658/286501/09 LBA-LEI as EXS031E for cont. storage
G-GDFKB737-36N28572/303113/09 LBA-LEI as EXS031E for cont. storage
G-GDFLB737-36N28568/298709/12 LEI-LBA as EXS031F for cont. storage
G-GDFMB737-36N28586/309029/09 LBA-LEI as EXS031E for cont. storage
G-GDFNB737-33V29332/307207/10 LBA-LEI as EXS031E for cont. storage
G-GDFOB737-3U328740/300304/10 LBA-LEI as EXS031E for cont. storage
G-GDFTB737-36Q29141/303520/09 LBA-LEI as EXS031E for cont. storage
G-DRTPB737-8AL39067/460201/12 LBA-TFS put in svc after long storage
G-HLYAA321-211603821/12 MAN-EMA for paint (ex G-TCDD) / to MAN 06/01
G-HLYBA321-211605606/12 DGX-EMA for paint (ex OE-IOJ) / to MAN 22/12
G-LSACB757-23A25488/47113/11 ACE-MAN last svc & stored
G-LSAIB757-21B24016/15012/11 MAN-TFS put in svc after long storage
G-LSAJB757-23624793/29201/11 ALC-MAN last svc / to LEI 11/11 & stored
G-LSANB757-2K226635/60818/11 MAN-LEI as EXS050B for cont. storage
JetNetherlandsPH-CUASaab 340B16725/07 last svc / to WAW 26/07 / sold 12/21 as SP-CUA
JettimeOY-JZOB737-8U338072/458206/12 KUL-MCT-CPH on del. (ex VQ-BXZ/PK-GMZ)
KLMPH-BGUB737-7K239257/377920/12 AMS-ILD a/w for cont. storage
PH-AOFA330-20380128/11 MLA-AMS & back i/s 30/11 (compl.)
PH-AONA330-20392516/12 seen AMS a/w now with dual reg OE-LDV (sold)
PH-AKAA330-303E128706/12 WOE-AMS after maint., i/s 06/12 AMS-IAD
PH-AKDA330-303E130023/12 CGK-MCT-AMS after heavy maint. (compl.)
KLM City HopperPH-NXEEMB195E22006028/11 AMS-GOT put in svc after del. (compl.)
PH-NXFEMB195E22006102/12 AMS-PRG put in svc after del. (compl.)
PH-NXGEMB195E22006203/12 d/d SJK-REC-TFS-AMS (ex PR-EDV), i/s 06/12
LoganairG-FBXAATR72-600126028/10 IOM-MAN last svc / to EXT 28/10 / to LFBF 30/11 a/w
G-FBXBATR72-600127721/11 LPL-IOM last svc / to EXT 21/11 / to LFBF 14/12 a/w
LufthansaD-AIQWA320-211136708/11 SNN-MUC after long storage, i/s 02/12 MUC-DUS
D-AIZHA320-214436301/12 BER-SNN after long storage
D-AIZIA320-214439802/01 BER-MLA after long storage
D-AIRCA321-13147317/11 AMM-FRA after maint, i/s 26/11 (corr.)
D-AIRHA321-13141213/12 BUD-AMM after long storage
D-AIRKA321-13150218/11 FRA-BER last svc & stored
D-AIRLA321-13150517/11 FRA-AMM / to FRA 13/12, i/s 17/12 / to BER 20/12
D-AIRTA321-13165225/11 FRA-HAM back i/s (not stored/corr.)
D-AIRXA321-13188708/12 SNN-BUD after long storage
D-AIDXA321-231645115/11 BUD-ZAG after long storage / to BER 20/12
D-AISJA321-231336006/12 BER-FRA after maint. (corr.), i/s 08/12
D-AISNA321-231359203/12 BUD-SOF as LH9923 after long storage
D-AISTA321-231400516/12 BER-MUC after long storage, i/s 16/12 MUC-HAM
D-AISUA321-231401621/12 BUD-BER as LH9929 after long storage
D-ABTKB747-43029871/129309/12 XMN-ICN-FRA after maint (compl.),i/s 18/12 FRA-JFK
D-ABVYB747-43029869/126103/12 TEV-FRA after long storage / to ICN-XMN 07/12
D-ABVZB747-43029870/126406/12 FRA-DXB put in svc after long storage (compl.)
Lufthansa CityLineD-AIBKA319-112213106/12 MUC-BTS in full AUA c/s after storage / to MUC 20/12
D-AIBLA319-112217413/12 BTS-MUC still in full AUA c/s after maint.
D-AIBMA319-112226206/12 BTS-MUC still in full AUA c/s after maint.
D-AIBPA319-112354713/12 rgd. /std MUC still in AUA c/s (ex OE-LDF)/ BTS 20/12
LuftwaffeD-APLAA321-251NX1052822/12 d/d XFW-HAM for outfit (ex D-AYAA) / to get 15+11
D-APLBA321-251NX1061309/12 d/d XFW-HAM for outfit (ex D-AVXU) / to get 15+10
Malta Air9H-VUJB737-8-20062300/774830/11 DUB-MXP & put i/s 02/12 MXP-BRI (compl.)
9H-VUPB737-8-20062334/813505/12 DUB-MXP & put i/s 05/12 MXP-CAG (compl.)
9H-VURB737-8-20062325/796508/12 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82R (Ryanair c/s), i/s 16/12
9H-VUSB737-8-20062326/797610/12 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82S (Ryanair c/s), i/s 16/12
9H-VUTB737-8-20065882/810516/12 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82T (Ryanair c/s), i/s 23/12
9H-VUUB737-8-20065885/810621/12 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82U (Ryanair c/s), i/s 01/01
9H-VUVB737-8-20062331/810819/12 d/d BFI-DUB as FR82V (Ryanair c/s), i/s 27/12
My Wings9A-LABB737-8K530882/76015/12 NAP-BSL f/c on lse from ETF Airways, last svc 31/12
Norse Atlantic AirwaysEI-HAIB787-938789/69115/12 seen SNN f/c after paint (ex G-CKWD)
OE-LNMB787-963345/85309/12 SNN-LGW f/c after paint / to get G-reg
LN-FNBB787-963346/87020/12 WAW-OSL on del. still as OE-LNY
LN-FNGB787-963319/81328/12 seen SNN f/c after paint still as G-CKWS
LN-FNIB787-963317/75504/12 seen SNN f/c after paint (ex OE-LNN) / to BHX 10/12
NorwegianLN-NIKB737-8FZ29659/328017/11 seen SNN f/c still as OE-IPV prior del.
EI-FYDB737-8 MAX42828/640810/12 OSL-BGO after long storage / to YUL-MZJ 15/12
LN-BKCB737-8 MAX42836/707328/12 OSL-ILD as NOZ2HM for cont. storage
SE-RTBB737-8 MAX63972/727017/11 LGW-CPH as NOZ2HM for cont. storage
SE-RTCB737-8 MAX63973/728626/11 LGW-CPH as NOZ2HM for cont. storage
SE-RYHB737-8 MAX64992/700010/12 DUB-BGO after std / to YUL-MZJ 15/12 (OE-LMQ)
G-CKWDB787-938789/69104/12 LGW-SNN after long storage, for Norse Atlantic
G-CKWSB787-963319/81302/12 WAW-SNN for repaint, for Norse Atlantic
Olympic AirSX-BIPDash 8-102A34713/12 last svc & stored ATH
SX-OBJATR72-600132513/12 ATH-JMK put in svc after del. (compl.)
SX-OBDDash 8-402Q431111/12 JKH-ATH last svc & stored
SX-OBEDash 8-402Q431404/11 IOA-ATH last svc & stored
Onur Air (ceased ops)TC-OBGA320-23391630/12 ISL-FRU after long storage / sold
TC-OCNA330-24350929/12 ISL-FNI after long storage on ret. to lessor
TC-OCVA330-24350127/12 ISL-TAS after long storage / sold
PegasusTC-DCCA320-214595026/11 TZX-SAW last svc & stored
TC-NCYA320-251N1046508/12 d/d XFW-SAW as PC91 (ex F-WWIS), i/s 14/12
TC-NCZA320-251N1052721/12 d/d TLS-SAW as PC91 (ex F-WWIH), i/s 29/12
TC-CPUB737-86N35216/232105/01 SAW-BCM as PC90 after long std on ret to lessor
Royal Norwegian AF9582B737-800A66110/879609/12 rgd. (ex N682DS)
RyanairEI-DAPB737-8AS33551/136810/12 PIK-QLA prior freighter con. In basic c/s
EI-DASB737-8AS33553/137207/12 QLA-OVB-TNA basic c/s for freighter conv. / sold
EI-HAWB737-8-20065078/755925/11 DUB-STN put in svc after del. (compl.)
EI-HAYB737-8-20065079/762923/11 DUB-STN put in svc after del. (compl.)
SAS ScandinavianSE-RSKEMB195LR12011/12 seen NWI f/c after paint prior del. (ex G-FBEG)
YL-AAOA220-3715505020/11 RIX-OSL on lse fr Air Baltic, last svc 30/12
YL-AAPA220-3715505109/12 RIX-OSL on lse fr Air Baltic, i/s 10/12 OSL-FRA
LN-RGHB737-86N41266/477005/01 NWI-SNN a/w after storage / sold to Transavia France
LN-RGIB737-86N35646/478822/11 HAU-OSL last svc / to NWI 25/11 / to VNO 04/01 a/w
LN-RRTB737-88328326/103620/12 OSL-ARN as SK9270 for cont. storage
SE-DMRA321-253NX1040820/12 CPH-OSL put i/s after del. & storage
LN-RKTA330-343E169703/12 CDT-DRS after long storage for maint.
Sky ExpressSX-NIVATR72-212A76720/12 JKH-ATH last svc & stored
SX-THRATR72-212A56312/12 EFL-ATH last svc & stored
SX-NTEATR72-600157503/12 ATH-JTR put in svc after del. (compl.)
SX-TEMATR72-600164016/12 d/d TLS-ATH (ex F-WWEI), i/s 18/12 ATH-KGS
SX-TNOATR72-600163215/12 d/d TLS-ATH as GQ1 (ex F-WWEZ), i/s 18/12
SmartLynxES-SAMA320-232189626/11 LCA-TLL now a/w with titles, ex full c/s & i/s 27/11
YL-LDEA320-232333004/01 LFBF-PUF-CHR still as 2-VIHA prior del.
9H-SLFA320-214336102/01 CHR-LCA after 2 months storage
YL-LCVA321-231221628/12 MLA-BER after 2 months storage
YL-LCXA321-211319130/11 RIX-FRU-CAN after storage prior freighter conv.
9H-SLCA321-211446114/12 CHR-MLA after 3 months storage / to CHR 31/12
9H-SLGA321-211194618/12 BCM-BER after maint, i/s 18/12 BER-MUC-PRN
9H-SMFA330-343E153109/12 CHR-PSA-JFK put in svc after del. (compl.)
Sprint AirSP-CUASaab 340B16721/12 WAW-WRO on del.,i/s 21/12 WRO-LFAV(ex PH-CUA)
Sun-AirOY-NCTDO328-310321314/10 AGB-BLL last svc / to TED 15/10 / sold as N395MS
SundairLZ-BHMA320-232245716/11 LPA-DUS last svc / to SOF 16/11 ret to BH Air
Sun ExpressTC-SNRB737-8HC40754/335212/12 CDG-ADB last svc / to SAW 13/12
TC-SOVB737-8HC40776/327327/12 BSL-ADB last svc / to SAW 28/12
TC-SOYB737-8HC40777/332026/12 HAJ-ESB lsdt svc / to SAW 28/12
TC-SMAB737-8 MAX63603/813321/12 d/d BFI-KEF-AYT as XQ64, i/s 29/12 AYT-ADB
TC-SMDB737-8 MAX63605/814824/12 d/d BFI-KEF-AYT as XQ65, i/s 31/12 AYT-ADB
TC-SOIB737-8 MAX61200/750408/12 d/d BFI-KEF-AYT as XQ60 (ex N1779B), i/s 16/12
TC-SOJB737-8 MAX61201/758614/12 d/d BFI-KEF-AYT as XQ62 (ex N1787B), i/s 22/12
TC-SOKB737-8 MAX61202/760613/12 MWH-BFI after long storage prior del.
TC-SOLB737-8 MAX61203/755418/11 SKF-BFI after std & d/d 17/12 BFI-KEF-AYT, i/s 25/12
SwiftairEC-KKQATR72-212A76303/12 MAH-MAD after lse to Uep Fly, i/s 12/12 MAD-BCN; 17/12 MAD-CHQ-ASW-KRT on lease to UN
SwissHB-JDDA320-271N1094431/12 d/d TLS-ZRH as LX5215 (ex F-WWDV)
HB-JDEA320-271N1108405/01 d/d ZRH-GVA as LX5215 (ex F-WWII)
HB-IOMA321-212453403/12 GVA-ZRH back in svc after 1 month storage
HB-JHFA330-343E108913/12 DXB-ZRH last svc / to AMM 13/12
HB-JHLA330-343E129011/12 AMM-ZRH after 1 month storage, i/s 13/12
TailwindTC-TLAB737-4Q825107/252607/11 MUC-AYT last svc / to BJV 24/11 & stored
TAP Air PortugalCS-TTMA319-111110630/10 BCN-LIS last svc & stored
CS-TOMA330-20289926/10 GIG-SBD a/w as TP9730 for cont. storage
Trade Air9A-BTEFokker 1001141610/12 NRN-MBX last svc/TGD 10/12onlse to Air Montenegro
9A-BTHA320-214145408/12 PSA-VIT last svc / LJU 09/12 / to LOS 12/12 (lsd out)
Transavia FranceF-HUYKB737-86N38034/428003/12 seen SNN f/c after repaint prior del. still as LN-RGB
F-HUYLB737-86N38037/437609/12 seen SNN f/c after repaint prior del. still as LN-RGE
TUI BelgiumOO-JAUB737-8K537250/434530/12 SSH-BRU last svc / to KEF-YYZ 04/01 lsd to Sunwing
TUI HollandPH-TFRB737-8 MAX44613/802030/12 d/d PAE-AMS as TFL999F
TUI NordicSE-RFXB737-8K537246/399412/11 LPA-ARN last svc / to BHX 15/11 / to G-TAWY
G-TUIIB787-837230/30013/12 ACE-ARN last svc / to MAN 14/12 ret. to TUI UK
SE-RFFB787-964053/67606/12 rgd. (ex G-TUIL), i/s 17/12 ARN-HKT
TUI UKG-FDZZB737-8K537262/387628/12 CMF-MAN last svc / lsd to Sunwing 02/01
G-TAWDB737-8K537265/393919/11 TFS-LTN last svc / lsd to Sunwing 07/12
G-TAWMB737-8K537249/436028/11 AYT-MAN last svc / lsd to Sunwing 05/12
G-TAWYB737-8K537246/399403/12 rgd. / parked LGW (ex SE-RFX), i/s 12/12 LGW-KAO
G-OBYHB767-306ER28883/73729/11 BHX-DGX prior freighter conv. (sold)
G-TUILB787-964053/67622/11 BGI-LGW last svc / sold as SE-RFF
Turkish AirlinesTC-JPMA320-232334130/11 GNY-IST last svc / to SAW 01/12
TC-JHSB737-8F240991/441102/11 BAL-IST last svc & stored
TC-JHTB737-8F242001/442303/11 ADF-IST last svc / to ESB 04/11 lsd to Anadolujet
TC-JHVB737-8F240992/477828/11 TZX-IST last svc & stored
TC-JHYB737-8F242003/479831/10 IST-AYT last svc & lsd to Anadolujet
TC-JVAB737-8F240988/483311/11 ESB-IST last svc / to ESB 12/11 lsd to Anadolujet
TC-JVCB737-8F242005/488607/12 PRN-IST last svc / to ISL 09/12
TC-JVNB737-8F260018/584815/11 ADA-IST last svc & stored
TC-JVOB737-8F260031/586717/11 VKO-IST last svc & stored
TC-JVPB737-8F260019/588330/10 BSR-IST last svc & stored
TC-JVRB737-8F260030/589720/11 MLX-IST last svc & stored
TC-JVTB737-8F260020/592217/11 KCM-IST last svc & stored
TC-JVUB737-8F260022/594422/11 YKO-SAW last svc / lsd to Anadolujet / to ISL 14/12
TC-JVVB737-8F260023/597104/11 SZF-IST last svc & stored
TC-JZEB737-8F260026/604430/10 ESB-IST last svc & stored
TC-JROA321-231468205/11 CAI-IST last svc & stored
TC-JRTA321-231477910/11 DIY-IST last svc & stored
TC-JSFA321-231546523/12 IST-ADA last svc / to SAW 23/12
TC-JSIA321-231558426/10 NKT-IST last svc & stored
TC-JSJA321-231563301/12 IST-AYT last svc / to ISL 01/12
TC-JSNA321-231650823/11 ECN-IST last svc / to ISL 23/11
TC-JSTA321-231668223/10 LIS-IST last svc & stored
TC-JTAA321-231678121/11 ASR-IST last svc / to ISL 22/11
TC-JTEA321-231686929/10 ESB-IST last svc & stored
TC-JTNA321-231727401/11 DUS-IST last svc & stored
TC-JNIA330-343E116016/11 TAS-IST last svc / to SAW 17/11
TC-JOFA330-303E161603/12 DAC-IST last svc & stored
TC-LKAB777-36NER41818/114013/12 IST-ISB back in svc after long storage
Uep Fly!EC-KKQATR72-212A76303/12 PMI-MAH last svc / to MAD 03/12 ret to Swiftair
Ukraine InternationalUR-PSNB737-86N28614/47710/11 SSH-KBP last svc / to DGX 15/12 on ret. to lessor
VoloteaEC-NQMA320-214458911/12 NWI-NTE after paint into f/c, ex hybrid Aigle Azur c/s
VuelingEC-NLXA321-211662914/12 BCN-AGP put i/s in basic Level c/s after del. (compl.)
EC-NLYA321-211671927/10 BCN-ORY put i/s in basic Level c/s after del. (compl.)
EI-DUZA330-30284707/11 DUB-ORY on lse fr Aer Lingus, i/s 08/11 ORY-ARN
Wamos AirEC-NHMA330-343X93504/12 PMI-MAD after storage & back i/s 04/12 MAD-PUJ
Wizz AirHA-LZCA321-271NX1039320/11 BUD-BER put in svc after del. (compl.)
HA-LZEA321-271NX1048003/11 BUD-MAD put in svc after del. (compl.)
HA-LZFA321-271NX1052209/12 d/d XFW-BUD as WZZ601 (ex D-AZAO), i/s 14/12
HA-LZGA321-271NX1075323/12 d/d XFW-BUD as WZZ601 (ex D-AZWE), i/s 04/01
HA-LZHA321-271NX1050830/12 d/d XFW-BUD as WZZ601 (ex D-AVXM), i/s 05/01
HA-LZIA321-271NX1075710/12 d/d XFW-BUD as WZZ601 (ex D-AVZW), i/s 14/12
HA-LZJA321-271NX1061616/12 d/d XFW-BUD as WZZ601 (ex D-AZWF), i/s 18/12
Yan AirUR-CNPB737-4Y023980/166705/01 EVN-ZTR after lease to Fly Armenia, ex EK-FAB
Reg News Russland
AeroflotRA-89015SSJ100-95B9502908/12 ZIA-SVO after long std / to ULY 17/12 sold to Rossiya
Azur AirVQ-BZDB777-31HER32713/62820/11 AYT-VKO last svc / to AYT 25/11 / sold as UR-AZR
NordwindVP-BSAB737-8ME60181/712418/11 ULV-SSH last svc / to AYT 18/11 & stored
VP-BJRB777-3B5ER37136/82327/10 PUS-ICN after paint still as HL7784 prior del.
Red WingsRA-89145SSJ100-95B9520530/12 d/d ZIA-LED as RWZ107
RA-89195SSJ100-95B9516730/12 d/d UUBW-DME (ex 97017)
RA-89196SSJ100-95B9516930/12 d/d ZIA-DME as RWZ9905 (ex 97002)
VP-BWWA320-232237225/11 LED-DME after long storage / to MPL 23/12 ret to lessor
VP-BWXA320-232239327/12 DME-MPL after long storage on ret. to lessor
VP-BANA321-211200505/12 LED-DME last svc & stored
VP-BRMA321-23180214/11 LED-DME last svc & stored
VP-BVOA321-231170726/11 EVN-ZIA last svc / to TLL 30/12 on ret. to lessor
VP-BVQA321-231176325/11 NMA-DME last svc / to TLL 29/12 on ret. to lessor
VP-BVTA321-231210702/12 FEG-DME last svc & stored
VP-BLIB777-21HER27250/4729/11 RIX-HKG last svc & stored
RossiyaRA-89015SSJ100-95B9502928/12 ULY-SVO on del. after paint, ex Aeroflot, i/s 02/01
RA-89100SSJ100-95B9513804/12 SVO-HMA put in svc after del. & storage (compl.)
RA-89173SSJ100-95B9521428/12 d/d ZIA-LED as SDM7707, i/s 02/01 LED-GOJ
RA-89174SSJ100-95B9521526/11 d/d UUBW-LED (ex 89174), i/s 18/12 LED-GOJ
RA-89175SSJ100-95B9521603/12 d/d UUBW-LED (ex 89175), i/s 10/12 LED-ARH
RA-89176SSJ100-95B9521703/12 d/d UUBW-LED (ex 89176), i/s 12/12 LED-GOJ
RA-89178SSJ100-95B9521928/12 d/d ZIA-LED as SDM7708, i/s 02/01 LED-GOJ
Royal FlightVP-BLCB767-3Q8ER27616/71422/10 SVO-AYT last svc & stored
S7 AirlinesVQ-BDXA320-271N1066915/12 d/d TLS-DME as SBI8988 (ex F-WWTO), i/s 17/12
VQ-BWOA320-271N1084522/12 d/d TLS-DME as SBI8990 (ex F-WWBG), i/s 24/12
VP-BDFB737-8Q830672/149703/12 DME-TLL after long storage on ret. to lessor
Ural AirlinesVQ-BCZA320-214177704/10 DME-SVX last svc / to KEF-BGR-GYR 15/12
VP-BFOA321-251NX1066723/12 d/d XFW-SVX as SVR3901 (ex D-AVWT), i/s 26/12
UT AirVQ-BJLB737-52428913/298529/11 IAA-UFA last svc, re-rgd. RA-73048, seen i/s 16/12
Yakutia AirlinesLN-RNUB737-78334548/311615/12 OSL-WOE f/c prior del., ex SAS
VQ-BOYB737-85F28825/18819/11 BEG-SHJ as SYL9307 for cont. storage
Reg News Nordamerika
Advanced AirN395MSDO328-310321311/12 BLL-GLA-KEF-YFB-YQT-ICT-SKX-HHR (ex OY-NCT)
Air CanadaC-GVDPA220-3715514703/12 d/d YMX-YUL as AC2334, i/s 04/12 YUL-YEG
C-GVDQA220-3715515223/12 d/d YMX-YYZ as AC2335, i/s 23/12 YYZ-YUL
C-GEJNB737-8 MAX61233/743419/12 YQG-YYZ & put i/s 20/12 YYZ-YYC after del. (compl.)
C-GEKXB737-8 MAX61232/746507/12 YQG-YYZ & put i/s 07/12 YYZ-YUL after del. (compl.)
C-GEKZB737-8 MAX61236/747809/12 d/d BFI-YQG as AC2350 (ex N1796B)
C-GMIUB737-8 MAX61260/801625/11 YQG-YUL & put in svc 26/11 YUL-YYZ (compl.)
C-FPCAB767375ERF24306/25805/12 TLV-SNN-YYZ basic old c/s after conv., i/s 09/12
Air Canada RougeC-GBHZA319-11481311/12 MZJ-YYZ after long storage, back i/s 12/12 YYZ-MCO
C-GHLVB767-333ER30852/84304/12 YYZ-MCI after 2 weeks of training-flights
Air TransatC-GTSIA330-24342620/12 reg. cancelled / stored MZJ / sold as VP-C…
Air Transport Int’lN605DLB757-232F22812/4623/12 HGR-VCV after long storage / sold to Astral Aviation
N257AZB767323ERF29605/74821/11 SBD-PHX put i/s after del. (corr.)
N261AZB767323ERF29604/74409/12 rgd. (ex N397AN)
Alaska AirlinesN639VAA320-214301614/12 GSO-SAT after long storage / sold
N926AKB737-9 MAX43314/814015/12 d/d BFI-ANC as AS9807 (ex N4022T) / to SEA 22/12
N929AKB737-9 MAX43322/???28/12 d/d BFI-ANC, i/s 07/01 SEA-SFO
N931AKB737-9 MAX43353/???09/12 d/d BFI-ANC as AS9801 / to SEA 16/12 & put i/s 16/12
N932AKB737-9 MAX44089/816305/01 d/d BFI-ANC as AS9807 in special Orca c/s
Allegiant AirN207NVA320-214563826/11 MLB-PIE on del. & put in svc 27/11 PIE-MEM (compl.)
N208NVA320-214564003/12 GEG-MLB after paint prior del. (compl.)
N209NVA320-214590110/12 rgd. / parked HND (ex JA02VA) / to ANC-MLB 23/12
N210NVA320-214554029/12 rgd. (ex OE-IEG/F-WXAW/JA808P)
N282VAA320-214670415/12 PAE-MLB & rgd. 21/12, ex Alaska Airlines
N299NVA320-214487002/12 rgd. / parked MLB prior del. (ex RP-C3266)
AmericanN306SWB737-8 MAX44488/800607/12 d/d PAE-TUL as AA9825 (RNT-PAE 21/11) / to MIA 13/12
N439ANA321-253NX1062318/11 SAT-LAX & put in svc 19/11 LAX-DFW (compl.)
N440ANA321-253NX1064303/12 SAT-DFW & put in svc 05/12 DFW-LAS (compl.)
N441UWA321-253NX1068407/12 SAT-MIA & put i/s 10/12 MIA-PHX after del.
N442ANA321-253NX1071123/12 d/d BFM-SAT as AA9822 (ex F-WZMQ)
N443AAA321-253NX1070902/12 d/d BFM-SAT as AA9822 (ex F-WZMO), i/s 19/12
Arizona CardinalsN867DAB777-232ER29743/38717/12 AFW-PHX f/c on del., ex Delta Airlines, i/s 18/12
Breeze AirwaysN203BZA220-3715512817/12 d/d BFM-TPA as MXY8220 (ex C-GPWQ)
Canada JetlinesC-GCJLA320-214417524/12 r/o SNN f/c after paint still as OE-IAV
Conair AviationC-FFZXDash 8-402Q426121/12 rgd. / parked YQA (ex G-FLBE)
Connect AirlinesN882WMDash 8-402Q422122/12 YHZ-BOS-BED on del. (ex G-ECOH)
Delta AirlinesN310DUA220-3715514216/12 d/d BFM-MSP as DL9937 (ex C-GPLT), i/s 26/12
N935DHB737-9GPER38302/375330/11 rgd. / parked SBD (ex VP-CEK/PK-LHW)
N942DCB737-9GPER38689/444106/12 rgd. / stored SBD (ex VP-CFH/PK-LBM)
N947DCB737-9GPER38731/446320/12 rgd. / parked SBD (ex VP-CGT/PK-LBO)
N953DCB737-9GPER38742/472601/12 rgd. / parked SBD (ex VP-CIC/PK-LBJ)
N126DNA321-2111029712/11 MSP-DFW put in svc after del. (compl.)
N128DNA321-2111030020/11 MSP-LAX put in svc after del. (compl.)
N129DNA321-2111031516/12 d/d BFM-MSP as DL9936 (ex F-WZMN), i/s 30/12
N411DXA330-941199118/12 ATL-JFK-AMS i/s now in special Team USA Olympia c/s
Eastern AirlinesN606KWB767-233ER24324/25219/12 FJR-DSS-LIM-SPLP
N940BCB777-212ER32335/41529/12 VCV-MCI after storage prior del. (ex 9V-SVJ)
Eastern Airlines CargoN829KWB777-212ER28526/35509/12 ASP-BNE-HNL-MCI prior del. (ex 9V-SVC)
Elite AirwaysN258PSCRJ200794111/12 TUS-MLB on del., ex SkyWest
N83EACRJ7001001517/12 GCK-LAX last svc / to STL 18/12 / sold to GoJet 22/12
EnvoyN766JMEMB170LR30515/12 rgd. (ex G-LCYI)
FEDEXN199FEB767-300F63129/125623/11 IND-BOS put in svc after del. (compl.)
N848FDB777-200F66258/170522/11 SIN-ANC & put i/s 22/11 ANC-MEM after del. (compl.)
N522FEMD-11F48476/51001/12 CAN-ANC-OAK & put i/s 02/12 OAK-SEA (compl.)
N649FEMD-11F48801/64030/12 VCV-LAX on del. (ex D-ALCH)
Flair AirlinesC-FLKJB737-8 MAX64945/779123/11 YYC-YYZ put in svc after del. (compl.)
Freight Runners ExpressN506FRSaab 2000617/12 SGF-MKE on del. (ex G-CDKA), i/s 28/12 MKE-HAO
N680PASaab 20002024/11 MKE-BJC put in svc after del. (compl.)
Global CrossingN278GXA320-214195402/12 rgd. / parked MIA (ex OE-IKR), i/s 17/12 MIA-RSW
N626VAA320-214283013/12 GUS-MIA after paint on del., i/s 21/12 MIA-IAD
GoJet AirlinesN507GJCRJ7001001421/12 LJU-KEF-YYR-STL on del. (ex 2-SAAZ/S5-AAZ)
N508MJCRJ7001008720/12 STL-EWR on del., i/s 20/12 EWR-BTV (UA Expr. c/s)
N509MJCRJ7001009403/12 TUS-STL on lease fr Mesa AL after long storage
N527GJCRJ7001000420/12 rgd. (ex C-FJXB)
iAero AirwaysN471BSB737-86JF30499/56710/11 GUS-GSO & 20/11 GSO-CVG now in DHL c/s, i/s 23/11
JetBlue AirwaysN3077JA220-3715512422/11 VQQ-BOS & put i/s 22/11 BOS-ATL after del. (compl.)
N3085JA220-3715513226/11 JFK-BOS & put i/s 27/11 BOS-CHS after del. (compl.)
Jet One XN733JXB747-40933737/135817/12 rgd. / stored TPE (ex B-18215)
Kalitta Charters IIN915CKDC9-15F47086/21914/12 OSC-SHV-MTY after long std / sold to Aeronaves TSM
N917CKDC9-15F47152/17029/12 OSC-SHV-SLW after long std / sold to Aeronaves TSM
N916CKDC9-33F47291/34313/12 OSC-SHV-SLW after long std / sold to Aeronaves TSM
N336CKB737-3Y0F26070/234922/12 OPF-OSC on del. (ex ZS-SBA)
N129ACB737-4Q8F26280/223916/12 YHM-YIP-OSC on del. (ex PK-MDZ)
Lynx AirC-GJSLB737-8 MAX44312/785223/12 PDX-BFI still as N239BE after paint prior del.
NorlinorC-FHNMB737-8Q830631/104722/12 YMX-MIA put in svc after del. in OWG c/s (compl.)
Omega AirN235ULDC10-30CF45956/23527/12 rgd. / stored VCV (ex Netherlands AF T-235)
PiedmontN602AEEMB145LR4804/12 PHL-SBY last svc & stored
N603KCEMB145LR5530/11 CLT-SBY last svc & stored
N604AEEMB145LR5802/11 CLT-SBY last svc / to MEM-MZJ 21/12 & stored
R1 AirlinesC-FJXBCRJ7001000414/12 YYC-STL after long std since 31/10/18 / sold as N527GJ
Silver AirwaysN400SVATR42-600121422/12 YQA-FLL-BOG after storage / sold as HK-5391
N408SVATR42-600160201/12 d/d TLS-LPA-RAI as F-WKVB (ex F-WWLV), rgd. 06/12
N947AZATR72-212F68220/12 FLL-PNS-AFW put in svc after conv. (compl.)
Sky WestN228PSCRJ200789707/12 ROW-TUS & i/s 12/12 op for United, ex American Eagle
N683SKCRJ7001008929/12 rgd. / parked SLN (ex F-GRZH)
N685SKCRJ7001009329/09 DTW-SGU-SMX / to SBN 13/11 prior del. (ex F-GRZI)
N686SKCRJ7001009628/12 rgd. / parked SLN (ex F-GRZJ)
N511SYEMB175LR89221/11 BOI-LAX & put i/s 22/11 LAX-SAT (compl.)
N512SYEMB175LR89310/12 BOI-LAX & put i/s 11/12 LAX-PDX (compl.)
N513SYEMB175LR89404/12 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI (ex PR-EDX) AA Eagle c/s
N514SYEMB175LR89511/12 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI (ex PR-EBU) AA Eagle c/s
N515SYEMB175LR89616/12 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI (ex PR-EDH) AA Eagle c/s
N516SYEMB175LR89717/12 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI (ex PR-EAY) AA Eagle c/s
N517SYEMB175LR89821/12 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI (ex PR-EBY) AA Eagle c/s
N519SYEMB175LR89923/12 d/d SJK-MAO-SJU-XNA-BOI (ex PR-EAQ) AA Eagle c/s
SouthwestN776WNB737-7H430591/62018/12 MIA-STL & back i/s 18/12 STL-HOU (compl.)
N777QCB737-7H430592/62128/11 MIA-MCI-LAS-TUS put in svc after long storage
N778SWB737-7H427883/62618/12 MIA-DEN & back i/s 19/12 DEN-ORD (compl.)
N791SWB737-7H427886/73613/12 VCV-MIA after long storage
N7837AB737-75233785/139818/10 OAK-SEA last svc / to PAE 18/10 / to MZJ 02/12 & std
N7861JB737-79P33008/171815/12 VCV-MIA after long storage
Spirit AirlinesN947NKA320-271N1068326/11 DTW-FLL & put i/s 26/11 FLL-STT (compl.)
N948NKA320-271N1074422/12 d/d BFM-DTW as NK9048 (ex F-WZMR), i/s 27/12
N949NKA320-271N1071028/11 DTW-LGA put in svc after del (compl.)
N950NKA320-271N1076918/12 d/d BFM-DTW as NK9050 (ex F-WZMT), i/s 20/12
N951NKA320-271N1074510/12 d/d BFM-DTW as NK9051 (ex F-WZMS), i/s 15/12
Sterling AirwaysN276SKEMB145LR34801/12 TIX-CID on del. (ex HL8358), lsd fr Flight Lease, i/s 01/12
Sun CountryN843SYB737-82R40721/360022/12 PRG-KEF-GTF-PAEin BritishAW c/s for paint(ex OE-LCC)
SunwingC-FYAUB737-8K537250/434504/01 BRU-KEF-YYZ on lse fr TUI still as OO-JAU, rgd. 05/01
C-FYBZB737-8K537262/387602/01 MAN-YHM on lse fr TUI UK still as G-FDZZ, rgd. 04/01
C-FYEMB737-8K537249/436005/12 MAN-YHM on lse fr TUI UK still as G-TAWM, rgd. 06/12
C-FYMQB737-8K535148/279003/12 rgd. (ex OO-JAQ), i/s 16/12 YYZ-VRA
C-FYSDB737-8K537265/393907/12 LTN-MAN-YYZ on lse fr TUI UK as G-TAWD, rgd. 09/12
C-FYXAB737-8K537245/348629/11 rgd. (ex D-ATUA), i/s 07/12 YYZ-VRA, lsd fr TUI
United AirlinesN9313UA319-111276307/12 QLA-KEF-CLE-IAH-GYR prior frl. (ex G-EZAN)
N3315UA319-111277722/12 rgd. / stored QLA prior del. (ex G-EZAP)
N17265B737-8 MAX64454/814402/12 SEA-SFO & put in svc 03/12 SFO-LAX (compl.)
N27266B737-8 MAX66597/815307/12 d/d PAE-SEA as UA2702 / to SFO 15/12, i/s 17/12
N661UAB767-322ER27158/50724/11 HKG-GUM-SFO-IAD, i/s 15/12 IAD-ZRH (compl.)
N662UAB767-322ER27159/51324/11 HKG-GUM-SFO, i/s 30/11 SFO-DEN (compl.)
N225UAB777-222ER30554/37703/12 XMN-GUM-HNL-VCV for cont. storage
N228UAB777-222ER30556/38414/12 XMN-GUM-HNL-VCV for cont. storage
N788UAB777-222ER26942/8206/12 HKG-GUM-HNL-VCV for cont. storage
United Parcel UPSN376UPB767-300F66811/126028/11 SAT-SDF & put i/s 01/12 SDF-GSP after del. (compl.)
N377UPB767-300F66812/126223/12 d/d PAE-SAT as UPS9516 / to SDF 04/01, i/s 06/01
N631UPB747-8F65776/156807/12 d/d PAE-SDF as UPS9511, i/s 13/12 SDF-ANC
US Air Force19-46062B767-2C41888/122617/12 d/d BFI-GSB (ex N2011A)
19-46065B767-2C???/123617/12 d/d BFI-GSB (ex N20140)
Voyageur AirwaysC-GNSVDash 8-402Q411020/12 YYB-YYR-KEF-BRU-ATH-ASW on lease to UN
WestjetC-FZWSB737-76N32731/104404/01 YYC-MZJ after 2 years storage on ret. to lessor
Reg News Latein-/Südamerika
Aerolineas ArgentinasLV-FNLA330-22326404/01 EZE-MIA last svc / to MZJ 05/01 on ret. to lessor
AeromexicoEI-GZAB737-8 MAX42837/745009/12 MEX-TIJ put i/s after del. a/w with titles/logo, ex NAX c/s
EI-GZBB737-8 MAX42839/756916/12 MEX-TIJ put i/s after del. a/w with titles/logo, ex NAX c/s
EI-GZCB737-8 MAX42841/768112/12 MEX-MID put i/s after del. a/w with titles/logo, ex NAX c/s
EI-GZEB737-8 MAX42842/773015/12 d/d BFI-MEX as AM9451 in NAX c/s (ex N57001)
EI-GZFB737-8 MAX63974/771013/12 d/d BFI-SLW as AM9450 still in Norwegian c/s
XA-DAEB737-8 MAX60434/742002/12 SLW-MEX on del. after paint, i/s 13/12 MEX-CUU
XA-DAPB737-8 MAX61858/763103/12 SLW-MEX on del. after paint (ex N887BA), i/s 05/12
XA-MFMB737-8 MAX43310/784604/12 d/d BFI-MEX still in full Mongolian AL c/s (ex N5515R)
XA-MJIB737-8 MAX60444/765017/12 MEX-CJS put i/s after del. a/w with titles/logo
Aeronaves TSMN683BRCRJ200769216/12 SLW-LRD-DHN for freighter conv. prior del. / to get XA-reg
N684BRCRJ200F770817/12 DHN-SLW after freighter conv. on del. / to get XA-reg 03/01
Amaszonas BoliviaCP-3130EMB190STD60815/12 VVI-CGR-SJK after long storage on ret. to lessor
Aruba AirlinesP4-AAIA321-231291908/12 AUA-OPF a/w + titles after long std (never i/s)/to MIA 05/01
AviancaN253ACA320-214369020/12 GYR-TUS-MDE on del. (ex XA-ABC)
N411AEA320-214441105/01 GUS-MIA-MDE on del. (ex XA-SUN)
N920CGA320-251N925028/11 BOG-CTG put in svc after del. (compl.)
N934AGA320-251N938407/12 MDE-BOG & i/s 07/12 BOG-BAQ after del. (compl.)
N939AVA320-214493915/12 MDE-BOG now in special ENCANTO c/s after paint
N950AVA320-214354517/12 rgd. (ex VP-BKC)
N951AVA320-214357423/12 MDE-BOG & put i/s 27/12 BOG-MDE (compl.)
N954AVA320-214369901/12 MPL-LPA-FOR-MDE on del. (ex VP-BME)
N955AVA320-214383520/12 MDE-BOG & i/s 21/12 BOG-AXM after del. (compl.)
N956AVA320-214605014/12 MDE-BOG & i/s 14/12 BOG-BGA after del. (compl.)
N957AVA320-214605717/12 MDE-CLO put in svc after del. (compl.)
N958AVA320-214610308/12 MDE-BOG & i/s 08/12 BOG-CLO after del. (compl.)
N959AVA320-214611004/12 MPL-TFS-BGI-MDE on del. still as VQ-BXR, rgd. 08/12
AzulPR-AKMATR72-600159424/12 d/d TLS-LPA-DSS-NAT-CNF (ex F-WWEE Wings c/s)
PR-AKNATR72-600159624/12 d/d TLS-LPA-DSS-NAT-CNF (ex F-WWEG Wings c/s)
PR-AKOATR72-600155624/12 d/d TLS-ACE-DSS-NAT-CNF sp c/s (ex F-WWEM Wings c/s)
PR-AZLEMB190AR14710/12 CNF-NAT-SID-LPAR after long storage on ret. to lessor
PR-YJEA321-251NX1054228/12 d/d XFW-SID-CNF in special c/s (ex D-AZAR)
COPA PanamaHP-1521CMPB737-7V333708/137929/11 PTY-BAQ back in svc after long storage (compl.)
HP-1524CMPB737-7V333705/150514/12 ROW-MIA-PTY after long storage, i/s 24/12 PTY-GDL
HP-1525CMPB737-7V333706/151821/12 ROW-MIA-PTY after long storage, i/s 31/12 PTY-PEI
HP-1522CMPB737-8V3F33709/138706/12 CAN-ICN-ANC-LAX-PTY after freighter conv.
HP-1712CMPB737-8V340664/326720/12 SJO-PTY & back i/s 21/12 PTY-HAV after long storage
HP-1714CMPB737-8V340891/347611/10 LIM-PTY last svc / sold to Wingo
HP-1835CMPB737-8V340790/462610/12 ROW-MIA-SJO after long storage
HP-9914CMPB737-9 MAX44176/815701/01 d/d BFI-SJO (ex N4022T)
EasyFlyHK-5391ATR42-600121428/12 rgd. / parked BOG (ex N400SV)
EquAirHC-CXBB737-7K238125/358416/12 LTX-UIO after paint on del. (ex EI-GVU)
HC-CXCB737-7K238126/359019/12 ILD-KEF-BOS-LTX for paint (ex EI-GVV) / to UIO 06/01
Ez AirN417XJSaab 340B41717/11 FXE-CUR on del. & put i/s 02/12 CUR-AUA (compl.)
GOLPR-XMJB737-8 MAX60715/760802/12 d/d BFI-CUN-CNF as GLO9675, i/s 10/12 CNF-GRU
PR-XMVB737-8 MAX61585/792815/12 d/d BFI-CUN-CNF as GLO9675, i/s 23/12 CNF-GRU
PS-GPAB737-8 MAX43615/713524/11 CNF-BSB & put i/s 25/11 BSB-POA after del. (compl.)
PS-GPBB737-8 MAX43616/724819/11 rgd. / parked CNF (ex N534RL), i/s 07/12 CNF-GRU
PS-GPCB737-8 MAX44864/729322/11 rgd. / parked CNF (ex N536RL), i/s 27/11 CNF-BSB
Islena (Avianca c/s)HR-AYMATR72-600118517/12 GUA-NAS-YHZ-YYR-RKV-SBK after long storage
Jetair CaribbeanPJ-JABFokker 701158524/11 WOE-RTM-PIK-KEF-SFJ-YYR-YQY-ORF-FPO-CUR, i/s 3/12
LATAMPR-TQCA320-214486012/11 CGH-POA put in svc after del. (compl.)
CC-CXDB767316ERF35697/96718/12 SIN-HNL-MIA on re-del. after freighter conv., i/s 23/12
CC-CXKB767316ERF41995/104919/12 SCL-MIA last svc / to HNL-SIN 20/12 for freighter conv.
Lin. Aer. SuramericanasHK-5385B737-48EF27632/285615/12 OPF-BOG on del. (ex N463VX/F-GZTT)
Policia Federal do BrasilPS-DPFEMB175STD34105/12 d/d LPAR-SID still as 2-RLBZ
Sideral Air CargoPR-SLIB737-375F23708/139530/11 CWB-GRU-GYN put in svc after del. (ex 9H-AUL)
SKY AirlineCC-DBEA320-251N1022607/12 d/d TLS-KEF-MIA-SCL as SKU9021 (ex F-WWDA), i/s 13/12
CC-DBHA320-251N1012301/12 SCL-ZOS put in svc after del (compl.)
CC-DCBA321-251NX1046610/12 d/d XFW-KEF-MIA-LIM-SCL SKU9019 (ex D-AYAJ), i/s 14/12
Sky Cana9H-AMGA321-211211501/12 arr PUJ on lse fr Avion Express, i/s 04/12 hybrid c/s
9H-AMRA321-211333428/12 arr SDQ on lse fr Avion Express, i/s 29/12 SDQ-SCU
Ultra AirHK-5393A320-214271206/12 DHN-TPA-MDE f/c on del. still as N712AV
VIVA AerobusXA-VBRA321-271NX1048411/11 MTY-MID put in svc after del. (compl.)
XA-VBSA321-271NX1068815/12 d/d XFW-KEF-BGR-MTY as VIV1 (ex D-AYYV), i/s 17/12
XA-VBTA321-231625305/12 MTY-SJD put in svc after del. (ex N432AC), a/w tail
XA-VBVA321-231621905/12 ISL-DUB-BGR-MTY on del. still as N725AV, i/s 20/12 f/c
XA-VBWA321-231686105/12 LAL-MTY on del. still as N747AV
VIVA ColombiaHK-5389A320-251N1067711/12 d/d TLS-TFS-FOR-BOG (ex F-WWBD), i/s 15/12 BOG-MDE
VolarisXA-VSFA320-271N1009812/12 MEX-CJS in svc after del. now in f/c (compl.)
XA-VSGA320-271N1020003/12 d/d TLS-KEF-YQX-MEX in full Vietnam AL c/s (ex F-WWIU)
17/12 MEX-TIJ put in svc in basic Vietnam AL c/s with Volaris titles
XA-VSJA320-271N1006921/12 MEX-CUN put in svc f/c after del. & repaint (compl.)
Volaris Costa RicaN545VLA320-271N1049511/12 d/d TLS-KEF-YQX-MEX as VOC9000 (ex F-WWDJ)
WingoHP-1714CMPB737-8V340891/347604/01 PTY-BOG f/c on del., lsd fr COPA, i/s 06/01 BOG-CTG
Reg News Afrika
748 Air Service5Y-FEADash 8-402Q418016/10 del ex SCN (corr/ex G-ECOB)
Aero ContractorsLY-VUTA320-232327521/12 LOS-ABV last svc (titles) / to KUN 29/12 ret. to Heston AL
Air AustralF-ONGAB737-89M40910/348401/12 ADD-WAW for repaint into full EWA Air c/s
F-ONGBB737-89M40911/350408/12 RUN-DZA back in svc after storage
Air CairoSU-BUNA320-251N1068017/12 d/d TLS-CAI as MSC999 (ex F-WWDQ), i/s 24/12
Air Cote d’IvoireTU-TRCA319-112212613/12 LDE-TLS-KEF-BOS-GYR after long storage / sold
Air LibyaSX-ACPA321-231101529/11 HBE-BEN back in svc on lease fr Olympus
Air Mauritius3B-NBMA330-20288326/10 CAI-MXP for cont. storage / to CAI 21/12 as sold
Air Ocean MarocCN-TMXEMB135BJ105529/12 DXB-HER-CMN-GMD on del. (ex HZ-IAM)
Air Peace5N-BYJEMB195E22005208/12 d/d SJK-REC-LOS (ex PR-EAT), i/s 14/12 LOS-ABV
Air Senegal6V-AOAA220-3715508928/12 d/d YMX-LBG-DKR HC7000 (ex C-FOWU) / to DSS 29/12
LY-CODA319-112277418/12 MAD-DSS on lse fr Getjet, i/s 18/12 DSS-BJL
LY-RAMA319-112313915/12 BKO-DSS last svc / to RIX 17/12 after lse fr Getjet
Arik AirYR-URSA319-132361421/12 CRA-LOS on lease fr Dan-Air, i/s 24/12 LOS-QOW
EI-ULNB737-73V32426/147429/11 ABV-LOS last svc / to BJV 30/11 & stored
Astral AviationN557CMB757-2B6F23687/10618/12 VCV-HGR on del. / to get 5Y-reg
Azman Air5N-AISB737-5L929235/307624/12 SAW-BOH for cont. storage
Bluebird Aviation5Y-MARDash 8-402Q418522/11 rgd. (ex G-ECOA)
ComairZS-ZWSB737-86N32732/105613/12 JNB-PLZ back in svc after long storage (British AW c/s)
ZS-ZCAB737-8 MAX60432/736316/12 JNB-ACC-SMA-MIA-MZJ in British AW c/s after long std
ZS-ZCBB737-8 MAX60434/742018/10 MWH-BFI in British AW c/s after long std, now NTU
Ethiopian AirlinesET-AYBA350-94141206/11 ADD-JNB last svc / to ADD 03/12 & stored
ET-AYMA350-94152403/12 d/d TLS-ADD as ET9201(ex F-WZFH),i/s 04/12 ADD-DXB
ET-AYNA350-94154210/12 d/d TLS-ADD as ET9201 (ex F-WZHD), Star Alliance c/s
EWA AirF-ONGAB737-89M40910/348419/12 WAW-LXR-DZA f/c on del., i/s 21/12, lsd fr Air Austral
Fly EgyptSU-TMIB737-85P33973/160629/11 LIL-HRG last svc / to CAI 29/11 & stored
Fly SafairZS-SJGB737-8BG32353/71101/12 JNB-DUR i/s after del., ex Mango (compl.)
Fly ZeJetTJ-ZASEMB145LU5007/12 LFBD-DJG-DLA on del. (ex F-WTBG/F-GRGF)
F-WTAGEMB145MP17806/12 CFE-LFBF for paint / to get TJ-reg (ex F-GVHD)
F-WTANEMB145MP66817/12 CFE-LFBF for paint / to get TJ-reg (ex F-GUBE)
Freedom AirlineN341XCA320-21134124/12 MCI-FLL f/c prior del. (ex C-FPDN) / to get 5Y-FAH
LIFTZS-GAOA320-2316731/10 ZNZ-JNB last svc & stored (ret. to lessor)
ZS-GASA320-2317614/11 JNB-ZNZ put in svc a/w on lease
Mauritania AirlinesLZ-MDIA320-233337815/12 PDV-MLA-COO-NKC on lse fr Fly2Sky, ret. 19/12
MaxAirN11547EMB145LR56327/12 YCE-BGR-YYR-KEF-SNN-CMN-LOS in exec. c/s on del.
5N-MBDB737-4D728704/296810/12 GML-ASW-KAN on del. (ex 5N-MAB)
Nesma AirlinesSU-NMDA319-132195215/11 AMM-CAI last svc / to DGX 02/12 ret. to lessor
Nile AirSU-BQKA320-214392501/12 SHJ-CAI after 5 months storage, i/s 09/12 CAI-LXR
Simb AirlinesTL-…EMB145EP8203/01 FPR-BGR-KEF-SNN-CMN-NIM-BGF still as N261BC
Solenta AviationZS-XZAATR72-212A71912/12 JNB-…-TMR-TLS-LFBF a/w on ret. to lessor
TAAG AngolaD2-TBJB737-7M234562/05/12 TLV-HBE-LAD in new c/s no titles after long storage
Tunis AirTS-IONB737-6H329499/51025/11 TUN-NCE back i/s (not stored/corr)
TS-IMXA320-251N1057523/12 d/d TLS-TUN as TU9623 (ex F-WWIA), i/s 25/12 TUN-CAI
United Nigeria9A-BTHA320-214145412/12 LJU-LOS with titles on lse fr Trade Air
Zambia AirwaysET-ANWDash 8-402Q432029/11 ADD-Lusaka f/c on lse fr Ethiopian, i/s 01/12
Reg News Asien
Air Asia9M-RCHA320-216367923/12 KUL-PEN i/s a/w with titles/logo, ex OE-ILY/HS-ABH
9M-VVAA330-343E159616/12 KUL-BKI in svc after transfer, ex 9M-XXW Air Asia X
Air Asia X9M-XBAA330-343E167030/12 KUL-CRK as XAX2109 after long storage
9M-XXVA330-343E158912/11 KUL-BKI-HKG back in svc after long storage
Air AstanaEI-KGGA321-271NX1042103/12 d/d XFW-ALA as KC1398 (ex D-AVZQ), i/s 16/12
Air BlueAP-BODA321-251NX956001/01 KHI-ISB put in svc after del. (compl.)
Air BusanHL8357A321-251NX1041206/11 PUS-CJU put in svc after del. (compl.)
Air ChinaB-651XARJ21-70016829/11 PEK-HET put in svc after del. (compl.)
B-326AA320-251N1056706/11 CTU-HFE put in svc after del. (compl.)
B-326VA320-251N1008631/12 d/d XFW-OVB-CTU as CCA080 (ex D-AVVC)
B-326DA321-251NX1035101/12 d/d TSN-PEK as CA89 (ex B-005D, D-AVXF), i/s 11/12
B-326UA321-272NX1065331/12 d/d XFW-OVB-CTU as CCA084 (ex D-AVZC)
B-326XA321-251NX1060621/12 XFW-NQZ-TSN prior del. still as D-AZAU
B-326YA350-94151729/12 d/d TSN-PEK (ex B-005R/F-WZFI) 1st A359 del ex TSN
B-327VA350-94152822/12 seen TSN as B-005W prior del. (ex F-WZNT)
Air DOJA602AB767-381ER27944/68409/12 CTS-HND last svc / to CTS-ANC-ROW 13/12
Air IndiaVT-ANLB787-836283/6512/11 BOM-DXB back in svc after 2 months storage
ANA All NipponJA03VAA320-214592630/11 OKA-HND as NH9018 for cont. storage after paint
JA146AA321-272N1090622/12 d/d XFW-OVB-HND (ex D-AVYJ), i/s 28/12
JA147AA321-272N1077325/11 HND-KCZ put in svc after del. (compl.)
JA702AB777-28127033/7520/12 HND-ANC-MHV after long storage for scrapping
JA936AB787-966523/109409/12 HND-OKA put in svc after del. (compl.)
JA937AB787-966524/109522/12 HND-OKA put in svc after del. (compl.)
Armenia AirwaysEK-73730B737-3Q826312/269329/12 EVN-IKA put in svc after del. (ex N73730)
AsianaHL8399A321-251NX1063330/12 d/d XFW-ALA-ICN as AAR839D (ex D-AZWM)
ATA AirlinesEP-TAQMD-8353488/213405/12 TBZ-THR last svc & stored
Bangkok AirHS-PZNATR72-600154628/12 BKK-USM back in svc after 4 months storage
HS-PPSA319-132238326/11 BKK-USM back in svc after 4 months storage
Batik AirPK-LUVA320-214767301/11 DPS-CGK back in svc after 5 months storage
PK-LDJB737-8GP40061/513021/12 BTH-CGK back in svc after 6 months storage
PK-LZVB737-8GP39831/525517/10 BTH-CGK back in svc after 1 month storage
Capital AirlinesB-320JA321-251NX949817/12 d/d XFW-NQZ-PEK (ex D-AZAV) / HGH 22/12, i/s 26/12
Caspian AirlinesEP-CASMD-8353623/227607/11 last svc & stored
Cathay DragonB-HSLA320-232222910/12 ASP-HKG after long storage still in Dragonair c/s
B-HTJA321-231336928/12 seen HKG now all white / for sale
Cathay PacificB-HPHA321-251NX1019903/12 HKG-TAO put in svc after del. (compl.)
B-LAJA330-342E116307/12 XMN-HKG & back i/s 11/12 HKG-PVG after long std
B-KPEB777-367ER36156/68511/12 ASP-HKG after long storage / to XMN 21/12
B-KPNB777-367ER36165/83913/12 XMN-HKG now a/w / to DOH 10/12 sold to Qatar AW
B-KQIB777-367ER41429/113907/12 HKG-XMN for maint. after long storage / to HKG 04/01
B-KQKB777-367ER41430/115910/12 ASP-HKG after long storage, i/s 27/12 HKG-BKK
Cebu PacificRP-C7286ATR72-600145327/11 CRK-SGN for cont. storage
RP-C7287ATR72-600146802/11 MNL-USU back in svc after long storage (compl.)
RP-C3278A320-214602109/12 ASP-MNL after long storage
RP-C4112A321-211824509/12 CRK-MNL & back i/s 10/12 MNL-CEB after long storage
RP-C4113A321-211825403/12 CRK-MNL & back i/s 05/12 MNL-PPS after long storage
RP-C3348A330-343E178927/11 MNL-ICN back in svc after short storage
RP-C3901A330-941200215/12 d/d TLS-DXB-MNL (ex F-WWYT), i/s 22/12 MNL-CEB
Chengdu AirlinesB-3329ARJ21-70011201/09 arr. CAN for freighter conv. after long std / for YTO Expr
B-3388ARJ21-70010917/12 arr. CAN for freighter conv. after long std / for YTO Expr
B-651SARJ21-70017222/12 d/d PVG-CTU (ex B-099J), i/s 02/01 CTU-YYA-JJN
China AirlinesB-18101A321-271NX1073012/12 TPE-KHH put in svc after del. (compl.)
B-18102A321-271NX1082213/12 d/d XFW-DWC-BKK-TPE (ex D-AVYL), i/s 24/12
China Central LonghaoB-221EB737-84PF35755/333904/12 seen CAN in new c/s after freighter conv.
China EasternB-2357A320-21475406/12 HYN-XIY (in old c/s) last svc & stored
B-325VA320-251N1039822/11 PVG-YNT put in svc after del. (compl.)
B-327AA320-251N1052425/11 TAO-HFE put in svc after del. (compl.)
B-327EA320-251N1037819/11 PVG-YCU put in svc after del. (compl.)
B-327FA320-251N1044324/12 d/d TSN-TAO (ex B-007S), i/s 31/12 TAO-HGH
B-327YA320-251N1072019/12 d/d TLS-NQZ-PVG as CES599 (ex F-WWIY), i/s 23/12
F-WZNUA350-94150509/12 TLS-TSN for paint & outfitting prior del.
China ExpressB-326PA320-271N1057222/12 d/d TSN-CKG (ex B-000N), i/s 26/12 CKG-MXZ
China SouthernB-651ZARJ21-70017528/12 d/d PVG-CAN (ex B-099M), i/s 02/01 CAN-ZHA
B-324RA350-94146228/12 d/d TLS-CAN (ex F-WZGT), i/s 04/01 CAN-PKX
B-324SA350-94147829/12 d/d TLS-CAN (ex F-WZFK), i/s 06/01 CAN-SZX
CitilinkPK-GLNA320-214539906/12 CGK-UPG back in svc now with large Cargo titles
Colorful Guizhou ALB-327QA320-251N1072528/12 d/d TLS-NQZ-KWE as GY2103 (ex F-WWIB)
Dubai Air WingA6-YSTB737-8SA44231/587730/11 SIN-DXB on del. a/w & flag (ex 9V-MGO)
Eastar JetHL8340B737-8 MAX60458/729815/12 ICN-ANC-VCV for cont. storage
HL8341B737-8 MAX60459/733111/12 ICN-ANC-VCV for cont. storage
Easy Charter4L-EFCA300B4203F21021/12 BCN-TBS last svc / to SAW 29/12 for maint.
EmiratesA6-EESA380-86114027/11 DXB-CDG back in svc after long storage (compl.)
A6-EUQA380-84222930/09 DWC-DXB after long storage, i/s 29/11 DXB-MAN
A6-EVRA380-84227110/12 d/d XFW-DXB as UAE5GT (ex F-WWAM), i/s 16/12
A6-EVSA380-84227216/12 d/d XFW-DXB as UAE5GT (ex F-WWSH), i/s 24/12
EtihadA6-ETBB777-3FXER34598/54307/12 AUH-BOM back in svc after 2 months storage
A6-ETGB777-3FXER39681/93229/11 BKK-AUH last svc & stored
A6-ETNB777-3FXER39689/108628/12 AUH-VCV as EY9120 after long std / sold as OE-IUE
A6-ETQB777-3FXER41700/113707/12 DAC-AUH last svc & stored
EVA AirB-17016ATR72-600134430/11 LZN-TSA last svc / to TPE 30/11 / sold to UNI Air
B-16788B777-200F67032/170617/12 d/d PAE-TPE as BR689, i/s 21/12 TPE-BKK
B-16789B777-200F67033/170827/12 d/d PAE-TPE as BR689, i/s 30/12 TPE-HKG
FlyadealHZ-FAPA320-251N1051830/12 d/d TLS-JED as FAD8019 (ex D-AVVD)
HZ-FARA320-251N1065209/12 d/d TLS-JED as FAD8017 (ex F-WWBN), i/s 13/12
FlyDubaiA6-FMLB737-8 MAX60982/745924/12 AMM-DXB & put in svc 25/12 DXB-MHD (compl.)
A6-FMNB737-8 MAX60989/786108/12 MWH-BFI after long std & d/d 31/12 BFI-SNN-AMM
A6-FMOB737-8 MAX60973/788607/12 SKF-BFI after long storage prior del.
A6-FMPB737-8 MAX60990/790130/12 d/d BFI-SNN-AMM as FZ9741
A6-FMUB737-8 MAX60996/812829/11 AMM-DXB & put i/s 01/12 DXB-TBS after del. (compl.)
A6-FMVB737-8 MAX60997/813611/12 AMM-DXB & put i/s 14/12 DXB-DOH after del. (compl.)
Garuda IndonesiaPK-GRKCRJ10001903302/12 BPN-CGK as GA5671 for cont. storage
PK-GRMCRJ10001903530/11 TKG-CGK last svc & stored
PK-GFLB737-86N36808/350605/12 CGK-KUL after long storage on ret. to lessor
PK-GFUB737-86N38040/448221/12 CGK-PKU back in svc after 6 months storage
PK-GMGB737-8U330141/316626/12 CGK-KHI-AMM after long storage on ret. to lessor
PK-GMHB737-8U330142/321303/12 CGK-KHI-AMM after long storage on ret. to lessor
PK-GPOA330-243128817/12 CGK-BKK back in svc after 7 months storage
PK-GIFB777-3U3ER29148/120327/10 CGK-HND back in svc after 4 months storage
GO Air / GO FirstVT-WJYA320-271N959225/11 DEL-PNQ put in svc after del. (compl.)
Greater Bay AirlinesB-KJBB737-8JP42279/638205/12 seen CAN f/c after paint (ex OE-IER/EI-FVR)
IndigoVT-IRBATR72-600165914/12 d/d TLS-HER-HRG-DWC-DEL as F-WNUE(ex F-WWEE)
VT-IALA320-232599216/12 PAT-DEL last svc / to RKT-ISL 19/12 ret to lessor
VT-IHHA320-214313805/01 DEL-RKT-IST-SNN-KEF after storage on ret. to lessor
VT-IHNA320-214451022/12 HYD-DEL last svc / to MNL 25/12 on ret to lessor
VT-IKEA320-232213812/12 DEL-TBS-IST-CDT on ret. to lessor
VT-IKIA320-232464519/11 MAA-DEL after storage / to RKT-IST-LJU 30/11
VT-IILA320-251N1064604/12 DEL-CCU put in svc after del. (compl.)
VT-IIMA320-251N1048510/12 DEL-CCU put in svc after del. (compl.)
VT-IINA320-251N1066404/12 d/d TLS-DEL as IGO9001 (ex F-WWIJ), i/s 11/12
VT-IIOA320-251N1066830/12 d/d XFW-DEL as IGO9001 (ex D-AVVX)
VT-IIPA320-251N1068913/12 d/d TLS-DEL as IGO9001 (ex F-WWTZ), i/s 24/12
VT-ILWA321-251NX1050102/12 DEl-BHO put in svc after del. (compl.)
VT-ILXA321-251NX1065109/12 d/d XFW-DEL as IGO9001 (ex D-AVZI), i/s 24/12
VT-ILYA321-251NX1049016/12 DEL-HYD put in svc after del. (compl.)
VT-ILZA321-251NX1049607/12 d/d XFW-DEL as IGO9002 (ex D-AYAP), i/s 22/12
VT-IMBA321-251NX1054103/01 d/d XFW-DEL as IGO9001 (ex D-AVXR)
VT-IMCA321-251NX1049714/12 d/d XFW-DEL as IGO9001 (ex D-AYAW), i/s 29/12
VT-IMEA321-251NX1065407/12 d/d XFW-DEL as IGO9001 (ex D-AVWS), i/s 22/12
Indonesia Morowali I.P.PK-RJIEMB145LI1040re-rgd. PK-OMG 1/22
PK-RJMEMB145LI1022re-rgd. PK-OKE 1/22
Iran AirEP-ITAATR72-600138624/11 KHV-THR last svc & stored
EP-ITCATR72-600139007/10 RAS-THR last svc & stored
EP-ITEATR72-600142422/11 SYZ-THR last svc & stored
EP-ITFATR72-600143125/11 AWZ-THR last svc & stored
EP-IEPA319-111165412/12 ABD-THR last svc & stored
EP-IBBA300B4605R72721/10 IST-IKA last svc / to THR 23/10 & stored
Iran Air TourEP-MDCMD-8249524/174612/12 SYZ-THR last svc & stored
EP-MNIA300B4605R40807/11 IST-TBZ last svc / to IKA 07/11 & stored
Iran AsemanEP-ATEFokker 1001132308/12 THR-MHD last svc & stored
EP-APAA340-311210/11 IST-IKA last svc & stored
IsrairOK-TSDB737-8Q841795/489513/12 TLV-PRG last svc & ret to Travel Service after lse
OK-TVXB737-8Z933833/168021/12 TLV-PRG last svc & ret to Smartwings after lease
Japan AirlinesJA324JB737-84635353/310508/10 TKS-HND last svc / to CAN 09/10, seen 06/12 all white
JA325JB737-84635354/311705/10 FUK-HND last svc / to XMN 06/10/HND 11/11 to 2-JPLK
JA326JB737-84635355/315929/10 AOJ-HND last svc / to XMN 03/11 & stored / for sale
JA336JB737-84640351/354319/12 KMJ-HND last svc / to XMN 20/12 & stored / for sale
JA14XJA350-94154118/12 d/d TLS-HND as JL8102 (ex F-WZHK), i/s 23/12
JA773JB777-246ER27653/63516/12 OKA-NGO-HNL / to VCV 19/12 for cont. storage
Jazeera9K-CBIA320-251N1051610/12 d/d TLS-KWI as JZR062 (ex F-WWBI), i/s 15/12
Jeju AirHL8050B737-8AS36571/257417/09 GMP-XMN / to OVB-OSR 12/12 now a/w ret to lessor
Jin AirHL7719B737-9B529997/141612/12 PUS-GMP f/c after paint, ex Korean Air, i/s 24/12
Juneyao AirlinesB-326HA320-271N1060517/12 d/d TSN-PVG (ex B-005F/F-WWTP, TLS-TSN 02/12)
B-327DA320-271N1057104/12 d/d TSN-PVG (ex B-000Q), i/s 10/12 PVG-LNL
Kam AirYA-KMNB737-52428915/299327/11 SQQ-KBP after 2 months storage, i/s 30/11 KBL-HEA
Kargo Express9M-KXBB737-8EHF34267/231106/12 rgd. (ex N248GE) special Face Mask c/s (compl.)
N249GEB737-8EHF34966/236730/12 seen PVG prior del. after freighter conv./to get 9M-reg
Kish AirEP-LCMMD-8253226/208717/10 KIH-THR last svc & stored
Korean AirHL7719B737-9B529997/141605/12 GMP-PUS last svc / sold to Jin Air
HL7643B747-860410/153808/12 HAM-PUS after VIP-outfitting for repaint into SKAF c/s
Kuwait Airways9K-AKIA320-214650014/12 KWI-BSL after long storage for VIP-config.
9K-APBA330-243164316/12 ISL-KWI after maint & storage, i/s 01/01 KWI-COK
9K-APDA330-243167827/11 MNL-KWI after maint., i/s 02/12 KWI-MAA
Lao AirlinesRDPL34174ATR72-212A87819/11 VTE-PKZ back in svc after 2 months storage
RDPL34176ATR72-212A93803/12 VTE-ZVK back in svc after 2 months storage
Lion AirPK-LJQB737-8GP38317/398504/12 BTH-PKU back in svc after 5 months storage
PK-LKJB737-8GP38682/422613/12 CGK-TJQ back in svc after 5 months storage
PK-LKQB737-8GP38727/432017/12 CGK-DJB back in svc after 5 months storage
PK-LOOB737-8GP39814/487901/12 CGK-ASP as JT1013 for cont. storage
PK-LQYB737-8GP39873/569811/12 CGK-YIA back in svc after 5 months storage
PK-LQRB7379GPER43005/744108/12 CGK-SUB back in svc after 6 months storage
Longjiang AirlinesB-8289A321-211461103/12 HRB-SHE after storage since 2017 (ex OE-LEW)
Loong AirB-325KA321-251NX1019817/11 HGH-CAN put in svc after del. (compl.)
B-325XA321-251NX1041815/11 HGH-SZX put in svc after del. (compl.)
B-326SA321-251NX1068529/12 d/d TSN-HGH (ex B-005E/D-AVZN, XFW-TSN 09/12)
B-327CA321-251NX1072705/01 d/d XFW-OVB-HGH as CDC8001 (ex D-AYAN)
Mahan AirEP-MMPA310-30458611/12 MHD-THR last svc / to IKA 12/12 & stored
EP-MMDA340-313X16421/11 DXB-IKA last svc & stored
EP-MMHA340-64239102/11 SZX-IKA last svc & stored
Malindo9M-LNTB737-8GP39866/551325/11 SZB-KUL & 30/11 KUL-MCT-OSR ret to lessor
Mandarin AirlinesB-16823EMB190AR9925/12 MZG-TSA last svc / to RMQ 29/12 & stored
B-16827EMB190AR18231/12 MZG-TSA last svc & stored
B-16828EMB190AR19030/11 TPE-DPS-PER in full Cobham c/s / sold to Cobham
Mena CargoA9C-MAEB737-3H4F27710/281901/12 BAH-CAI put in svc after del. (ex N637SW)
Nok AirHS-DQCDash 8-402Q447910/10 CJM-DMK last svc & stored
HS-DBYB737-88L61299/642606/12 SZB-DMK after maint., i/s 26/12 DMK-UBP (compl.)
PAL ExpressRP-C5909Dash 8-402Q458216/11 CEB-MNL after long storage / to SGN-DMK-BBI-KHI-AZI-JED-HER-ATH-SCN 09/12-12/12 on ret. to lessor
Pan PacificRP-C7935A320-232141123/10 MNL-CRK / to NAG-MCT-HBE-CDT 24/12 & std
PeachJA812PA320-214600402/11 SDJ-KIX last svc / sold as F-WXAS & KIX-XSP 02/12
JA902PA321-251NX1062818/12 d/d XFW-NQZ-KIX as F-WXAX (ex D-AZAM)
Philippines Air AsiaRP-C8950A320-216847728/12 CRK-KUL after long storage on ret to lessor (ex B-000W)
Qatar AirwaysA7-AIAA321-231417319/12 SAW-DOH last svc / OTP-NWI 20/12 / DOH 03/01 a/w
OO-ABAA340-313E83530/11 DOH-BRU last svc (Cargoflight) & ret to Air Belgium
A7-AMFA350-94117225/09 IAD-DOH last svc & stored
A7-AMGA350-94120708/10 PHL-DOH last svc & stored
A7-ANEA350-104114121/10 LAX-DOH last svc & stored
A7-ANFA350-104116104/11 IST-DOH last svc & stored
A7-BOAB777-367ER36159/83514/12 DOH-DIA on del. (ex 2-BKPM/B-KPM) / DOH 17/12 a/w
A7-BOBB777-367ER36131/81803/12 DOH-KHI a/w in svc after del. (ex 2-LKPB/B-KPB)
A7-BODB777-367ER36165/83929/12 rgd. / 02/01 testflight a/w (ex 2-BKPN/B-KPN)
A7-APGA380-86119315/12 DOH-CDG back in svc after long storage
A7-APHA380-86119724/11 DIA-DOH after long storage, i/s 19/12 DOH-LHR
A7-APIA380-86123515/12 DOH-LHR back in svc after long storage
A7-APJA380-86125409/12 DIA-DOH after long storage, i/s 15/12 DOH-LHR
Qatar ExecutiveA7-MEDA319-133CJ411411/12 DIA-NWI for paint
Qingdao AirlinesB-327LA320-271N1058828/12 d/d TSN-TAO (ex B-007G), i/s 31/12 TAO-HRB
SapsanEX-74001AN-74D3654709894312/12 FRU-TBS put i/s after del. (ex RA-74048)
SaudiaHZ-ARBB787-941545/37906/01 JED-MAN in svc now in special Riyadh Season c/s
Scoot9V-NCFA321-271NX1039024/12 d/d XFW-DWC-SIN as TR321 (ex D-AVZM)
9V-NCJA321-271NX1063831/12 d/d XFW-DWC-SIN as TR321 (ex D-AYAX)
Serene AirAP-BNBB737-8JP39050/419605/10 KHI-SAW for maint. & storage / to KHI 27/12
SF AirlinesB-221DB767375ERF30112/76517/12 QPG-SZX on del. after freighter conv. (ex N216DP)
N108DPB767-38EER30840/82921/12 HHN-QPG for freighter conv. / to get B-reg
Shenzhen AirlinesB-327NA320-271N1073410/12 d/d TSN-SZX (ex B-007C), i/s 12/12 SZX-HGH
Shree Airlines9N-ANRDash 8-402Q428024/12 BTS-TZX-DWC-KTM on del. (ex OE-LGK)
Sichuan AirlinesB-326KA320-271N1062415/12 d/d TLS-TAS-CTU as F-WTAP (ex F-WWIQ), i/s 28/12
B-325FA321-271NX1043529/12 d/d TSN-CTU (02/12 XFW-TSN as D-AYAY), i/s 01/01
Silk Air9V-MGPB737-8SA44232/592523/11 SIN-BNE after long storage / sold as VH-IWX
Singapore Airlines9V-MBAB737-8 MAX44246/653528/11 SIN-HKT put in svc after long storage, ex Silk Air
9V-MBBB737-8 MAX44240/658906/12 SIN-PNH put in svc after long storage, ex Silk Air
9V-MBDB737-8 MAX44241/682817/12 SIN-KUL put in svc after long storage, ex Silk Air
9V-MBEB737-8 MAX44242/689004/12 SIN-HKT put in svc after long storage, ex Silk Air
9V-MBGB737-8 MAX44251/743622/11 d/d BFI-HNL-GUM-SIN as SQ8890 still in Silk Air c/s
9V-MBHB737-8 MAX44252/752101/12 d/d BFI-HNL-GUM-SIN as SQ8890 still in Silk Air c/s
9V-MBIB737-8 MAX44253/759311/12 d/d BFI-HNL-GUM-SIN as SQ8890 still in Silk Air c/s
9V-MBJB737-8 MAX44254/763222/12 d/d BFI-HNL-GUM-SIN as SQ8890 still in Silk Air c/s
9V-SJEA350-94146030/12 d/d TLS-SIN as SQ8895 (ex F-WZNY)
9V-SKSA380-8418519/11 SIN-KUL back in svc after long storage
9V-SKTA380-8419221/12 SIN-SYD back in svc after long storage
9V-SKYA380-84125326/12 SIN-SYD back in svc after long storage
SpiceJetVT-SGQB737-8GJ37365/353912/12 HYD-DEL-IST-SNN after long storage ret to lessor
VT-SGXB737-8GJ37751/393205/12 GOI-DEL last svc / to IST-LDE 07/12 ret to lessor
VT-SGYB737-8GJ37765/398630/11 PAT-PNQ last svc / to DEL 30/11 / to IST-LDE 02/12
VT-SPUB737-9GJER34953/246612/12 HYD-DEL-IST-SNN after long storage ret to lessor
Spring AirlinesB-327JA320-251N1076510/12 d/d TSN-PVG (ex B-000S), i/s 15/12 PVG-LHW
B-327ZA320-251N1085217/12 d/d TSN-PVG (ex B-007K), i/s 25/12 SHA-ZQZ
StarflyerJA23MCA320-214593130/09 HND-KKJ last svc / to MMB-ANC-TUS 08/11 (N593CG)
Starlux AirlinesB-58209A321-252NX1043231/12 d/d XFW-DWC-TPE as JX2321 (ex D-AVZT)
Super Air JetPK-SAEA320-232508017/12 CGK-KUL-CGK testflown prior del., c/n TBC
PK-SALA320-232526229/12 AUH-MAA-CGK on del. (ex VT-IFB)
PK-SJDA320-232475230/12 KUL-CGK on del. (ex OE-IRL)
PK-SJUA320-232448130/12 CGK-KUL prior del. (ex VT-IGV)
PK-S..A320-232525930/12 HYD-CGK on del. (ex VT-IFA)
Texel AirN851BCB737-8B5F29985/85219/12 TNA-DAC-BAH on del. after freighter conv. / to A9C-..
Thai AirwaysHS-TBFA330-343E137404/01 BKK-LDE after long storage on ret. to lessor
HS-THGA350-94113025/11 DMK-BKK after storage, i/s 29/11 BKK-MNL
HS-TKPB777-3ALER41525/111914/11 DMK-BKK after storage, i/s 16/11 BKK-KIX
Thai Lion AirHS-LUPB737-8GP40062/589825/11 BTH-DMK after maint & back i/s 13/12 DMK-TST
Thai SmileHS-TXAA320-232519831/12 BKK-KBV back in svc after 7 months storage
HS-TXGA320-232580601/12 BKK-HDY back in svc after 6 months storage
HS-TXJA320-232585714/12 BKK-HKT back in svc after 5 months storage
Trans Avia Export CargoEW-465TQB747-329F24837/81009/12 CGK-CTU-FRU after long storage (ex 4L-ACE)
TransNusaB-099YAR21-70018620/12 seen PVG f/c on first flight prior del.
PK-TLAA320-251N944010/12 KUL-CGK on del. after paint into f/c (ex F-WHUH)
T’Way AirHL8500A330-343X105830/12 seen XMN f/c after paint (ex VQ-BCQ)
UNI AirB-17016ATR72-600134428/12 TPE-TSA on del., erx EVA Air, i/s 29/12 TSA-TTT
US Bangla Airlines2-JPLKB737-84635354/311705/01 HND-ICN-CGP on del., ex JA325J / to get S2-reg
Vietjet AirVN-A811A330-343X97425/12 KUL-SGN on del. (ex VP-CJW)
Weststar Aviation2-TSSAB767-238ER23896/18316/12 SNN-DWC-SZB on re-del. in new c/s (ex N2767)
YTO Express AirlinesB-….B767-33AF33423/89703/12 TLV-LCA-CAN still as N31KJ on del. after conv.
Reg News Australien/NZ/Ozeanien
Air New ZealandZK-MZFATR72-600169105/12 d/d TLS-HER-RUH-MCT-MLE-KNO-SZB-DPS-DRW-BNE-AKL-CHC as SXI2151 (ex F-WWEN)
ZK-OJRA320-232488415/12 AKL-WLG back in svc after 3 months storage
Alliance AirlinesN951UWEMB190AR11229/12 seen SJO in full QantasLink c/s prior del.
VH-UYJEMB190AR5625/11 rgd. (ex N956QQ)
VH-UYREMB190AR10007/12 BNE-DRW on lse to Airnorth (ex N901QQ), i/s 15/12
VH-UYUEMB190AR12630/11 BNE-OLP put in svc after del. (compl.)
VH-XFLEMB190LR35414/12 BNE-ADL & put i/s 15/12 ADL-OLP after del. (compl.)
VH-XFMEMB190LR42009/11 BNE-OLP put in svc after del. (compl.)
Cobham AviationVH-ULBEMB190AR19004/12 seen PER f/c after del. (ex B-16828)
Express FreightersVH-ULYA321-231F140803/12 XSP-MEL on del. (ex VH-VWY) after freighter conv.
Fiji AirwaysDQ-FJNB737-80834969/229318/12 NAN-VLI back in svc after long storage
DQ-FABB737-8 MAX64307/725203/12 NAN-BNE back in svc after long storage
DQ-FADB737-8 MAX64308/731319/12 NAN-SYD back in svc after long storage (compl.)
DQ-FAEB737-8 MAX64309/766801/12 NAN-SYD back in svc after 6 months storage
DQ-FAFB737-8 MAX64310/772602/12 NAN-SYD back in svc after long storage
JetstarVH-YXVA320-232559817/12 BNE-MEL after long storage after del. (compl.)
VH-YXWA320-232579614/12 BNE-MEL after long storage after del. (compl.)
VH-VKFB787-836231/17520/12 ASP-MEL after long storage, i/s 23/12 MEL-OOL
VH-VKKB787-836237/32113/11 OOL-MEL / to SYD 23/11 & put i/s 23/11 SYD-NRT
NetworkVH-NQZFokker 1001150524/12 SZB-SUB-PER on del. (ex D-AOLH), QantasLink c/s
QantasVH-OQKA380-8426311/12 VCV-LAX after long storage
Virgin AustraliaVH-IJQB737-8SA44222/508929/11 BNE-ADL put in svc after del. (compl.)
VH-IJUB737-8SA44223/514028/11 TSV-BNE after paint, i/s 17/12 BNE-CNS (compl.)
VH-IJWB737-8SA44224/514809/12 SIN-BNE still in Silk Air c/s / to TSV 15/12 (ex 9V-MGH)
VH-IWXB737-8SA44232/592505/12 BNE-TSV for paint (ex 9V-MGP)
Reg News Other (listed in reg order)
BBAM2-BTPOB737-86NF28595/28501/01 TNA-FRU-TBS after freighter conv. (ex N285BB)
?2-GOTGB737-84P32604/119128/12 MPL-NQZ-XMN after long std for conv. (ex OM-GTG)
AVIONCO2-JETSEMB135BJ71523/12 LJU-FAB on del. (ex N281EC)
?2-JPLKB737-84635354/311731/12 seen HND still in JAL c/s (ex JA325J) / for US Bangla
GECAS2-JXBZB737-8 MAX60703/700316/12 VCV-PTY-CNF after long storage (ex VT-JXB) / for GOL
Carlyle Aviation Partners2-KUTGB737-8KN29636/319714/12 SNN-AMM after storage
?2-MAHYA330-343E147522/12 ASP-CRK after long storage (ex RP-C8785)
ACIA Aero Capital2-MICKATR72-600109905/01 SZB-CMB after long storage (ex 9M-MYA)
Bocomm Leasing2-VVOYB737-8FE33996/155119/12 TNA-FRU-RIX-QLA still in Tigerair c/s (ex VH-VOY)
Spire Aviation2-WTABB737-86N35802/335006/01 CGK-ICN-HIN after storage (ex HS-SJB)
Aircraft Leasing Svcs5Y-RAYEMB145LR29329/12 SUX-DLH-YYR-KEF-SNN-MLA-LXR-EBB-NBO in DL c/s
?9H-AHYEMB190E22001515/12 BNA-FLL after storage (ex LN-WEX)
?9H-BHDA320251NCJ1061823/12 d/d TLS-BSL a/w for outfitting (ex F-WWIK)
?C-FRUZDash 8-31129320/12 YYB-YYR-SFJ-KEF-SEN-CAG-TMR-ACC a/w / to 9G-…
Lufthansa TechnikD-AAANA330-343E135716/12 CQM-FRA-ZRH-DRS still full Avianca c/s after storage
Lufthansa TechnikD-AAAQA330-243145106/01 LDE-SBD for cont. storage still in full Air Namibia c/s
Lufthansa TechnikD-AAASA330-243146606/01 LDE-SBD for cont. storage still in full Air Namibia c/s
ST AerospaceD-AAESA320-232F273708/12 testflown XSP after freighter conv. in basic Indigo c/s
Lufthansa TechnikD-AEUAA321-211198823/12 QLA-HAM in Laudamotion c/s / to MLA-MCT-XSP 28/12
Air Lease Co.EI-EJIA330-202121822/12 PMI-NAP still in full Alitalia c/s after storage
?EI-FLMB737-85FF30571/93622/12 MIA-DHN after freighter conv.
JP LeaseEI-GSYA320-214537212/12 LCQ-PSM-KEF-OSR for paint (ex XA-BAV)
?EI-GSZA320-214565315/12 LCQ-PSM-KEF-OSR for paint (ex XA-IUA)
AircastleEI-GTPB737-86Q30296/164708/12 QLA-NWI for repaint (ex OY-JZK)
?EI-GXZA320-233445714/12 XSP-CRK after long storage (ex 9V-SLM)
Macquarie Air FinanceEI-GYEB737-8KN40260/464811/12 seen SNN still in FlyDubai c/s (ex A6-FEH)
AerCapEI-GYVEMB195E22004217/12 NQZ-CDT for cont. storage (ex EW-555PO)
AerCapEI-GYWEMB195E22004917/12 NQZ-CDT for cont. storage (ex EW-563PO)
AerCapEI-GYXEMB195E22005317/12 NQZ-CDT for cont. storage (ex EW-560PO)
BoeingEI-GZGB737-8 MAX63976/785723/12 d/d BFI-WOE, ex N1787B (Norwegian SE-RTP NTU)
?EI-SLPATR72-21246106/01 LFBF-LJU after storage (& paint?), ex ASL Airlines
?F-WTAGEMB145MP17806/12 CFE-LFBF for repaint into Fly ZeJet c/s
?F-WTATATR72-212A70903/01 seen testflown LPA a/w, ex EC-IYC
AirbusF-WWYMA330-24378016/12 seen TLS a/w now with reg (ex B-6073)
?LY-BJJB737-86N28614/47724/12 seen DGX, ex UR-PSN / to be scrapped
Avia AM LeasingLY-FBBB737-8F2F29786/56610/12 CAN-NQZ-KUN after freighter conv. / for Bluebird Nordic
Genesis LeaseLZ-GNCB737-86N34251/181716/12 IST-KEF-BGR-MZJ after storage (ex EW-526PA)
Genesis LeaseLZ-GNKB737-8V329670/171128/12 VNO-NQZ-CAN for freighter conv. (ex VT-SLI)
Wellington LeasingM-ABPAB737-8KN40259/446716/12 rgd. / stored SNN (ex N402FP)
?M-IRTKA330-343E137823/12 seen DRS still in Avianca c/s, ex D-AAAV/N804AV
?M-JCWFA330-343E135720/12 seen DRS still in Avianca c/s, ex D-AAAN/N803AV
TVPX Aircraft SolutionsN104RAB737-36E26322/276915/12 rgd. / VCV-OPF 17/12 after storage (ex VP-CKW)
?N213EMB737-75G36852/247501/12 GED-LGB-HNL-GUM-SGN / sold as VN-…
Soaring Condor AssetsN237SCB737-7BQ30547/42322/12 GED-BGR-SNN-DWC on del. (ex N79711)
GECASN266GEB737-86N43407/561929/12 SZB-TNA after storage (ex XY-ALC)
AerCapN273GEA319-112254713/12 rgd. / stored GYR (ex OO-SSE)
Black Rock InvestmentN286GBB757-256F26245/61713/12 SFB-GEG for paint after storage (ex TF-FIS)
Carlyle Aviation PartnersN293CLA320-214293007/12 YMX-MIA after long storage (ex XA-EBA)
Flight LeaseN318FLB737-88328318/52903/12 KEF-NAP prior freighter conv. (ex LN-RCN)
JetranN342ANB767323ERF33081/89606/12 MEX-SNN after freighter conv. for paint into DHL c/s
Aviation Capital GroupN357AGB7379GPER35723/284808/12 ASP-BNE-MAJ-HNL-PHX-OPF after std (ex PK-LFV)
AerCapN411AEA320-214141103/12 CWF-GUS after paint / for Avianca 1/22
Aviation Capital GroupN593CGA320-214593102/12 rgd. / stored TUS (ex JA23MC)
SMBCN593DLA320-214539322/12 TUS-SFB in basic Starflyer c/s after storage (ex JA08MC)
Boeing Business JetsN788BJB737-8 MAX64084/748902/12 GED-BSL for cabin outfitting
Wilmington Trust Co.N866DAB777-232ER29738/26105/01 VCV-MZJ for cont. storage, ex Delta Airlines
Wilmington Trust Co.N867DAB777-232ER29743/38726/09 VCV-CWF for paint / to MZJ 28/10 / to AFW 08/12
?N4304A320-214430413/11 GYR-CWF / to ROW 28/12 for paint into Avianca c/s
JetranN6387B767-316ER41995/104919/12 BRO-ROW after storage for freighter conv. (ex PT-MOA)
Red River A/C LeasingN7377CB737-3H6F27125/241515/12 rgd. (ex VH-VLI)
BOC AviationOE-IAOA320-232496129/11 rgd. / stored SIN basic Citilink c/s (ex PK-GLJ);09/12 SIN-MAA-MCT-HRG-LFBF on ret. to lessor
Jackson Square AviationOE-IAVA320-214417516/12 TEV-SNN after storage (ex TC-DCJ)
Jackson Square AviationOE-IEGA320-214554014/12 CQM-SNN-KEF-BGR after long storage (ex F-WXAW)
Jackson Square AviationOE-IIHB737-8GP38308/522503/12 TUS-BGR-DUB after long storage (ex PK-LZW)
GECASOE-ILTB777-36NER33862/53520/12 CQM-SNN-VCV for cont. storage (ex A6-EBG)
?OE-ISUA320-232592321/12 rgd. / stored ISL (ex VT-IFY)
?OE-ITGA320-232507608/12 ISL-MCT-MAA-CGK after storage (ex VT-IER)
AvolonOE-ITKA320-232354105/01 ESB-AMM after storage (ex VT-INU)
AvolonOE-ITPB787-938895/64721/12 SBD-SCL after long storage (ex SE-RXZ) / for LATAM
?OE-IUEB777-3FXER39689/108605/01 rgd. / stored MZJ (ex A6-ETN)
AvolonOE-IWJA320-232227529/11 rgd. / stored CGK (ex VT-IDO)
AmedeoOE-IWOB777-367ER36158/78303/12 TEV-VLC-TEV testflown (ex B-KPK)
?OE-LALA330-24383202/12 AUH-SIN still as A6-EYN after storage, rgd. 06/12
?OE-LCEB737-82R40727/365214/12 rgd. / stored PRG (ex ZS-ZWX)
?OE-LDHB737-8 MAX63971/716814/12 rgd. / stored MZJ (ex SE-RYC)
SMBC Aviation CapitalOE-LDKB737-8 MAX43001/711801/12 BTH-AZI-PRG after storage (ex PK-LQQ)
Thunderbolt LeasingOE-LDLA320-232449102/12 rgd.(ex VT-IHX)/to SNN 07/12 for paint a/w / to LJU 16/12
Thunderbolt LeasingOE-LDOA320-232464513/12 rgd. / stored LJU (ex VT-IKI) / to BTS 05/01 for paint
?OE-LDVA330-20392517/12 rgd. / stored AMS a/w (ex PH-AON)
Sky High LeasingOE-LDWB737-8 MAX43925/772920/12 rgd. (ex N1780B, Jet AW NTU)
GECASOE-LICA320-232377121/12 rgd. / BUD-WOE 22/12 after storage (ex HA-LPS)
?OE-LMQB737-8 MAX64992/700003/01 rgd. / stored MZJ (ex SE-RYH)
BOC AviationOE-LNPB787-963318/77217/12 SNN-WAW after storage (ex G-CKWP) / for Norse Atlantic
Nordic Aviation CapitalOY-YCEATR72-600147106/12 BLL-MGL after long storage (ex B-28088)
Nordic Aviation CapitalOY-YDUATR72-600133922/12 BLL-LFBF a/w after storage for repaint (ex EI-FSL)
Nordic Aviation CapitalOY-YDZATR72-600114803/12 SZB-KHI-AZI-TZX-ATH-BLL after std (ex XY-AJM);22/12 BLL-LFBF for repaint
Hazal NavigationP4-888EMB135BJ121023/12 BSL-ODS on del. (ex B-3280)
SertradingPS-MRCEMB135BJ111130/12 rgd. (ex N263AD)
Jet Eksekutif TravyaT7-BATEMB135BJ99502/12 BSL-DWC-CMB-CGK on del. (ex LX-OLA)
Freedom II LLCVP-BBEB757-23N30232/88801/12 ZRH-BSL (ex SX-RFA) / to BGR-RSW 06/12
Avmax GroupVP-BMHB777-212ER28529/38905/01 ADD-SNN after std in full Aviation Gate c/s (ex 5N-BVY)
?VP-CBGA321-211160717/12 QLA-SNN-BGR after storage (ex 9H-VDB)
Aviation Capital GroupVP-CCQA320-251N923510/12 FNI-LCA after long storage (ex D-AVVS)
?VP-CDOA320-214297520/12 SJO-BGR-KEF-MPL after storage / for SmartLynx
CastlelakeVP-CEIB7379GPER38301/517620/12 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD (ex PK-LSG) / sold to Delta
CastlelakeVP-CFHB7379GPER38689/444102/12 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD (ex PK-LBM) / for Delta N942DC
CastlelakeVP-CFQB7379GPER38729/438020/12 SZB-GUM-HNL-SBD (ex 9M-LNG) / sold to Delta
CastlelakeVP-CFTB7379GPER38731/446315/12 CGK-GUM-HNL-SBD (ex PK-LBO) / for Delta N947DC
Aviation Capital GroupVP-CGVB737-86Q32773/105121/12 DGX-YHZ after storage (ex EC-IDA)
Aviation Capital GroupVP-CJBA320-214628018/12 ASP-BNE-MAJ-HNL after storage (ex PK-LAG)
Aviation Capital GroupVP-CJOA320-214669718/12 ASP-BNE-MAJ-HNL after storage (ex PK-LAP)
AMCK AviationVP-CNEA320-232476224/12 seen SAW all white (ex VT-IEG)
AMCK AviationVP-CNFA320-232509420/12 SAW-AUH after storage (ex VT-IET)
Strato Aircraft MgmtVP-CSIB737-8GP39866/551328/12 seen stored OSR 28/12 (ex 9M-LNT)
Wings Capital PartnersVQ-BKSA320-214469209/12 OSR-KEF-BGR-CNO a/w after long storage (ex Aeroflot)